[ENG SUB] Shinhwa Broadcast Season 2


14/04/2015– This post is updated regularly. If there’s new episode subbed, I always make sure to update it.

It’s a brand new season.., I make a new post to compile the eng sub link as well. These are the part 1 (episode 1-29) and part 2 (30-49) posts and part 3 (50-60).

This season, Dongwan won’t be participating because he’s having a musical. And personally I think it’s impossible for him to join the filming since his musical performance schedule always clashed Shinhwa Broadcast’s filming schedule and he said he wanted to concentrate on practicing and performing the musical for the mean time.

As for Andy, started from ep 5 onwards (*now still episode 3), he won’t be participating as a part of his self-reflection period after gambling scandal. I don’t know when he’ll be back, just let him be in hiatus to reflect on his mistake. Don’t gimme the crap on ‘why does he have to leave’ either. He had to. He made mistake, though he apologized, he’ll still need to pay the consequences. All celebs who got in this gambling scandal had to exit their shows. If he or anyone insisted on staying, Shinhwa Broadcast and Shinhwa will receive harsh backlash from public, and probably prolong his hiatus period and will also affect this show (could be cancelled) and Shinhwa’s future albums and promotions.

Nothing has said yet when Dongwan and Andy will be back.

and for the nth time.. if there’s no FULL ENG SUB Link you can find in either posts, it simply means NO ONE HAS SUBBED IT FULL YET. I don’t know WHEN it will be available either I’m not the subber. and YES, SF Sub is still subbing it. JUST SIT AND WAIT.

Hopefully you can read that huge sentence..and cut me some slacks from answering repetitive ‘where when is the eng sub? who will sub?’

If you want to watch raw..it’s here

Episode 1 – Dog Shelter (031113)

Preview by Axerine

by Shinhwa Forever (full sub)

Episode 2 – Dog Shelter (101113)

Preview by Axerine

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Episode 3 – Shinhwa’s Jjajangmyun (171113)

Preview by Axerine

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Episode 4 – Shinhwa’s Jjajangmyun (241113)

Preview by Axerine

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Episode 5 – Archery (will be aired on Dec 8th. Dec 1st no ShinBang due to jTBC special Anniversary program)

Preview by Axerine

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

by Shinhwa Forever

Episode 6 – Archery

Preview by Axerine

by Shinhwa Forever

Episode 7 – Live Puppet Show

Preview by Axerine

CUTS: ‘A Secret Gift’ Practice’

PS: Season 2 of Shinhwa Broadcast is the LAST season of Shinhwa Broadcast. It ended with 10 episode. Why it ended? #UniverseHasGoogle U_U


@chajatta_tvxq uploaded this link for all subbed Shinhwa Broadcast (SF Sub has given her permision)


32 thoughts on “[ENG SUB] Shinhwa Broadcast Season 2

  1. BELLAY says:

    I will be patiently waiting for the episodes but THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR COMPILING THE PREVIEWS THANK YOU ❤ HWAITING TO OUR BOYS AND HWAITING TO YOU TOO, crabbielife!!

  2. elle says:

    i’m really disappointed with shinhwa changjo, do they know that there ARE international fans and we don’t understand korean lang. why nobody fucking care to sub the show. damn! we wait for months!!!! why they subbed running man as faster as they could and not shinhwa broadcast?!!! shit! i’m really angry! annoyed to death!

    • crabbielife says:

      Whether you call yourself shinhwa changjo (though very undeserving) or shinhwa broadcast’s fans.. I’m really disappointed with you… Disappointed is even an understatement…..

      I’ll answer your rude comments (yes, rude) only this once..

      1. NO ONE OBLIGATES TO SUB ANY SHOWS. SHinhwa Changjo or others. We are international fans who don’t know Korean, yes. But no one who knows Korean OBLIGATES to provide us ENGLISH subtitle. Have you had any idea that to sub 1 part of ShinBang could take them the whole day? THAT if they only do subbing all day long. But sub team also have LIFE..which is school and work and whatever..so they couldn’t put that much time only to sub for other international fans.

      2. SHINHWA CHANGJO, only has one and only subbing team..which only consists of few people, probably less than 10. They sub without being PAID. They are the only one who CARES to sub shinhwa broadcast, and SHCJs are very thankful about it (though ppl tend to be ungrateful). Every nag and rude comment like yours, will cause them delaying subbing process and release date. EACH OF INTERNATIONAL SHCJ who waited patiently without WHINING like you, will also hv to wait longer. But we said nothing..except Thank you when they release it..even if we have to wait also even longer because of people like you who left them rude comments like yours.

      3. To compare SF Subs with Running Man showed how IGNORANT you are also. KSHOWNOW who subs for Running Man and WGM PAID (YES, PAID) their large numbers of subbers. They paid each subbers for each project they take… They have DEADLINE when they should submit the sub or they won’t get PAID. That is why they are FAST.. SF Subs are FREE SUBBERS. Would you even CARE to pay them? Those ADF.LY you clicked for they sub video are all for SHINHWA PROJECT, not for them..and people are WHINING already…whats more if SF Subs asked you all to donate so they will sub for you =-=


    • Cam says:

      Yes, SHCJs know there are International fans who don’t understand Korean. Else, SHCJs wont bother subbing the show. Just so you know, the subs out for Shinhwa on Running Man wasn’t subbed by the ShinBang subbing team. Not to mention those were subbed by PAID subbers.

      You’re angry? Annoyed? So be it. I won’t try to convince you otherwise.
      But your sentiments will have no positive effect on the release of subbed eps.
      You can’t wait for subs? Sit and watch raws.
      You can’t understand the language? Learn it.
      You want to watch with subs? Do it yourself. Here’s the manual:

      Use your head. Not your temper. Spare us the drama.

  3. DONGWON (@dongwah) says:

    Sorry to burst your poor bubble but as far as I know, WE, the SFsubs team IS ALSO a part of the majority of international fans who are putting in as much as we could to sub every shows Shinhwa has took part in and that include, Shinhwa Broadcast.

    I apologize for half us isn’t proficient in korean as well and we only rely on our HARDWORKING translators who excel in the said language to do their tasks in the best and efficient way possible that they could in between their lives. Yes, lives – we have it, luckily.

    And guess what, we are waiting months as well, months that we can have AT LEAST a spare of our time to sub this show. We never did ask for money – all we want is your patience though perhaps, it comes with a price.

    I hope while you invest your time waiting for us, you can learn the language fast and have yourself saved from death 🙂

    If you have more complaints, feel free to contact us directly.

  4. Ismirida says:

    Your comment show how IGNORANT you are…
    Don’t u realize how hard to sub,timing,tysesetting and timing and encode is.?????? (i doubt that u even know the meaning of those words anyway) How sfsubs team sacrifice their sleeping just to finish the video ao it can be release in certain time???? How they work so hard to sub with the remaining team which is less than 10 ppls?? And one more thing the do it for FREE not paid, it just their spirit to spread the Orange Love that makes them keep subbing despite all despicable comment from ungrateful ppl like u who undoubtly not even SHCJ (coz you are not..)
    If u feel dissappointed feel free to sub it yourself don’t count on SFSubs, they don’t need u but U NEED THEM…

  5. dee says:

    hmm, after read those comments, i realize how tough the ‘subbing’ job is. i’ll wait patiently then. TQ Shinhwa subbers, u’re daebak! even though shinbang will be finished soon.. 😥 fighting SHINHWA CHANGJO!

  6. Kawatapuarangi Maxwell says:

    Thank you for all your hard work, being a foreigner I wish I could understand Korean enough to help subbed the RAWS as those who do for us non-Koreans. So thank you for all your dedication for us who love Shinwha, so I’ll wait and hope episode 3 is completed. Or does anyone recommend an easier way to learn besides having to use the many phrase apps out there on the market. Thank you and FIGHTING!!

  7. Tin Panlilio says:

    its already 2015. I hope some shcj can sub the last 3 eps. thank you for your hard work. btw. if you have spare time can you sub their latest appearance on healing camp and hello counselor. thank you so so much :* shinhwa changjo mansae!

  8. riendonghae says:

    Will there ever be a sub for ep 8,9,10? or is everyone already moved on from this show?? I’m still wait for the sub to come out, though… I know subbing is really hard to do so I won’t push or anything, but is Shinhwa forever sub team will going to sub the rest of the episodes?

    • crabbielife says:

      If I’m not mistaken, they encountered some troubles with the ppl in their team. Some didnt finish or submit their part…so they can’t release the sub. For another episode, they struggle to find subbers, too…

      • riendonghae says:

        So it means they will provide the sub once the problems are all sorted out? If so, I hope they could solve the problems sooner. Fighting!! *\^_^/*

  9. Trini says:

    I realized there are still no eps 6 and 7, even though there’s preview and cuts scene. Is no one subbed the whole video other than SF Subs team?

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