Shinhwa Broadcast; It’d be Good if It was Given a Proper Farewell T_T


Eric: “We’ve always wanted a program with just the six Shinhwa members in it, and now we’ve fulfilled that dream.”

That’s what Eric said in March 15th at the press conference of Shinhwa Broadcast. Their dream and our dreams finally fulfilled. It was also the first time an idol group hosted their own variety show with their name on it (Shinhwa had ‘Love Letter’ made for them before..but the show wasn’t made with their own name) and only the idol group itself hosting the show…. The bursting pride and joy when it’s first aired, I still remember TT___TT

The show was made for six members of Shinhwa…was made to be a long-running show.. not just a promotional tool for Shinhwa’s comebacks.. Due to this show, Shinhwa successfully gained new fans.. Throughout this show, SHCJs were able to see many sides and dynamics of Shinhwa members we’ve never seen or dearly miss to see… For members themselves, this show is meaningful because it’s one of their dreams, because they said it enables them to see each other regularly even when Shinhwa didn’t have group activity, that was a luxury for them because before they couldn’t really see each other often during solo activities..

As viewers and fans.. I was, and still is, extremely thankful for jTBC who provided them with their own show.. In a cable channel, they will have more freedom (cursing and all LOL) than having their own show at mainstream channel.. Though it’s rumored that they were blacklisted from SBS because of this.. and SBS still hasn’t lifted the ban when Shinhwa promoted ‘This Love’ in 2013.. (Hope with their guesting in Running Man after promotional period ended was a good sign though ^^)…

Very thankful to jTBC who let them practically do whatever they wanted on their own show… Though sometimes I didn’t get what jTBC Shinhwa Broadcast staffs and PDs, even extremely mad and upset with them.. especially during Hidden Camera on guest (it’s SHINHWA Broadcast yo…not GUEST Broadcast) and Infinity Girls episode when they harassed Andy.. (good they apologized later tho not really sincere imo).

When it took long hiatus due to Shinhwa’s Asia Tour and back without Dongwan  and brought new concept, I was a bit skeptical about the concept tbh. Aside that it would mean the focus won’t be on Shinhwa solely, but it wouldn’t seem to be as funny as before… When it’s finally aired on November, I quite liked it though.. Granted it wasn’t as funny, but it was touching and heartwarming.. It’s always nice to see other sides of Shinhwa 🙂

Then Andy’s case happened…and he had to leave Shinhwa Broadcast to repent.. Though with empty spaces if there were less members (one or two), I always believed the remaining would still do their best and bring us fun Shinhwa Broadcast.. But it seemed the production didn’t think so..and decided to end Shinhwa Broadcast abruptly. While I’m surprised and sad….it was okay for me at first because I always saw Shinhwa looked exhausted lately on season 2..and they were all busy preparing solo, or Shinhwa-next-group activities, or ShinCom thingy for Eric.. But then……. :

PD Yoon Hyunjun told OSEN on the 26th, “Last year it started with all 6 members of Shinhwa. Kim Dongwan left the programme and Andy also left after going through unfortunate events, and I’ve pondered whether it is right for ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ to go on with 4 members,”

I started to feel something was iffy when he came out with this statement.. and later with similar official cancellation statement from jTBC and Shinhwa. For me they used precious 6-1=0 so conveniently, too conveniently throw it around like that…slightly and indirectly blaming WanDy’s absence on the show for me.. I mean they weren’t 6 people in the show since last April (with Dongwan’s crazy schedule of drama and 11th jib preparation and practices), why just throw that reason NOW when 4 left?

I was giving jTBC benefit of doubt that they will at least give Shinhwa Broadcast a proper farewell... Since they called it ‘JTBC representative variety program’… I was only hoping for smallest thing like a video or whatever from SHINHWA themselves. Knowing that an episode would be very unlikely (6 of them in last ep also impossible), so I at least hope a small video….words from members’ own mouths, thanks and goodbyes or whatever.. but NONE.

I didn’t even hope much last episode will have more Shinhwa, will focus more on SHinhwa, because it’s Little Legend concept so the focus should be on them.. but until the end, we just got a mere text..and tweets from jTBC and Shinhwa Company…………. Making me wondering whether this is really a mutual decision..not only jTBC forced it for whatever undisclosed reason on Shinhwa, or otherwise? it’s like no one bothers to give a proper farewell as long as it’s done for them….. *sigh* Getting such an abrupt and anti-climax ending…… could have been should have been MORE.. I was really really really reallyyyyy disappointed *doublesigh*


Anyway..thank you for these 2 wonderful years.. I felt so pampered cause I could see Shinhwa weekly…and the show always made my weekend..

Goodbye Shinhwa Broadcast.. You would be gravely missed TT__TT

Whether Shinhwa will have another show of their own again, time will tell.. I only hope it won’t take toll on their health or their planned-solo/group-activities though ^_^


4 thoughts on “Shinhwa Broadcast; It’d be Good if It was Given a Proper Farewell T_T

  1. Sweet Potato Days says:

    Truly devastated when I found out the news. I was surprised yet I wasn’t because of the members loss. But honestly, although I think Shinhwa could have successfully continued with only 4 members, it still does feel empty. I haven’t watched the newest episodes without both Dongwan and Andy but when you’re used to a group being 6, you can’t help but miss the other members. Ever since watching Shinbang I never thought of it as something mandatory Shinhwa had to do to promote themselves further. It was also a luxury for the fans to see all six of them together on variety again. It was pure gold. Although it was fun for the members, Shinhwa Broadcast still takes a lot of work, dedication and effort plus juggling their solo activities and as a fan watching even from before, I never took it for granted. I don’t follow many groups but it’s really rare to see top groups (not rookies) on variety during times when they don’t promote. Even SNSD, the nation’s top girl group does that…

    I still remember the school episode when the twins and Hong In Gyu from Gagcon with Choi Hongman visited as the “bullies”. That was so fun. As a big fan of both Gagcon and Shinhwa, I really wished that they would invite more Gag men on the show. I like their interactions and dynamics together…. 😦 I guess that will never happen now…

  2. azleenaa says:

    what happened? did they really stop season 2? Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! i am their new fan when i started watching ShinBang… could they do this?…..*heartbreak*…..there is no other K-pop group as good as Shinhwa….i just watched season 2 ep1 & i think it’s fun….i do believe that the absence of Andy & Dongwan might make the show a bit lacking….however i do believe that both of them will comeback….*second heartbreak*

  3. Afiera Zai says:

    I am also heartbreaking when I know about this.Please all of us pray that one day they will make ShinBang comeback as 6 again, who know maybe with not JTBC but other broadcast TV

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