Shinhwa 5th Jib ‘Perfect Man’ Composer/Arranser/Lyricist List



Romanised by: ichashinhwa @ SHCJ_Indonesia



1.      I Pray 4 U

Composed by: Kim Young H, William Pyon (Xperimental Productions)

Arranged and Lyrics by: Kim Young H

Rap making by: ERIC

2.      Perfect Man

Composed/Arranged/Lyrics by: Yoo Young Jin

English Lyrics and Rap making: ERIC

3.      Shout

Composed and Arranged by: Park Sung Su

Lyrics by: Jamie

Rap making by: ERIC

4.      Free

Composed/Arranged/Lyrics/Directed by: Lee Min Woo

Rap Making by: ERIC

5.      Fly High

Composed by: Thomas Asserholt

Additional compositon by: Lee Joon Ho

Arranged and Lyrics by: Lee Joon Ho

Rap making by: ERIC

6.      Endless Love

Composed and Arranged by: Kim Jin Hoon

Lyrics by: Kim Jong Sook

Rap making by: ERIC, Junjin, ANDY

7.      Comeback to My Life

Composed and Arranged by: Hwang Sung Je

Lyrics by: Lee Jin Gyeong

Rap making by: ERIC

8.      Honesty

Composed/Arranged/Lyrics by: Ji Guk Hyun

Rap making by: ERIC

9.      Red Angel

Composed and Arranged by: Kim Hyung Gyu

Lyrics by: Han Hyun Gyeong

Rap Making by: ERIC, Lee Sang Baek

10.  Last Zone

Composed and Arranged by: No Yeong Ju, Lee Jung Hoon

Lyrics by: Kim Nam Hee

Rap Making by: ERIC

11.  Reason

Composed and Arranged by: Lee Chang Hyun

Lyrics by: Jung Han Joong, Rhymer

Rap making by: ERIC, Rhymer

12.  사랑안에 (In Your Love)

Composed and Lyrics by: Choi Yoo Won

Arranged by: Park Mun Soo

Rap Making by: ERIC


Additional Info: Lee Minwoo is listed as one of the “Choreographer” in this album’s credit.



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