[FA] 2AM CONCERT in Taipei “Nocturne” (211213)

First of all, the setlist is pretty much the same with ‘Nocturne’ in Seoul.. Except that Kwon sang ‘ANIMAL’ instead of ‘VOGUE’ by Madonna… and there’s additional Mandarin song from Mayday (红豆) they sang especially for Taipei stop. OH!! and they had double encore.. they also sang a XMAS song idk what’s the title but it has lyrics ‘Santa is coming~~’ Sorry don’t celebrate XMAS so idk except Jingle Bell or overrated Last Christmas XDDD

Well.. I’ll start from hotel FA. 2AM stays in a hotel near my bus stop to my university.. So I decided to go there first and tried my luck, instead of going straight to concert venue. At first idk whattodo so I was just strolling around the mall (the hotel is connected to the mall). Then I saw an IAM standing and looking at hotel’s door.. So I just stayed beside her silently lol..

Not long, she ran outside and I saw a van.. 2AM boys might be going for rehearsal soon, that’s what I thought.. So I stood there in front of hotel door with less than 10 IAM, waiting for the boys… After an eternity (lol kidding..less than 30 mins I think), Changmin came out first.. then Jinwoonnie.. then OngOng..and last Kwonnie… I only managed to scream ‘CHANGMIN OPPPA~~~~!!!!!’ and he looked at me and WAVED!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA <333333333333333


So I managed to go back down to Earth (after the WAVE!! XD) and took some pics.. I think I missed Jinwoon’s pic cuz he went after Changmin.. I called  ‘ONG!’ also but he didn’t look..or perhaps that babo didn’t even know he was being called U__U =]]]]

Then after that I went to the venue.. A bit early..  around 1-2 pm if I’m not mistaken. Based on previous concerts experience with Shinhwa and Teen Top (I didn’t watch my babies, only came to take some free merchs lol), fans were already in the venue at that hour.. especially fansites who were giving out free merchandises..and also street vendors.

But when I arrived…….no one there =-=  The venue didn’t even look as if they would hold a concert.. It was the same venue as Shinhwa before..and last time, there were tents and queue numbers based on your ticket numbers even before concerts. Many street vendors and many Orange banners and a huge spot to take pics. So seeing this situation, I was taken aback..and scared lol. Scared that I mistook the venue somehow………………………..

But inside there were fans.. I noticed ADAM TW banner and took pics..and we chatted a bit (they were shocked when I said I’m from Indonesia and thot I flew to Taipei only to see 2AM hahahaa)..and they gimme freebies XDDD It was raining outside so we all stayed indoor..but not inside the concert hall.. Heard 2AM rehearsing, and all spazzing outside cuz their voices XDDD Not long after the staffs finally realized we weren’t staffs and chased us off. UGH. =-=

Cuz no fans and freebies (AND ONLY 3 STREET VENDORS, I WAS LIKE “WHYY????!!!”), I went to find food and came back at 5 to start queuing for the actual concert…. *excited* \o/

The concert finally started and 2AM appeared with  Regrets/후회할 거야  then  Just stay/그냥 있어줘. AMAZING!!! I’m glad I saw it live.. really.. their voices are really something <333333 I didn’t really like Just Stay at first, but heard it live make the song totally better LOL.. and I’m really happy Kwonnie’s voice sounded much much much better than his strained voice during showcase =-=

Then the duet between Changmin and Ong –> Summer Night/여름밤. I belatedly realized that JinKwon weren’t in the stage after the chorus OTL. It was a very nice song.. Needless to say, they sounded amazing..especially Changmin.. Ong..he sounds good..I just wished he could channel more emotion to the song instead of looking blank and babo lol..

then 3 ballad songs came after.. mostly from One Spring Day album..

Then CHANGMIN VCR LMAO THIS IS HILARIOUS!! He was dressed as a weather girl in the VCR and ofc presenting weather forecast… So hilarious I wish someone recorded it lol.. His solo stage comes after. His solo was the best among 4 imo… I like his stage performance and manner on stage.. It was musical-like…perhaps bcos he’s experienced in musicals, so it was very good.. But idky..is it the mic or whut but he didn’t sound live…….. u_u

JinKwon ‘Something Bout You’ from Kwon’s solo album came after…… I could never get into this song tbh…even after I heard it live, it was just OK for me. Their voices ofc good, needless to say. But something missing from their stage performance..it wasn’t really LIVE as in making the audiences wanna join them and stand and jump or whatever.. (most audiences are sitting, btw…only 2 mosh, at the very back which is my place)..

Then our rocker maknae stage.. ‘We Will Rock You’ and ‘We are the Champion’…….again, something is missing.. Was Jinwoonnie going blank or what? IDK..for me his eyes looked a bit blank.. just mong~~~ and he couldn’t really own this song..as if he tried too hard to memorize and pronounce the lyrics correctly and forget to get into the song..if you know what I mean… so it didn’t quite ROCK the audiences as it was supposed to… He did ask audiences to participate, which is good..and audiences’ respond weren’t really loud and excited for me..maybe cuz they didn’t really know the lyrics..?

Kwon’s stage was ANIMAL. HOOOOOOOOOOOOO I always wish to see him LIVE for this song..and BAM! I think he was lip-syncing……….and didn’t wear his furry costume.. ohwell. lol . He wore his heels… omggg it was freaking tall and I’d slip in a second if I were him… but he danced really well with that song.. It was good live.. and he unbuttoned his shirt..but oh boy…why are you so skinny I hardly see your sixpack anymore…. (or was I standing too far?)

Oh I really love the VCRs in their concert… It was made beautifully like a movie.. even as a prelude of their ballad songs, there were narrations as in a movie.. ofc, it was mostly telling  heartbreaking stories cuz they are 2AM  hhahaha…

Then they sang ‘With or Without You’ medley with ‘I Was Wrong’ but mostly using ‘I Was Wrong’ lyrics… It was ACOUSTIC.. DAMN THESE BOYS SHOULD RELEASE A FULL ACOUSTIC ALBUM AND I’LL FREAKING BUY!! GORGEOUS VOICES <33333333333… ‘Billy Jean'(MJ) came after then ‘Growl’ by EXO (while I was groaning in frustration openly lol).. They kind of mix Billy Jean and Growl in turns.. haha. OngOng also told the audiences the titles of the songs in case they didn’t know XDD They also did ‘CLYGEEID’ but shorter (and mixed parts) I think..cuz later they sang it again…

OH ONE THING. When they have their ment, the VCR will show CHINESE SUBTITLE…. which means their ment are pretty much scripted………….. I…………….. idk whattosay lol. I know ofc idols do prepare until the tiniest details, but today is the first time I saw subtitle ready for MENT.. it was shocking for me who’s too accustomed with Shinhwa’s messy and random ment and depends-on-audiences-requests’ ment lol.. 2AM’s ment was funny..they were entertaining..Though I wish IAMs were more active and shouted random requests to them and saw whether they’ll fulfill it or not hahahaha

Seulong solo came..and the other three teased him.. If I’m not mistaken they talked about how they will stand on stage and sing lalalalaa as backing vocals =]]]] Ong was being really adorable and said these guys are meanie… AHHAHAHAA WHY SO ADORABLE ONG ONG… XDDDDDDDDD

I forget when they sang Mayday’s song..but it was before or after Ong’s solo, if Im not mistaken.. cuz after that, they changed to casual clothes…. BICEPS BICEPS EVERYWHERE EVERYONEEE!! HAHAAHA. Looked carefree finally hahaa. They were in suits before.. They sang ‘I’m Da One’ together and danced.. also ‘I Did Wrong’..completed with the dance.. IDKY maknae didn’t really dance on the main stage with them..he was just standing and dancing on the stairs..? I think the boys explained about it after, but I didn’t catch what they said @_@

They also sang ‘To My Angel (천사에게)’ and ‘볼수록 예뻐’ from ‘Nocturne’ album… BOTH ARE AKJHDAJSKHDJKSAHDKSJ <33333333333 I’m freaking glad, again, I managed to see it live….. so so good XDDDD And good to see them didn’t stand like a statue in their concerts.. Well, movements are limited but at least their expressions weren’t so stiff.. at some songs, they even walked around the stage.. and teased fans as if they would come down the stage XDDD They also threw some things to fans…. ofc only front rows will get it…they didn’t have any extended stage…. U_U

‘I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me’  became the last song before encore….

Then audiences started yelling ‘KAJIMAAA’… and asked for encore by yelling ‘Kajima’…….forgive me who almost yelled ‘SHINHWA SAN’ for encore  out of habit U_______U =]]]]]]] then all put up the prepared banners that have ‘TOGETHER FOREVER’ in Korean written on it..

The boys then back with ‘CLYGEEID’ (agaaaiinn??!! lol) but ONG ONG was so cute.. I think in this song or IWIYHLM, but there was a huge duck doll on stage, given by fans..and he serenaded the song to the duck..then got up and laughed shyly hhahahaa. I also noticed most fans will laugh every time Ong talks..TOO ADORABLE BABO XDDDDDDDDDDDD

and ‘This Song’… I must say that ‘This Song’ performance touched me the most of all the songs they performed tonight.. Maybe bcos it’s their debut song? Or just the way they sang it…it sounds more special to me..idky.. They sound very..charming? IDK how to explain but it made me teary…. I think Changmin was teary also…awww …

Then they stayed for a while to thank fans for the events, etc.. and YEY FOR NO SUBTITLES which means it was impromptu speech.. lol..

I thot it would end very soon (**sssooobbbsssS**) but the boys stayed and sang that XMAS song… I think they said..it’s another encore..or special.. things like that.. YEY! hahaha..

But goodbye came soon after TT___________TT They held hands and bowed to fans before disappearing backstage.. TT____________TT

The credit title for the concert was using backstage practice videos which showed them playing around..so cute.. making fans didn’t wanna go out  XDDDDDD

Overall, I enjoyed the concert… Hearing them live is such an amazing opportunity..I’m glad I manage to watch their full concert.. Perhaps once in a lifetime unless I happen to be at the city they hold their future concerts… Bcause I don’t quite feel the longing and need of seeing them every year somehow…certainly won’t go overseas to catch them..  :\

Boys need to work more to communicate and learn how to work the crowd and more fanservices juseyoooo.. make them SING ALONG (or JUMP! when the songs allowed them to) with you..so at least fans will feel the ‘togetherness’ or sense of ‘we are one’-ness in the concerts….  or at least IAMs, FANCHANT please (very very very limited fanchants today and only few audience did it)..  I was also expecting some random-ness..or unexpected things they’d do during the performances or ment.. But it didn’t really happen, except when Ong serenaded the duck LOL.. One of my favorite moment today…

ps: I won’t complain for the lack of bromance……though somehow I kind of ‘WHERE IS THE BROMANCE??” then I remember I’m watching 2AM.. so it’s ok  =]]]]]]]]

pps: I’ll upload the pics next year… (which is in 10 days?) cuz I’ll be too busy with finals to pick pics and put watermarks….

few pics I can upload now cuz from phone…


Inside the venue


Free Merchandises I got.. and that banner was for last event after encore..


Cute things that ADAM TW sell in the venue (*oops supposed to be ‘ichashinhwa’ my typo..OTL)

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