[COMPILATION] Shinhwa “This Love” on Mnet M Countdown


=23th MAY 2013. This Love 1st Win=

MinJinSyung as MCs

MC Cuts + This Love Stage

Winner Announcement+Encore

Longer Encore

=30th MAY 2013. This Love. 2nd Win on MNET. 4th Win (overall)=

Mnet Behind Story

Opening+MC Cut+Hyesung Special Stage

Shinhwa vs Hyori Clip

This Love Stage

Winner Announcement+FULL ENCORE

=6th JUNE 2013. This Love MNET 3rd Win. 8th Win (overall)=

Shinhwa Recorded 8th win for ‘This Love’ which broke their own record of 7th win with ‘Yo’ (1999).

The MNET Broadcast was cancelled. No Performance.

Mnet Behind Story

=13th JUNE 2013. Goodbye Stage=

MNET gives their Triple Crown+speech (It is Shinhwa’s first Triple Crown in 9 years. The last time they received Triple Crown was in 2004 with ‘Brand New’)

This Love Goodbye Stage

See you next year for 12th jib, Shinhwa san!!! \o/

P.S: Shinhwa’s interview + Winner speech are subbed by SF Sub

cr: uploaders+owners


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