[COMPILATION] Shinhwa “This Love” on KBS Music Bank


Backstage Interview [ENG SUB]

Brand New. Special Stage. (for MuBank 700th episode, Shinhwa got a special stage. JFYI, Shinhwa was also on MuBank 1st episode 15 years ago ^_^)

This Love Stage

=24th MAY 2013=

This Love Stage only

This Love+Ending

=31th MAY 2013. This Love 1st WIN on MUBANK. 5th win (overall)=

(The last time they won on Mubank was with ‘Yo’ in 1999. So it’s their first time win in Mubank after 14 years…)

1st candidate interview

This Love Stage

Winner Announcement + Encore

This Love Stage, 1st candidate Interview, Winner Announcement, Encore

=7th JUNE 2013=

Shinhwa was absent for this week’s MuBank because of Asia Tour in HKG 8th June.

=14th JUNE 2013. Goodbye Stage=

This Love Stage

Ending. They appeared there (skip everything until the end of the winner’s speech).


P.S: Shinhwa’s interview + Winner speech are subbed by SF Sub

cr: uploaders + owners


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