Shinhwa 4th Jib ‘Hey Come On’ Composer/Arranser/Lyricist List



Romanised by태그EX-Z55 

Format edited by ichashinhwa @ SHCJ_Indonesia



1.      Just 2 be with U

Composed and Arranged by: Young Kim

Lyric by: Young Kim, William Pyon

2.      Hey, Come On

Composed by: Peter Rafelson, Jeff Vincent

Arranged by: Yoo Young Jin

Lyrics by: Shin Hyesung (Korean), Petter Rafelson, Jeff Vincent (English)

Rap making by: ERIC

3.      Shinhwa Knight

Composed/Arranged/Lyrics by: Ji Kook Hyun

Rap Making by: ERIC

4.      Wild Eyes

Composed/Arranged/Lyrics by: Yoo Young Jin

Rap Making: by Shawn “Rize” Kook

5.      Reminiscence

Composed and Lyrics by: Lee Min Woo, ERIC

Arranged by: Lee Min Woo

6.      Falling in Love

Composed by: Dave Pickell , Ron Irving

Arranged by: Hong Jeong Su, Lee In Seong

Lyrics by: Shin Hye Sung (Korean), Dave Pickell, Ron Irving (English)

7.      Never Can Rewind

Composed/Arranged by: Park Seong Su

Lyrics by: Kim Dong Hyeon

Rap Making by: Kim Dong Hyeon, Kim Dong Wan, ERIC

8.      Trippin’

Composed/Arranged/Lyrics by: Seo Yoong Keun

Rap Making by: ERIC

9.      Sure I know (이별그리고)

Composed and Arranged by: Yoon Chi Woong

Lyrics by: Shin Hye sung

Rap Making by: ERIC

10.  Dark

Composed by: Kim Seok Chan

Arranged by: Jeon Jun Kyu

Lyrics by: Kim Young Ah

Rap Making by: ERIC, Kim Dong Wan

11.  Egotism (97 4 1)

Composed/Arranged/Lyrics by: Kim Dong Wan

Rap Making by: ERIC, Kim Dong Wan, Heo In Chang, Hoony Hoon

12.  바램 (I Swear…)

Composed and Arranged by: Kangta

Lyrics by: Shin Hye Sung


Additional Info: Lee Minwoo is listed as one of the “Choreographer” in this album’s credit.


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