Shinhwa Ideal Type From Time to Time and Updated Profile

Just a random post cuz I’m bored XD

Often see many Indo Kpop fanbases throwing out Shinhwa Facts, esp on ideal girls, based on outdated info about it.. Since Shinhwa’s been around for 16 years now, it’s has always been changing~

The earliest one I found is probably in 2000, you can read everything here.

More recent and comprehensive one probably in Shinhwa Broadcast 2012.. because they list all their ideal types from earlier days until the latest one:

This one isn’t only about ideal types though..but they do talk about it also  in People Inside. Their profile on the internet are outdated already, so they were asked to change it XD



andynd ideal

Andy also joins celebrity bowling team.. If you watch Cool Kiz (with SHinhwa 2013), you’ll know his bowling skill is good ^_^b As for his ideal type, there aren’t much details as others..basically “any woman will do” *patslonelymaknae* XD



ideal type

*UPDATE: If you watch the video, he mentioned something about not driving a car anymore cuz he sold it and didn’t buy a new one. But he already bought a new car by the time this post is made =]]]



M ideal

Minwoo is pretty consistent about chubby girls as ideal type.. though he mentioned they hv to weight 52-55 kg LOL. Recently, he also mentioned about athlete Park Seunghee’s features being closed to his ideal type..




*must note that Syung forever loves girls who have lots lots of aegyo and feminine.. and since he mentioned about knitting in ShinBang (video above), members keep teasing him by asking any girls (such as SISTAR Dasom and a reporter) whether they like knitting or not then try to set him up with them LOL.. Bad baby bird even called the reporter “sister-in-law” jokingly when she said she can knit =]]]]]] I forget which video is it, but it’s an interview for their concert last year, either 15th Anniversary or encore one.. SFSubs already subbed it.


dw profile

Those who follows him quite closely know, he’s sooo into traveling, photography, mountain climbing, and snowboarding… Do subscribe his personal youtube channel to watch his adventure videos XD It should’ve been added to his updated profile.

dw ideal

Dongwannie is known to be very detailed and picky about girls.. His ideal type sometimes make no sense cuz too detailed and terribly picky HAHAHA. Worthy note that he usually mentions his ideal type based on his current it’s always been changing =p


eric profile

He mentions about addicted to games.. He used to play and addicted to Diablo, Minwoo scolded him to stop playing and start preparing 11th jib already hahhaa (But he then uploaded a pic of him, Jinnie, and Eric played game together, smh BOYS). If you’re curious when he mentions about having cats before he has Gomdori..

eric ideal

Very detailed.. then Minwoo mentioned maybe he’s been playing games too much so the ideal type is resembled the female warrior character in the game XDDDDD

All of them still like long-haired girl, except oppayam (in 2013 =p)

long hair


Credit to SF Subs who subbed People Inside (the subbed video is here), Absolut Shinhwa, Axerine. Pictures screencapped by me.



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