New Life in the Mountain XDDDD

Before you have a weird thought.. no..I’m not turning into a monk XDD

The university I study  in right now is located on the YangMingShan Mountain, Taipei.. It’s about one hour by bus to the downtown…

For now the weather is very very cold.. and the wind is very cruel…….. T___T

I arrived here on the first day of the semester, later than other international students but luckily, I had no class at that day.. It was sunny but a bit cold..and it was the last sun I’ve seen in these 3 days T___T

The first three days, I was busy with all registration and administration things.. Today by far is the most relaxing of all so I can write XD

I was placed in a room of 6 people.. 3 comes from Mongolia, 1 from Turkey and 1 from Thailand.. Pretty excited though there aren’t Indonesian people in my room, unlike in my friend’s room when 5 out of 6 are Indonesian..

All of them are so nice, thankfully… XDD But I haven’t met 1 Turkish and 1 Mongolian girl which haven’t come back from their holiday…

I was pleasantly surprised that the dorm, bathroom, toilet and wash room are cleaner than those I saw in Beijing XDDDDDDD Even the toilet at the campus are clean hohoho…

This morning I was greeted with rainbow outside my room… so Beautiful XD

2013-02-21 08.45.16

For the study..I haven’t found any hardship yet, it’s still the first week anyway.. but I’m dreading over 2 subjects about methodology… Lord knows how weak I am there…especially with one contains MATH or STATISTICS *WAILS*

Hopefully everything will go well…

including my wallet’s condition *cursing shinhwa for releasing another stuffs while I’m saving for 11th jib* U_________U


5 thoughts on “New Life in the Mountain XDDDD

  1. jay says:

    Hi Crabbie. I am giggling over your sentence over toilets are more cleaner than one you saw in Beijing, even campus/public toilets.
    Well I guess most of all public toilets in mainland China got the same problem LOL. I am currently living in Guangzhou so I know how public toilets look like and kinda miss toilet at home Lol. And internet access in Taiwan are more convenient than in China. Good luck with study, life and Shinhwa Crabbie 😀

    • crabbielife says:

      lmao tell me about it… I didn’t even dare to go to the public toilet in mainland =]]

      yeah..internet is much more convenient here…

      good luck with ur life and toilet there, jay XDDDDDDDDD

      • jay says:

        Lol. even big shopping malls toilet are counted as poor and unsatisfying, but public toilets on the street are more poor than that. I can say entering public toilets in mainland can somehow exceeds the nervousness of facing exams xD
        by the way, are you Indonesian? 😀

      • crabbielife says:

        i was shocked to know the condition of toilets in a luxurious malls… even ones in wangfujing… so dirty U___U

        LMAO going to public toilet is that nerve-wracking eh? =]]]]]]]

        yes im indonesian

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