[FA] Shinhwa The Classic Grand Tour in Taipei Day 1 130706

I was thrilled when I had the chance to study in Taipei.. not because I get good university or enroll in the major I want (though it’s part of why I’m happy lol)..but because I know SHINHWA will always come to Taipei for concert or fanmeet LMAO #fangirlthing

Anyway..after waiting and worrying for months (cuz TARDY SHINHWA), Shinhwa confirmed their Taipei stop. and it was TWO DAYS. TWO FREAKING DAYS!!!!!!!! Money aside, I was too thrilled to think how to buy BOTH days tix lmao. It’ll be my second time to see them but the dugeun dugeun feeling haven’t changed XDDDD

This time I couldn’t wait for them inside the airport terminal like last year..so I went to the airport to wait for them and Malaysian SHCJs (thanks to their kindness I could watch both days TT_____TT *crying*) who come to watch Shinhwa’s concert.. Unfortunately, this time I was in the wrong terminal so I couldn’t see them (was too lazy to take skytrain to another terminal cuz I was too sleepy…….. orz). But I did meet ShinCom staffs and live bands and some dancers.. Saw one cute things.. There were some staffs from organiser came to pick them up with placard SHINHWA written on it.. when they saw Korean staffs, they went “Shinhwa…Shinhwa..” and one of the staff did Shinhwa’s handgreeting as the answer XDDDDDDDD

Later that night, I went to Taipei 101 with SHCJs and found out Shinhwa dancers also went there but few hours earlier #noluck OTL

*fastforward to D-DAY*

It was raining so hard. Odd, because it was the first rain in Taipei since the summer starts..and it chose Shinhwa’s concert day to fall U_U =]]] I went to the venue earlier with Seron and Kin..without any umbrellas so we got all wet and they went back to the hostel while I stay..

I was really happy seeing all those unofficial ShinMerchs were being sold along the road to the concert venue. Photos, fans, pillows, goodiebags, photos, bracelets, T-shirts, lightsticks, etc… IT WAS ALL CUTE!!!!!! Area near the venue was filled with ORANGE. Even from the bus stop and MRT station to the concert venue, there were so many orange people… If you don’t know the way to the venue, there’s no need to worry cuz all you have to do was follow those Orange people XDDDDDDD Unlike when I was in Singapore for Grand Tour 2012, I could REALLY feel the concert atmosphere, the thrill and the excitement of fangirls…it was incredible…. There were many fanclubs who were distributing free ShinMerchs also…which one of the reason why I love Taipei stop more  #cheapskate lolol… .

unofficial ShinMerchs

unofficial ShinMerchs sold by street vendors

2013-07-06 18.16.47-picsay

my lightstick XD

So..while I was sheltering myself from the rain, I saw people from RICDY fanbase carrying so many free RicDy fans to be distributed… Someone dropped those fans on the wet grounds accidentally cuz too many and SHCJs there screamed as if it was OPPAS who fell down =]] So I decided to help them carrying some of the fans and suddenly I became a distributor girl, giving out those free fans to SHCJs who ask (Taiwanese SHCJ for RicDy fanclub stood beside me to distribute plastic bag to shelter the fan from the rain and she was surprised when I said I’m from Indonesia XDDDD).. U_U =]]] After that I asked them for *cough* many fans to give to MY-SHCJs who haven’t arrived at venue and several SHCJs back home… I have to be extremely thick-skinned to ask for THAT many free fans, you know U___U =]]]]]]]]

2013-07-06 14.22.01-picsay

the free RicDy fan… very CUTE ;A;

Because it was raining..not too many things happened at first, SHCJs were busy sheltering themselves and their precious merchs hahaha. But after the rain stopped, more free ShinMerchs were given out.. and street vendors started selling more merchandises.. I can’t say it’s cheap..cause obviously they tried to gain more profit from fans there..but if you buy many things, actually you can bargain hehehe…

The free merchandises being given out were mostly placards, photos (HD pics from previous Grand Tour stops), and banners. All those are very nice ;;A;; Again, you have to be thick-skinned enough to ask for more than one HAHAHAH.. SHCJs were very nice though, they usually gave you more than one if they got many to spare XD I met SHCJs from Hongkong who given out free hand banner “We Live For This Love” (photo below) and asked for 11 more banners..they were surprised and I shyly said “My friends haven’t arrived yet..” and they were also surprised when I told her where I’m from and where my friends came from XDD Luckily later we met again when MY-SHCJs have arrived and they were like “Ooohh..your friends? Hellooo~~” (in case they didn’t believe me when I said those banners were for my friends lmao) XDD

2013-07-06 14.59.41-picsay2013-07-06 16.48.20

some of the free merchandises I got XDDD

There were some merchandises were given out freely as long as you show your ticket (so can only get one) and some given if you’re the member of the fanclub, like the VERY NICE hyesungie lightstick from Hyesungworld TT____TT. The queue for free merchandise also no joke. So long. Once you saw crowd like this:

2013-07-06 15.52.52-picsay

it means there was free merchandises given out.. I was part of the crowd when they gave out members’ pics.. It was crazy..like this:

The girl who gave out: Eric

SHCJs: KYAAAA!!!!! *grabs wildly*

The girl: Dongwan

SHCJs: KYAAAA!!!! *grabs wildly*



*repeats for each member*

until that girl was like “OKAY OKAY STOOOPPP!!!!!!! ONE BY ONE, OK? ONE BY ONE” =]]

There was also huge poster by Shincom for fans to take picture of..and in front of it..:

2013-07-06 14.43.37-picsay

And of course, there was a place to buy ShinNecklace . It was sold at NT 2600. Expensive U_U =]]] The pendant was much smaller than I thought though… Beside necklace, they also sold Shinhwa’s 11th album on the spot.. Too bad there wasn’t any official Merchandise on sale, unlike in Singapore before 😦

2013-07-06 14.29.47-picsay

2013-07-06 16.00.54-picsay

ShinNecklace (to Cam: your boyfriend was nowhere to be found hahahaha)

2013-07-06 15.59.39-picsay

legendary ShinCom’s typo: SLIVER and SHINWHA -_-

The queue for mosh started around 5? I don’t really remember..cuz I was seating in Day 1 so no need to queue. The queue was divided according to zone and ticket number. At the second day, when I was queuing for standing, I was pleasantly surprised (ok,not so surprised cuz expected) that fans are very organized. The staffs called them by ticket number and they stood obediently according to their tix number. Even when they were entering the venue, they entered one by one, no one tried to go first before their turn, no one pushed others in order to get in first, no one even pushed each other in the mosh pit. Those were things will never happen if you queue in Indonesia lol.

Anyway…my seat was in second floor and at the very back row.. in the end, I was standing on the chair hahhaha. The view was very clear from above though you can’t see clearly members’ expressions or tiny/subtle acts…

2013-07-06 18.10.22-picsay

view from second floor

Once the lights off…you could hear SHCjs chant “Shinhwa san” and from the second floor, the orange ocean was clearer… Beautiful… ❤ also..Those said Shinhwa only have Ahjumma fans..they are obviously wrong… Fans/Audiences who came to the concert were from various age group.. there were lots, lots of teenagers. Girls in their 20s. Women in their 30s above. Almost all wore orange or at least have orange attribute or at least bring a lightstick XDD

The concert started of with very cool VCR…the Phoenix aka eagle was flying over a landscape(?) which have Shinhwa’s title song written on it (solid rock)… and ONLY ONE INSTRUMENT STARTED PLAYING!!!!!! SHINHWAAAAA KLDJALJDASJDAJADL;KA!!


So they appeared with that cool cloaks…then VOILA sleeveless shirt was underneath it XDDDDDDDDD No need to say anything about their voices or moves as for me it was flawless (view from second floor aka unclear lmao). Then Your Man next. AKJSKSDJASJDLASA the choreo was more awesomeeee LIVE omgggggg..like omgggg it is one of my most favorite ShinChoreo jlsjlajdagdak ❤


Minbong the fanservice king did several hearts during the performance..awww <33

After that, it was first ment.

To be brutally honest, oppas were panting hard after performing two songs..so hard it was heard clearly in the mic and they took a while to speak HAHAHHHAHAAHA #heartlessfan #itsokayIstillstanyouanyway XDD

They did introduction in Chinese… I remember DOngwan said “I love zhenzhunaicha (*pearl milk tea)” while flashing his grin.. OTL. Eric’s chinese was so awkward and very cuuuteeee it didn’t sound Chinese lmao. I was glad their mood this time is very good. They were all high…especially that donggumong who couldn’t stop being goofball :3

On this ment, Minwoo said “YOU ARE THE BEST!!” in Chinese.. Eric also tried to say it..but what he said was “YOU ARE THE FATTEST!!” lololol.. “best” and “fat” pronunciation in Chinese is similar..if you pronounce ‘best’ wrongly, it’ll become ‘fat’ XDDDDDD



Next was Sharing Forever. So rare for them to sing this song in their concert..so I appreciated it though I WAS DYING TO HEAR FIRST LOVE MORE WHY DID THEY TAKE IT OUT OFF ASIA TOUR SETLIST WHY WHY WHY TT__________TT


Anyway.. it seemed so short, too short..cuz then Hey Come On played next, not long after. Minu shouted WO AI NI MEN (*I love you guys) somewhere along these two songs XD From the second floor, Minbong’s solo dance was awesome. But it’s just different when you saw it from mosh pit, in front of him, like..omgg so near..your jaw could literally drop from its awesomeness……………..I’m asking myself how could I get out of it alive o<-<

Then the cute I GAVE YOU VCR was played.. Still squealing despite seeing it several times already..too cute <33333333

Then the boys back with ANEUN NAMJA!!!!!!


eventhough you got a boyfriend i dont care from Choongjae was deadly o<-<



okay XD

this time was ballad songs’ turn. I always love ShinBallads….but once you hear it live, somehow the recorded version didn’t do them justice cuz all were much much much better LIVE….. <333 Things I love when Shinhwa sings ballad..they don’t just sit/stand and sing like statues. They’ll wave to fans, grin to each other/fans, do some gestures while singing, sometimes they do some fanservices like in ‘First Love‘ performance in 10th Anniversary concert…it makes the performances more enjoyable rather that just stand there and sing for me..

After Aneun Namja, there was NEW ME. I forget in which song..but suddenly they didn’t sing (it’s one of the VOCAL-LINE turn to sing)…turned out they forgot lyrics..and just sat there looking at each other, grinning #smhoppas -_-

Minwoo asked us “are you happy?” in Chinese before proceeding to the next song… They kept asking SHCJs “are you happy? we’re happy too” during Taipei concert.. :3

Then comes How Do I Say. You could always expect ShinOTPs moments in this song XDD I was expecting, and got it right away XD MinJin moment happened first. Then WanDy. Then Hyesung……..with every member except Eric. They all came over him and surrounded him as if he’s the mother hen surrounded (well..he’s omma BIRD to be exact XDDDD) hahhaha… (those moments..you could see it on fancams..it’ll be more fun seeing it than being told here XDDD).

After that it was LOVE SONG. OMGG CUTE OPPAS..NOT EVEN FUNNY HOW COULD THEY BE SOOOO CUUUTEEE IN THEIR MID 30s TT___TT They all running along the stage, behaving like kids.. On the extended stage, each of them did heart dance <33333

Actually from extended stage..I could see them better..and it was pretty obvious/CLEAR how Shinhwa’s WINGS danced….exactly like what’s been said by the members repeatedly: exaggerating Pilgyo and THE Donggumong lololol…

Much-awaited STAY came after….. I was always loookinnngg forrwaaarrdd to see SHUFFLE DANCE and the cute choreo since Shinhwa XV in Seoul….. <33

And it was as expected, VERY CUUUTTEEE <333333 MinBong did the demo.. Only him.. The other just sat and watched tch XDDD This song…you couldn’t just sit still and listen.. You’ll feel the need to stand and dance with them also… very cute choreo….and the shuffle… omggg Pilgyo looked very happy dancing to it hahaha.. Eric and Junjin also danced cutely during this, at their part.. JINNIE’S BUTT THO..TOO BAD I WASN’T IN FRONT OF IT………………….


There was a little JinDy moment at the end of Stay…Jinnie lifted Andy up..cute maknaes…. XDD

And along the song, fans were mostly dancing along, especially for the part that was in demo earlier.. From second floor, you can see clearly everyone dancing along XD

EUSHA EUSHA next… Fanchant was louder this time…cuz Shinhwa asked us to sing along at some parts also.. For this they mostly were on main stage.. There was random gangnam style in the middle of this perf tsk..they couldnt get over it U_U =]] They did break dance part for this performance.. Andy, luckily, didn’t join.. Hyesung also, if I’m not mistaken..

then VCR 2 started..I forgot which one #expired U_U =]]]

They were back with T.O.P kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3333333333333 The SHIN-HWA-CHANG-JO at the end was loud hoho.

then Perfect Man <333333 How I wish they bring back their original standing mic performance for this T___T

Oh..and during these two songs and next ones, idk if it’s just me..but Hyesungie’s voice didn’t seem to be his best one… 😦

SHOOTING STAR came next..with new ROCK arrangement… it was sooo coooolll… omggg.. I do wish I could hear rock version of Haegyulsa though TT__TT Shinhwa asked us to scream the “Shinhwa will never be defeated” part (it’s in the lyrics XD)…. so cool but felt so short then suddenly HURTS started playing (wait..or was it HURTS first before Shooting Star? #forget -_-).. This song somehow always makes me wanna sob without reason..not helping when vocal-line voices blends perfectly, then come Eric’s rap part,  and made you wanna sob more T___T

Then 그래 came after.. they used standing mics (WHY NOT USE IT FOR PERFECT MAN ALSO SMH -_-)………… Once in a Lifetime followed suit. This uplifting song was supposed to be touching……but Kim Dongwan decided to ruin everything by being his goofy-self.. -_- he kept swaying his hands, approached Andy and made some poses…how could you concentrate to the song and other members while he’s doing this…………….. -_- Anyway.. at the end of the song, there was confetti…it looked really beautiful from second floor \o/

VCR 3 after..it’s about Shinhwa’s 15 years journey.. The members were interviewed.. Their answers were funny cuz ppl laughed a lot… It has Chinese subtitle..which ofc I didn’t understand -___- They played their 15 years journey clips, debut, when Andy left temporarily (inserted WinWin clip *SOBBBINGGG*), their return in 2012, their This Love wins,…the kowtow part……….. TT________________TT

There was even long message for SHCJ (in CHINESE) at the end of VCR… The word I could decipher was “Together Forever” from that message *BAWLING* T__________T It was a very touching VCR… I wish it was in Singapore so it has ENG subtitle so I can BAWL more…. U_U =]]

The boys then back with THIS LOVE!!!!!!!! Hearing the intro only, the crowd went wild hahhahaha. Because this song is the newest..the fanchant is very clear.. omgg you really have to see this performance live bcuz it’s FABULOUS!! #TRIANGLECROTCHFOREVER \o/ From second floor, the view of 6 members movements are very clear..I wish I had 3 pairs of eyes so I can capture each member’s movements clearly… The choreo was indeed daebak and detailed… The ending part is one of my favorite part omgggg Syung’s hands movements >//<

After that it was VENUS!! It’s a bit awkward tbh seeing the male dancers wearing This Love attire for Venus hahahahhaha. Ah I didn’t realize I miss their performance of this song until I see it live again… still impressive..shinhwa’s energy during performance is ❤ though they may pant as hard as they want after #kicked

There come ment..It was my most favorite ment in Taipei and possibly in Shinhwa’s concerts this year.. So hilariiouuss (you could actually hear mine and seron’s laughter in audio recorded by seron -_-“)!! These guys are truly walking entertainment even without script (they don’t need to tbh). Dongwan said “it’s too hot” in cute English..then started speaking Chinese again hahah. He then started the “ni men de xin..shinhwa de xin..dou yi yang.. JIA YOU!!” (your heart, shinhwa’s heart is the same.. fighting!) and asked fans to say it together. He asked Eric to say it after..Eric said it..then all went wrong….”dou yi yang” became “dou ya” (beansprout) LMAO =]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] nevertheless..eric got this cute awkward chinese accent ❤

Shinhwa seemed to try ending it there..but fans chanting “HYESUNG HYESUNG HYESUNG!!!” Hyesung complied and said in singsong manner “ni men de xin”, fans laughed, and he sulkily said “IT’S MY STYLE!!”  why so cute hesong-ah =]]]]]]] he then asked Dongwan how to say it correctly..after Dongwan whispered it to him.. He tried again..this time with R&B version..omgggg his voice <333333 He pronounced “dou  yi yang” correctly hoho.

Then fans chanting “ANDY ANDY ANDY”.. Maknae got shy.. he turned back…and said it with exaggerating high-pitched voice…. he’s too cute =]]]]]]]]]]]] then fans shouted “JUNJIN JUNJIN JUNJIN!!” but that sneaky ChoongJae tried to avoid it by chanting “MINWOO MINWOO MINWOO”..luckily SHCJs were so persistent and in the end, Jinnie did it..beatbox version (M helped with the beatbox).. After he did his part, he got very shhyyyy and jumped and hugged Minwooo then suddenly kissed his cheek OMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG MIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNJJJJJJJIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNN AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH <3333333333333333333333333


sorry that was practically my reaction when I saw it there XDDD

then it was Minwoo’s turn… His version is the highlight of the concert and the China stop after… It got very addictive somehow.. =]]]] He said it with music background and Taiwanese accent, completed with a little dance step (YOU MUST WATCH THE FANCAM lol).. it was just sooo hilarious!!!!! Even hilarious was an understatement.. I was like “WHHAATTTSSS THIIISSS???!!!!!!!” and couldn’t stop laughing =]]]]]]] He kept repeating it several times.. members then also sang it and repeated it several times..then they asked fans to sing with them. It was named “Beansprout song” by fans due to Shinhwa’s mispronunciation of “dou yi yang” =]]]]]]]]]]]]]  Minwoo was suddenly sitting down then laughing on the floor himself cuz it was too hilarious =]]]]]]]]]]]]

Then in the middle of laughing, suddenly Brand New started!! They went back to serious and passionate Shinhwa while performing.. Brand New performance was always flawless..truly like musical stage. hohoho. I was a little sad cuz Brand New performance means the concert is ending TT____________TT

They disappeared backstage after and fans started chanting SHINHWA SAN until they came back for Encore!! Minwoo asked “ARE YOU HAPPY? REALLY?” in Chinese.. and thanking fans…. ;-;

They mostly wore WOLFM cap for encore, their concert merchandises, or sponsored stuffs. Many toys were thrown to stage.. SuperMun tied his towel around his neck again XDDDD

Then suddenly he and Andy spread their towels on stage then laid down for a while. SMHHHHHHHH. -_______- RICDY did it again on extended stage..this time, they pretended the towels were blankets… #ShinKids -__________-

They sang I Pray 4 U first…..Minwoo repeated his beansprout song again here..addicted much? =]]]]]]]]]]]

They were animals hat… Hyesung first wore Panda hat..then after some time, he changed to Bunny ear… Jin wore Penguin hat. Andy wore Angry bird. Eric wore wolf hat.  TOO CUTE ❤  WooDong sticks to their WOLFMCap *ahem ❤

Then RUN followed suit. Still feel a bit pity they never promoted this song tbh..it’s so good..and so Shinhwa… ❤

During encore they threw their towels and caps and threw back the toys threw by fans on stage…. I’m so envious those who got the WolfM cap T_______T

Minwoo as usual did shoutouts like “Say Eric…say Dongwan…etc..and say..SHINHWA CHANGJO (3 times)” XDDD  then  the last song was Yo! They said “this is the last yoo” (in English,yes). Tbh I never liked this song before, it was too noisy for me and Dongwan make up wasn’t helping U______U =]]]]]] I started appreciating and liking this song when they sang it in MUST last year.. it’s actually a good song..and better to be sang live than listen to the old audio (*ouchmyears =]]). They were running around the stage, though mostly they were at extended stage.. You could totally feel they really enjoy performing on stage like this.. XD

The concert then really ended..Though can still meet them the next day..idky I feel sad TT____________________TT

It was Eric, Minwoo, and Jinnie who went to backstage later…and in the end..Minwoo sang his beansprout song again =]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

 At the end of the concert, there was ending/credit VCR.. But didn’t have time to watch since I have to rush back to my dorm (it has curfew 11pm, concert ended 9:30 and it took more than an hour to go back to my dorm from concert area OTL)

FA for Day 2 will be………comming soon (*deliberately typo =]]]])

ps: clearest shot of Shinhwa I got with my lousy camera from second stage. The security was very tight… T___T If we took out our camera/handphone, they’d approach you suddenly and watched you closely….

2013-07-06 20.35.58-picsay


3 thoughts on “[FA] Shinhwa The Classic Grand Tour in Taipei Day 1 130706

  1. Phi says:

    concerts seems so fun, the preconcert with all the shin goodies hunting also lot of fun.
    I wish I’ll experience this at least once…. *sighs*

  2. jj says:

    wow! thanks for sharing your experience! i feel as if i’m there too, and can feel the excitement, laughter and hilarious moment of shinhwa being shinhwa! cant wait to read your 2nd concert experience!

  3. RaoiAvis (@raoiavis) says:

    Hi. I just read this post and I’m so glad that there’s someone with the same type of appreciation for Yo! as me. It was MUST that showed me that it was better live too. Thanks for the account! Definitely wish I was there.

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