“Shinhwa isn’t responsible for your lives”…is NOT for sasaeng…….

It has been bugging me since the sasaeng issue become trend (thanks to EXO’s fans)..and I saw many brought up Dongwan’s (in)famous quote in this case as “sasaeng-repellent”

This is just my thought..after gathering, watching, reading so many SHinhwa-things…I came to conclusion that Dongwan did not say that for SASAENG.

Now let’s see..  we need to define lines between sasaengs and ‘fans’. Some may argue ‘sasaeng’ are also fans.. but for me they’re not.. The extreme case like EXO’s, I’d like to call them ‘mentally-disturbed’ ppl, not fans who are supposed to be supportive for their idols.

During their dorm days, many fans staked out in front of Shinhwa dorms.. I wasn’t in the fandom way back then.. But from the interview below, I could draw conclusions that these fans weren’t included as ‘sasaeng’…because mostly they only sat down, watched their idols, and ran away if they see Dongwan (in Shinhwa’s case =]])

“Sasaeng fans (obsessive fans who stalk and invade the privacy of celebrities)? We didn’t even think about it then”

– The idol fandom back then is very different from the idol fandom of today.
Female #4: The inclinations of fans back then and fans today are very different. Compared to fans back then, there are many more older fans now. In Shinhwa’s case, their fans grew up naturally with them.
Female #1: Shinhwa has more younger fans than I thought. There’s this type of people, they like singers but don’t want to only like idols like their peers, these are kids who are more mature in their thinking.
Female #2: The more serious ones?
All: That’s right, that’s right.

– ‘Sasaeng fans’ who invade the private lives of stars are becoming a social issue too. How are they different from the fans in the early 2000s who stayed overnight in front of the idols’ dormitory?
Female #2: At least we toed the line back then. We protected the members’ private lives.
Female #1: Back then it was a case of ‘the oppas are God’ so we were scared of them. We staked out in front of the dormitory but once Kim Dongwan appeared we all ran away. He opened the window and shouted at the fans, ‘why aren’t you going?’ (laughs) Lately the sasaeng fans are more like stalkers than fans.
Female #4: At least we didn’t try to teach the oppas what to do. Lately the fans are exercising a lot of influence and they seem to feel a sense of superiority.
Female #1: Celebrities have to be thankful to fans too. Honestly speaking the fandom of today shocks me. They have evolved a lot.

– Many fans often staked out in front of Shinhwa’s dormitory. Fans who found it difficult to follow them everyday could find out more about the members outside of TV programs by reading about accounts uploaded by other fans. Particularly in the case of Kim Dongwan, we hear that he was very strict with the fans.

Female #2: Actually I had been going to Shinhwa’s dorm since middle school. I went less frequently during high school and then followed Shinhwa around again in college. There are many stories about Dongwan oppa giving money to fans for bus fares.

Female #1: When we staked out in front of their dorm, if a milder member came out we’d all stand by and watch. If Kim Dongwan appeared we all ran away. Kim Dongwan would yell at the fans outside the window and ask why we’re not going home.

Female #4: There was once when he threw out a toilet plunger.

Female #1: And everyone wanted it.

cr: Absolut Shinhwa part 123

“Shinhwa isnt responsible for your lives” it was said out of concern from Dongwan to SHCJ during their first fanmeeting… A fanmeeting where people who present were SHCJ aka FANS. So  I don’t think it’s special for ‘sasaeng’………
Dongwan really disliked these fans staked out in front of their dorms instead of studying.. Later he also said that he said such things bcos he didn’t want fans (FANS, not sasaengs) to lose their goals/dreams bcos of Shinhwa..

Speaking of dorms, I really hate the kids who come to the dorm!!
If she was my daughter, I would hit her. Ah~ Really, stop coming to the dorm? Okay?
I promise you, but a~~ll singers and celebrities hate fans who come to the dorms.

Don’t come to the dorms.

Use that time to find a hobby.
If you don’t want to go to cram school, then do something else.
Steal that cram school tuition without your mom knowing and go learn something that you enjoy.
Even if you skip school and go on a trip, I would agree with that if I was a father.

But don’t come to the dorms.
You sitting there, crouching, is really pathetic to see.
Adults don’t like to see it. It’s not good.

And in front of our dorms, the fans camping out there cry and tell me that male students passing by came and hit you. They don’t take you seriously because you’re crouching there all the time. You probably got hit because you guys started verbally fought after getting picked on.

I don’t sympathize with you at all.

Don’t come to the dorm, okay?

You all were born beautifully so how can you be doing this?
Go on a blind date. Go to a cola-tech with your school friends – how wonderful would that be?
When I was young, I really liked ice rinks. So go to a ice rink or something…holding your boyfriend’s hand.

translations: lilshinhwafreak 

Those fans staked out all day long…forget to study or do other things ‘useful’. Dongwan didn’t like it, members also despite being less vocal about this.. That’s why there were many anecdotes between Shinhwa and SHCJ during this time.. like when they threw bread to them, spray water (RicJin with their water gun U_U), and DW personally lectured one of the fans for 2 hours..all those efforts to make them GO HOME and STUDY lol (yet I recall I read somewhere they often played with fans who staked out in front of their dorms also… who wanna play with sasaeng, if those in front of their dorms were ones? =]]]]).  They concerned with fans’ future goals and dreams (and also neighbors’ complaints LOL… there were also issues about fans running away from home)..


why they said “shinhwa isn’t resposible for your lives” to SHCJ


also discussed about it on Radio Star 2012..the one who labelled them as ‘sasaeng/extreme’ was the MCs..while they themselves didn’t  U_U =]]

U_Uthese were retold from time to time in the fandom as shinhwa-shcj anecdotes… why suddenly become a story about sasaeng U_U source:ydjlove

These stories have been shinhwa-shcj anecdotes for years… I was kind of..idk..when I saw this taken out of context as ‘shinhwa vs sasaeng’ when actually Shinhwa’s sasaengs weren’t as many as H.O.T or even as horrible as EXO’s now……..it’s like trying to equivalent ‘normal’ ShinChangs with these kind of ppl…I can’t U___U Yes there are few individuals who stalked them like a sasaeng would (even until very recently)..but compare to what happened to other groups with their sasaengs, theirs are completely ‘mild’. So. in a way, it’s incomparable to recent cases. I just take what Shinhwa did/said about regarding their fans..it just showed they were good at handling fans, as well as appreciating and interacting with them. Like “We should tell them to go home, if we think it’s the right thing to do” (Eric, 2003)

not extreme

Shinhwa about their fans

There was even an incident last year (if I’m not mistaken #expiring U_U =]]]) regarding ‘sasaeng’ who were at CEO Choi of T.O.P Class’s wedding.. those ppl take pictures of Shinhwa members from outside the venue, they didn’t even disrupt the wedding at all..yet I still remember how mad K-SHCJs were..asking everyone to take down the pics posted on SNS, telling other SHCJs to respect members’ privacy.. At this kind of ‘fandom culture’, how could equivalent them with ‘sasaeng’? Y___Y Maybe it’s become so convenient for K-Pop fans to ‘look at SHinhwa..look how Shinhwa did’ without knowing or caring that what they ‘look’ or ‘read’ were completely taken out of context and original purpose..?

Oh well..it’s just my thought..  I don’t ask anyone to agree or not..  =]]]


Ah I forget about this one..

BVfGj6sCUAAU20_screencap not by me..It’s only been around on Twitter for few days (I dunno who’s the source either only found those who reblogged it)

I dunno where or when Dongwannie said this..

It’s either could be true or not he said this or whether he really said it to ‘sasaeng’ or just SHCJs.

Because it’s common for fans or fansites to take airport pictures….I don’t see why it’s necessary for him to tell them off… Unless fans disturbed him by putting the camera lens close to his face..like what happened to Syung (and he told the fans off via RTS U_U)… or fans followed them until inside the plane and kept taking pics of them..

Either I’ve seen Dongwannie posted pics of ‘sasaeng’ on his blog or whatever.. He posted pics of SHCJs though.. There was even one pic of SHCJs who followed him during one of Shinhwa’s Asia Tour stop (China one)..but the caption wasn’t negative at all (I couldn’t find the post arrgghhh TT__TT)… I also think he would be okay if fans follow him (not in disturbing and disruptive way of ‘sasaeng’) esp overseas…cuz there was FA from Shinhwa’s HK one..saying he let fans followed and took pics of him cuz they were behaving well aka didn’t disturb him or Taehak who were strolling around HK..

I just wish it wont be used out of context like his quote I mentioned above.. Things taken out of context could mislead either SHCJ, K-POP fans, or just casual fans/people who read it (especially if it’s spread on internet, RT-ed and Reblogged by THOUSANDS u_u) ^_^


Eric’s Tweet


This tweet appeared on this article as a way to handle overzealous fans. While I agree the way the article described it..again, I don’t agree if this tweet of his is said to be directed to ‘sasaengs’…

This tweet came about when he reprimanded a fan on Twitter bcoz she said:

@miclarge1: Oppa LOL I think you should move from the old man group to the young man group LOLOL  

Then he scolded her (twice) with essay-long tweets LOL.. Here goes the full convo… It was only like how an oppa told of a dongsaeng, in this case Eric told of his fans to behave accordingly…not bcos she’s a SASAENG (why everything they said to scold fans always need to be related to ‘sasaeng’ while it’s really not?? I don’t get it) U_U..

ps: ah I miss his tweets sfm…it was so fun having him around TT___TT


One thought on ““Shinhwa isn’t responsible for your lives”…is NOT for sasaeng…….

  1. sophiemorore says:

    oh my god, after read this im falling in love again with dongwan oppa 🙂
    again and again and again~~ *why im suddenly singing 2pm’s song? XD*

    yeah, i agree with you
    that statement wasnt for sesaeng fans,
    and its not strict comment from dongwan, i think he just worried and care about SHCJ

    and lalalla about EXO’s incident… hufh, i shouldnt make a statement since im not their fans
    but im worry about EXO of course, they are human too, they could felt shock, sick, and angry.
    may be its a lecture for us, to support idol in normal way. so we wont lose our goals and dreams… like as dongwan said 🙂

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