Shinhwa Winter Story 2003-2004 Composer/Arranser/Lyricist List


Romanisation from the album’s lyric book


01. Dongwan – Let’s Start [Talk Track]

02. Junjin & Andy – Mistake

Composed/Arranged by: Park Sang Hun, Kim Tae Wan

Lyrics by: Yoon Young Du
03. Junjin – I Love You [Talk Track]

04. Minwoo & Hyesung – The Days

Composed/Arranged by: Yoon Ji Woong

Lyrics by: Yoon Yi Woong, Hong Chang Suk


05. Young Gunz

Composed/Arranged by: Park Keun Tae

Lyrics by: Eric

Directed by: Park Keun Tae & Eric
06. 친구 (Chingu) [Friend] [Talk Track]
07. Hyesung – 난 (Nan) [I]

Composed/Arranged by: Kwon Gi Myung

Lyrics by: The Koon
08. Dongwan – 동완이의 상식 (Dongwaniui Sangsig) [Dongwan’s Wisdom] [Talk Track]

09. Hyesung – Negapass [Talk Track]

10. 탄생 (Tansaeng) [Birth] [Talk Track]
11. Eric – Love Letter

Composed/Arranged by: Kim Do Hyun

Lyrics by: Eric

Directed by: Kim Do Hyun, Eric
12. 고백 I (Gobaeg I) [Confession I] [Talk Track]
13. 고백 II (Gobaeg II) [Confession II] [Talk Track]
14. Thank You

Composed/Arranged by: Jo Young Soo

Lyrics by: Ahn Young Min, Lee Gul

For the talk tracks, you can find the english translation here.


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