Shinhwa’s Discography Release Date

20130324_seoulbeats_shinhwa_reslover_albumcover 210452_2124829367_ssfoezlw-1127605_1_fshinhwaheyShinhwa-My_Choiceshinhwa-perfect-man








L_g0025609151the classic

  1. 1998.03.24 1st Album [Haegyulsa. Eusha Eusha. Sharing Forever] Debut
  2. 1999.04.14 2nd Album [T.O.P, Yo!]
  3. 2000.05.26 3rd Album [Only One, All Your Dreams, First Love]
  4. 2001.06.28 4th Album [Hey Come On!, Wild Eyes]
  5. 2002.01.26 BEST Album My Choice [My Life Style]
  6. 2002.03.29 5th Album [Perfect Man, I Pray 4 U]
  7. 2002.12.22 6th Album [Your Wedding, Deep Sorrow]
  8. 2003.12.30 Special Album ‘Winter Story’ [Young Gunz]
  9. 2004.05.18 Digital Single [How Do I Say]
  10. 2004.08.27 7th Album [Brand New]
  11. 2004.11.05 7th Album [Brand New] Special Edition
  12. 2004.12.17 Special Album ‘Winter Story 2004-2005’ [Erase All Memory 세월의 흔적 다 버리고, Red String 천생연분]
  13. 2005.04.14 Digital Single [Hey,Dude!]
  14. 2005.08.05 Special Album ‘Summer Story 2005’ [Oh!]
  15. 2006.05.11 8th Album ‘State of the Art’ [Once in a Lifetime]
  16. 2006.06.14 Japan Single Album [There’s Sunshine in Our Hearts 僕らの心には太陽がある]
  17. 2006.08.16 Japan 1st Album ‘Inspiration #1’ [Throw My Fist Japanese Version]
  18. 2007.01.25 Special Album ‘Winter Story 2006-2007’
  19. 2007.12.06 Special Album ‘Winter Story 2007’ [Snowy Night 눈 오는 날]
  20. 2008.03.24 Digital Single [Just One More Time]
  21. 2008.04.10 9th Album [RUN], 9th Album Special Limited Edition [RUN]
  22. 2008.07.03 9th Album WHITE Edition [Destiny of Love]
  23. 2012.03.22 10th Album ‘The Return’ [Venus, Hurts]
  24. 2012.04.11 1oth Album ‘The Return Thanks Edition’ [Venus, Hurts]
  25. 2013.05.16 11th Album ‘The Classic’ [This Love]
  26. 2013.05.21 11th Album ‘The Classic Thanks Edition’ [This Love]

Source: Shinhwa 14th Anniversary Special DVD + Wikipedia

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