[A leader who always success to make me speechless. He’s my ideal man ♥]

~♥~ God's daugther ~♥~

I found this news, and this news inspire me a lot. And I decide to share this, so people can also read this and understand about Shinhwa more, especially about their leader, Eric Mun. I hope this news will inspire all of people, too…

Here you go,,,

“Pretty Boy” Group Shinhwa, Why did they bring out a 7th Album?

A long time ago, Seo Taiji fans, they always did a particular thing. When an album comes out you are meant to listen to it till you get used to it, but at the time, for me who was laughing at the Seo Taiji fans who would listen to the album from beginning to end which was the trend that Seo Taiji albums would make you do, was so new to me. (From 1st album to 4th, and to the solo albums he would never make us get bored of his…

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