Stars that illuminate Love Letter

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It’s time to say goodbye to Love Letter, it’s kinda hard seeing that how every weekend I would be anticipating watching it. It would be Love Letter on Saturday followed by Xman on Sunday. It was a super weekend for me and possibly a golden era of variety programming for SBS. While Xman is pre-occupied with finding the Xman and winning the various games, Love Letter was more about interaction between guys and girls and geared heavily towards romance. It was fascinating to watch as they were all celebrities and not the average joe on the streets.

Was first introduced to Love Letter by my KJK/YEH coalition over at Soompi Forums, regarding his comments about one woman and how Chae Yeon “fought” with Jeon Hye Bin over Kim Jong Kook. So off I went to see that and I was kind of intrigued to see so many familiar faces…

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