[ENG SUB] Shinhwa Broadcast Links Part II (Episode 30-49)

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Because the first post is too long already… So from now on, I’ll move the newer ShinBang-subbed Eps here.

Ep.30 – “Fashion Channel”

CUTS by Axerine: Shinhwa Fashion Talk, Shinhwa the Top Model, Models Shinhwa, Shinhwa Couples Runway, Shinhwa Unofficial Fashion Show,

CUTS by : Shinhwa Catwalking

CUTS by thorpegda: training CUT.

CUTS by TTranasaurusREX:  Runway Skit

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Ep.31- “Fashion Channel”  Part 2

Preview by Axerine

CUTS by Axerine: Tofu Catwalk, Picking Runway Partner, Fashion Show Preparation, Andy Fighting, Shinhwa Runway Show,

CUTS by thorpegda: Runway & Gangnam Dance Cut,

by Shinhwa Forever (full) –> BUT you have to follow what they write in the link… if u r confused or have questions regarding this project, don’t hesitate to ask me 🙂

Ep.32- “Best of the Best”

In this episode, basically they only re-aired the TOP 3 Channel the picked (#3 Shinhwa’s Dignity 18-19, #2 Sport Channel ep 3-4, and #1 MT Channel ep 14-16), so you won’t need any subtitle to watch the whole episode.. except for the small parts where Shinhwa members introduced the channels.

Ep.33 – New Shinbang Format: ANIPANG Channel

Preview by Axerine.

CUTS by thorpegda: Meeting Cut

by Kshownow (full)

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

EP.34 – Acting Channel Part I

CUTS by Axerine: Shinhwa’s acting track records, Room of Rage, Tortured Acting, Villains Shinhwa,

CUTS by thorpegda: Interrogation CUT, Meeting CUT, Anger CUT,

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

EP. 35 – Acting Channel Part II + Ballet Channel

Preview by Axerine.

CUTS by Axerine: Outrageous Taxi Sitcom, Shinhwa Skit, Hyesungie Master of Awkwardness,

CUTS by thorpegda: Junjin and Taxi Act CUT, Battle of Best Disciple, Ballet Lesson Cut.

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

by Shinhwa Survivor (full)

Ep.36 – Ballet Channel

Preview by Axerine

CUTS by Axerine: Mischievous Balerinos, Turning and Jumping, Ballet Mime, Birth of Black Hole Shin.

CUTS by thorpegda: Mime,

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Ep.37 – Dubbing Channel

CUTS by Axerine: Confused Shinhwa Dubbers, The Changing Voices of Shinhwa, The Birth of Shin Brief,

CUTS by thorpegda: impromptu dubbing cuts,

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Ep. 38 – Lesson how to be Lazy?

Preview by Axerine.

CUTS by Axerine: Ideal Types, Life on a Bed, Living Solo Competition

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Ep.39 – How to Entertain Guests in a Dinner Show

Preview by Axerine

CUTS by Axerine: Shinhwa Alcohol Tolerance, Back up Singers, Shinhwa Company Fighting,

by Shinhwa Survivor (full)

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Ep.40- How to Entertain Guests in a Dinner Show (Part II) (Shinhwa Broadcast didn’t air on 16.12.12 due to presidential debate so episode 40 was aired on 23/12/12 )

Preview by Axerine

CUTS by Axerine: KTV Food, Eric KTV CUT, Minwoo KTV CUT, Hyesung KTV CUT, Andy KTV CUT, Junjin KTV CUT, Dongwan KTV Cut

by Shinhwa Survivor (full)

by Shinhwa Forever (full-still in the FORUM)

Ep.41- Face Reading

Preview by Axerine.

CUTS by Axerine: Presents for Shinhwa, Nose=Chili, Priest Shinhwa,

CUTS by Thorpegda: Meeting Cut,

by Shinhwa Forever (full but still on the FORUM)

Ep.42-Taming Reptile

Preview by Axerine

CUTS by Axerine: ShinPets,

by ShiaReagy (full)

by Shinhwa Forever (full. captions subbed)

Ep.43- Cheerleading

Preview by Axerine

CUTS by Axerine: Blushing Little Prince

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Ep.44 – Speech Class

Preview by Axerine

CUTS by Axerine: Shinhwa’s words of wisdom

CUTS by Shinhwa Forever: Members’ Individual Speeches

by Shinhwa Forever (full+Minwoo speech CUT)

Ep.45 – “I Love You More Studio” (Sistar guesting)

Preview by Axerine

CUTS by Axerine:  Wae-ric, Eric Says NO, Intro of Bora, Intro of Dasom, Intro of Soyu, Intro of Hyorin, Filial Son Junjin, Model Husband Hyesung, Fickle Minwoo, Cunning Dongwan, Angry Andy

BTS CUTS by Shinhwa Forever

by ShiaReagy (full)

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Ep.46 – “I Love You More Studio” (Sistar guesting)

Preview by Axerine

BTS CUTS by Shinhwa Forever

by Yubisubs (full)

(NOT SHINHWA broadcast in my opinion. Hidden cam on guest? 3/4 preview text was on the guest? The close ups during episodes were mostly on the guest? This is the first time I feel terribly disappointed to Shinhwa Broadcast PDs and crews. I understand that if there’s junior guest, the focus will be somehow shifted to the guest…but this episode it TOO MUCH.. too much I couldn’t understand and couldn’t say I’m ok with that. I really don’t approve what ShinBang crews done to this ep. HELLLOOO this show is called SHINHWA BROADCAST for a reason..that focus should be on Shinhwa, that the sole strength behind it should be Shinhwa. This is also the reason why SHINHWA chose you, JTBC!!! This is the reason why they refused offer from other TV station which offered them to host a show with a weekly guests! Now where do you wanna take ShinBang to? Idol guesting 4 episodes in a row? Sudden change from the ‘private tutorial’ format? Is it bcos it’s CNY special? If so, why don’t air the KUNGFU channel we knew Shinhwa filmed it but never get aired instead of having a ‘special’ with focus on the guest? Even you, PD-nim, admit that with Shinhwa members only on the show is more fun and interesting. That’s  also the reason why viewers (*NOT most international fans who only watched when their idols guesting) watch this show. Why don’t u keep doing so instead of doing like what you do in this episode? I don’t understand. Not to mention in this episode Shinhwa gets called NAMES and being bashed for being too ‘harsh’ on hidden camera on the guest.. Sorry but, hidden camera on Eric was much much more harsh and no SHCJs complained or whined or even bashed other members for agreeing and even suggesting for that.  I try to trust ShinBang crews to do what they want to make this show become long-lasting like what Shinhwa wants. But for now, I don’t think I can trust them. Let’s see what’ll happen in episode 49 later. Sorry for my rant, too.. I just have to let it out.)

CUT by Axerine: Shinhwa dance and Cheer

by Shiareagy (full)

by Kshownow (full)

by Soshisub (full) –> YT link is blocked.. so just go to their forum (I dunno where and I don’t want to know where either…so don’t ask, just google it :p)


by Kshownow (full)

Ep. 49 – WBC Special with Gag Concert Members

Preview by Axerine

CUTS by Axerine: Andy Army Life, Andy Epic Win,

by Shinhwa Forever

by Inesh Ikasari (softsubnot finished. she has uploaded the hard sub until part 2..check her description box ^^) there’s the hardsub here.

P.S: If you can’t find the FULL ENG-SUB link anywhere, it simply means it hasn’t been subbed yet 🙂


NOTICE (241212):

For ep 35 onwards, the download links can only be found at Shinhwa Forever forum:

1. Register to the forum if you haven’t. But SF only opened registration on certain dates like members’ birthday or Shinhwa’s anniversary.

2. Go to “SF Sub video” thread

3. Reply the thread video you want then you can see the download links.

For now it’s available until episode 38. But as their rules said, DON’T POST IT ANYWHERE UNTIL THEY SHARE IT ON PUBLIC. Thanks.


NOTICE (250213):

Shinhwa Broadcast will go on hiatus for a month due to concept changing preparation. The last episode before hiatus is episode 49. 

will resume its broadcast on APRIL with new concept/format. And, no, the hiatus is NOT because Shinhwa’s concert or comeback preparation. JTBC will air WBC special and Shinhwa Broadcast will hv to pause airing for about 2 weeks anyway, so jTBC Shinhwa Broadcast crew took this opportunity to prepare the new concept/format of the show. They need approximately a month to finish all the preparation. Here is the full news.

So please read this and don’t ask “WHERE IS THE SUB FOR EP 50?????????!!!!!!! BEEN WAITING FOREVER!!!” later. THANKS.

FOR the NEW SHINHWA BROADCAST format please go here


SHIAREAGY’s new web was blocked, again. So they decided to make a forum and put all download links there. They FORBID the link of their new forum to be posted in public. So you can follow their twitter to find out where is the forum or ask people who know where is the forum via PRIVATE MESSAGE/EMAIL. Respect their decision to not share the forum address on public.

UPDATE – 2017

@chajatta_tvxq uploaded this link for all subbed Shinhwa Broadcast (SF Sub has given her permision)


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  1. WaiYoke says:

    helloooo~ Do you know where to find shinhwa broadcast episode 23 and 27 eng sub full? can’t seem to find it online. ): is Shiareagy gonna sub 27 and SF sub 23 as mention in the previous post?

    • crabbielife says:

      this is for the raw vid..

      if you want youtube..you can easily search on the search type “shinhwa broadcast” or “신화방송”

      or if you want torrent..you can follow @/Minsera or @/jinminki. They usually share torrent links few hours after the episode finished airing

  2. mirasaha says:

    hello,do you know about shinhwa broadcast ep 32 ? it still continue or just end ep 31…i’m can’t find it…thanks 🙂

    • crabbielife says:

      ep 32 just aired last SUNDAY (Oct 21) episode “best of the best”.

      basically only re-air the TOP 3 channel picked by Shinhwa members.

      You won’t need subtitle to watch it.

  3. yukito4 says:

    excuse me, but are you gonna post ep 31 full link with engsub after MAMA ? i do vote for shinhwa every day, …it’s just that….it’s not like i’m not supporting shinhwa or anything…but…40 votes per part is just too much, so…i’m just asking ^_^”

    • erma says:

      yes…40 votes per part n we must have 40 accounts 2 do vote is really too much..i appreciate what they did..really2 thankful.. hmm…very sad..

      btw im a shinhwa fan too!!!!and i always vote for them in MAMA

      • crabbielife says:

        my advice is… every time u vote, do SC it…then send it to SF Subs. no matter how many times you do it in a day…. here, I think SF Subs only wanna see whether people really TRY to get what they want. They’ll surely appreciate your effort to vote and SC, no matter how many times you do it…

        Really, try to follow my suggestion… vote, SC, send it to SF Subs *wink* 😉

  4. Jennifer Nguyen says:

    In order to watch episode 31 of Shinhwa Broadcast, 40 screencaps per part is necessary, but MAMA only allows us to vote once per day. If we want to watch the video and it has 5-6 parts, does that mean we have to create 200-240 emails and then 200-240 M.net accounts?

    • crabbielife says:

      SB 31 consists of 5 parts..

      NO you don’t have to create that much.

      Did u read that SF Subs said you have to vote 40x a day?
      or create 40 mnet accs to vote per day?
      or even that you have to send them 200 SC in a certain time?

      No, they don’t, right? =]]

      They only want to see people TRY their best and really “work hard” to get the sub (if you actually don’t vote for Shinhwa but wanna get the sub) or to support Shinhwa like they do…

      If you only have 10 accounts to vote, then just vote 10x times a day then SC then send it to them.. Tell them “I will send the next 10 tomorrow” they will really appreciate it.. 🙂 Yes, it’ll take time for you to finally get the sub.. but hey, all hard work will eventually be fruitful..and it’ll feel sweeter if you do your best to get what u want 🙂

      You don’t have to force yourself to vote or create accounts more than you’re capable of..just do what you can.. Vote no matter how many times you can, SC it, then send them an email.. 🙂

      • Jennifer Nguyen says:

        I apologize if I made you upset 😦 I already had one M.net account and have been voting for them, and when I had tried to vote multiple times it said only one vote per day, so that was what confused me, since the site listed a specific number instead of “as much as you can”. I will try to support Shinhwa as much as possible and send the screen shots to the subbers at Shinhwa Forever. Thank You for your response 🙂 Shinhwa San!!!

      • crabbielife says:

        nope u dont…

        what upsets me isn’t ppl who only CAN vote 1x a day. but those ppl who whine and curse on SF Subs without even TRYING to vote even just once, SC it and send to them.

        “as much as u can” if u only hv one acc and can only vote once.. it’s “as much as u can” already right? 🙂

        u can sc it and send to sf subs^^

      • myleen says:

        … well said @crabbielife. i think that way too.. they just want to see the effort.. i’ve created 100plus accounts and vote for them sincerely everyday but i didn’t take SC of these and didn’t send to SF,too. i watched the unsubbed one and waits patiently for the subbed to be out in public as i think SF are very busy especially these days (blame the MAMA-hihi)… im sure they’re voting, too as much as they can and they have subbing to do not only shinbang but cheer up mr. kim.. let’s continue to be grateful they’re giving time to sub the videos for us.. 🙂

        fighting,fellow changjo. 🙂 I was confused-ah more on worried during the first few days of the votation,too. in the computers here in the office, there were 18 categories when i’m clicking or putting my votes but when i checked the ranking there were 20.. so i was worried that the votes didn’t count.. i asked another friend and she said 18,too. when i went to the PC room on a weekend, i was able to click on 20 catefories.. fortunately, i think MAMA fixed something or i dunno – just after few days i could see all 20! *imaginetheworryandtherelievewhenisaw20*

        *ahjustfyi- i was able to make 100+ and vote more as i took advantage of computers in the office* hehe *hopes my manager won’t notice the changes with the ip addresses* hihi

  5. sarairina says:

    One question: How can I proof that I have voted? I read the thing but English is not my first language so it is hard to understand. 🙂 I’ve been voting Shinhwa too and I will do anything to get the ep 31. I voted Shinhwa three times today because I pressed those links that Shinhwa forever put in her blog. 🙂 Please answer my question. 🙂 SHINHWA FIGHTING! ❤

  6. tuzy says:

    Hello! Will you still post the full link with Eng sub of episode 30 after MAMA? I’ve tried to follow the instructions given by SF but I was confused about it, I have created my own account on MNET as well, but after that I don’t know what to do next. I do wanted to vote for Shinhwa but I guess the steps were really confusing.

  7. nyammybread says:

    I just wanted to thank you for posting these links. I’m glad that you took the time to post all of these! 감사합니다!! \(^o^)/

  8. tata hanggu says:

    the sub frem kshownow is not complete. its hardly to understand what shinhwa talking about. sigh…can someone sub it again?

  9. reem says:

    thanks for sharing and for your hard work =)
    but I wanted to ask how long does it take to translate one episode usually?

  10. jedkris says:

    hello!!! thanks for posting this videos… One question, when are will the videos be fully subbes, especially from ep 33 to the recent one?:)

  11. myleen says:

    whoa.. been busy voting for mama and the ballet episode was so hilarious that it wasn’t that very tiring..*coughs* since the restructuring of the show – this so far for me is the bEst! i enjoyed laughing at sungie.. haha.. and of course mischievous minwoo! *poor sungie* thanks minbong you’re really cool.and a very happy ero dongwan! i did enjoy watching eric in pain..hihi.. that i giggle a lot while voting for them coz i can’t just brush them of my mind.. ah, yeah zomdy doing what his good at – body gag and junjin-ever with his never aging facial expressions.. they do drive us crazy- and i’m/we’re loving it ❤ 🙂

  12. azaz says:

    hello! I was wandering is there no one subbing shinbang anymore? i’d be very grateful if you answer me! thank you very much ^.^ ♥

  13. azaz says:

    Ah ok! i thought they stopped subbing because of the bad comments or something. Anyway, thank you very much for responding me ^^ I know it must be hard writing the same thing over and over again -_-‘ I apologize if I irritated you with my question 0///0 and thank you for your hard work! Fighting!! ♥♥

  14. shinhwaneverdies98 says:

    SFSubs just said that they are on hiatus as of today. Do you know if any other subbers are taking over Shinhwa Broadcast?

  15. yukito4 says:

    it’s so sad that they have stop subbing….but they said ” “Until we can build our subteam to the point where we can steadily release videos….” so i’ll just wait ^^. Don’t worry guys !! just take all the time you need ! and i can understand the stress you’re going through ^^ ! It’s already grateful enough that you guys do this for the overseas fan, but then they just spamming,rushing and saying bad words about you ?! such ungrateful people ! SFSubs Hwaiting !

  16. joyceepuff says:

    I seriously want to cry now that SF subs will stop releasing their videos. 😦

    There’s no one to direct the blame to and I don’t want any conflict anyway, so let me just tell you that I’m very thankful for all your efforts in posting these links and always being polite to people who ask you.

    I salute you for always posting the links from the original subbers and never taking the credits for anything.

    I hope that even without SFsubs videos, you can still help us watch and enjoy ShinBang episodes with subs…

  17. erma says:

    i’ll always be waiting for shinhwa forever to sub this shinhwa broadcast!!!!love you SFSubs!!!!!!! ignore those ungrateful people!!!!!fighting!!!

    • myleenino says:

      yeah.. those who showed up/ attend the MAMA are the one who get the award.. *guess it’s been like this before* # talking about the winners, glad that bigbang won -second best after shinhwa. #mypersonalopinion#
      let’s hope they’ll be at the golden disk award! ^_^

      • crabbielife says:

        well..one of the reason probably because Shinhwa didn’t attend.

        But IU and Busker Busker who didn’t attend could win.

        Maybe another factor was because voting is only 20% from total win..maybe they lost to the judges’ choice or album sale.

        Maybe it’s just MNET who’s being unfair and give the awards to whoever they like..

        We dunno for sure 🙂

        What I know and many SHCJs know, we didn’t vote for Shinhwa so they can win the awards. If they win, it’s a bonus. But we vote to show Shinhwa that we never leave them and still support them 🙂

  18. myleenino says:

    yes, definitely it’s for the fandom and the shcj’s pride. hihi
    we won because we didn’t stop showing our support for them *crawling from no.8 to no. 1 – wow persistent

    and yeah right we dunno for sure and iu and busker we’re able to win without being present.. yes, voting is just 20% -too bad, album sale – 😦
    i was actually wishing that one of the top awards could be given in their absence. and that shinhwa will be the recipient. how wonderful woudl that be for MNET MAMA especially fro SHCJ.. 🙂

  19. Mera says:

    Hey, does anybody know anyone who’s planning to sub the latest episodes of Shinhwa broadcast, ep 35-…? From what i’ve seen so far, shinhwaforever has stopped subbing the show due to some issues with fans..:/ I can’t find full subbed episodes either..ottooke??:(

  20. BaJuJu... says:

    hey…i really appreciate your efforts for giving the links :)))) Go crabbielife….fighting:D !!!

    I know it will be updated soon…

    oh i almost forgot….THANK YOU for the hard work of the subbers…fighting!!!

    And I would be grateful if you’ll reply…

    Shinhwa Hwaiting…:DDD

    • orange_cupcake says:

      shinhwaforever is taking a break until they can solidify their subbing to consistent release of subbed videos. this is the consequence from impatient SB fans who keep insisting on subbed videos ASAP. hope this helps.

  21. BaJuJu says:

    i dont get the new policy of shinhwa forever ,they state that…. please do not post these video links out to the public before we release them. It is okay if you share them between one another, but do not openly post them (on blogs, etc.) until we release them ourselves.
    So this means that you cant post it into your web….i dont get it

    • crabbielife says:

      to put it simply:

      IF they still post it in the forum..it means we CAN’T post them outside the forum.


      if they already post it in public, like in their twitter or tumblr, it means we CAN post it in our blog, twitter etc.

  22. Sarah says:

    Hi there….first i want to thank all of you for you’re hard woriking!!i’ve been looking for SB for a long time!!but now im so upset because SF sub’s uploading video with dailymotion all the time even for watching!!like ep 35 until 38!!!please tell them to upload video with Vimeo for watching!!!

    please tell them !! i don’t know how can i spesk with them!!! please help me!!!
    sorry for my bad english!!!

    I put my ID here!!!Please tell me!!i know you’re busy but i need you’re help!!

    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😦

    • crabbielife says:

      They have problem to upload it in Vimeo.. 🙂 They said it load very slow and kept failing and in the end, they couldn’t upload it on Vimeo anymore. So please understand..

      They have no choice but dailymotion because JTBC keeps suspending their Youtube account

      You can download the HD by signing in their forum. Today is the last day of registration

      • Sarah says:

        Thanks for asking….But im sure there’s 100 server for upload…i mean there’s : putlocker or …. there’s alot of them….but they keep uloading in dailymotion….dailymotion sucks!!….in my country we can’t reach dailymotion!!,…viemo is the best for us and then others….

        please help me!!:( 😦 agine sorry for my bad english …:((

  23. Rena says:

    has SFSubs released the eng sub for Ep. 39 of Shinhwa Broadcast publicly? I thought they just released it in the forum..
    Someone posted the dailymotion links in a certain website 😦
    Sorry for my bad english..

    • crabbielife says:

      yes they have… today is wednesday.. they’ll release new subbed videos every wednesday..

      BUT if you want to download HD version, it’s only available in the forum. For public, only dailymotion

  24. kyusneezes says:

    hi there…first, thanks for posting all available eng subbed links! ilove you for that!
    2nd, i can’t watch any sfsubs videos….the dailtmotion link just wont play…do i have to register on their forums as well? per postings on their blog, only those who wants to download the videos needs to register…please help..thanks!

    • crabbielife says:

      if u want to download, then yes.you must register.. but they closed registration for now…

      but if you can’t download, only watch dailymotion, then you don’t have to…

      If dailymotion didn’t work for you,maybe you really need to download 🙂

  25. wawa says:

    may i ask….why i can’t watch shinhwa broadcast ep 33-39 in dailymotion? the video just not appear although i had wait half an hour…is the video broken….many fan also experience the same problem…never happen before…can u answer me? tq.

    • crabbielife says:

      it could be ur internet connection
      it could be ur laptop/browser setting
      it could be only because DM doesn’t work for some ppl

      I don’t know.. Some fans didn’t encounter any problem with DM. Some did.
      It’s DM’s problem. I don’t know why unless I’m their technician :p

      The video isn’t broken.

      • wawa says:

        owh…really???i thought the video broken becoz it didn’t appear…can u suggest where i can watch it other than dailymotion and vimeo? tq 4 ur cooperate…

      • crabbielife says:

        there’s no other option… K-SHCJs usually upload it on naver blog… but it’s raw… for sub, the video portals are up to the subber…

        one advice from SF Sub: try sign up for Dailymotion (free) and watch the SF vids from your account. They said it works…

  26. lyna says:

    hello and hi,
    do you know where i can refer to watch shinbang the raw one? seems the previous uploader have been claimed by the copyright

    • liana says:

      easiest way for watching dailymotion video is by using keepvid. copy paste the dailymotion link, wait for the link generated and open the keepvid link into another tabs. but you can’t expect to watch it in HD.

      sometimes my computer also can’t load dailymotion videos, i dont know why..

      • crabbielife says:

        yeah mine too.. So I just gave up and just download the video, tho it’s very LQ lately -_-

        it’s better you download in SF Forum tbh..if your internet is not quota-based :p

      • wawa says:

        but before, this problen didn’t happen….now, only video from shinhwa can’t be watch….also before i can download using real player, but now i still can but the video only for 1 second…..is dailymotion having problem with technical?

  27. Sarah says:

    HI … can i ask something???

    do you have any vimeo or u-tube of shinhwa broadcast ep 43…without any sub!!
    just full ?!!!


    • Sarah says:

      i forgot to write ( Link) sorry!! 😦

      do you have any vimeo or u-tube Link of shinhwa broadcast ep 43…without any sub!!
      just full ?!!!

  28. vivi says:

    first of all, thank you a lot for the link. Second, can you give me the link of episode 43 and 44 full eng sub? please? thank you

    • crabbielife says:

      P.S: If you can’t find the FULL ENG-SUB link anywhere, it simply means it hasn’t been subbed yet 🙂

      It’s already written on the post like that..in case you miss it or just can’t read it. Thank you 🙂

  29. RC says:

    Annyeonghaseyo from N.Y.C! I know you must be extremely busy on your end, so I appreciate your hard work. As an international Shinhwa Changjo, I am so grateful for the subs, even though to be completely honest, I have watched Shinhwa without understanding a word because they bring a smile to my face. I miss the old ShinBang format when it was just the members and frankly, I don’t need to see a constant influx of guests, but as a fan, I will watch the show regardless because I love to see the members’ love and camaraderie. Shinhwa fighting!

  30. Carrine says:

    I can understand where your rant is coming from. I’m sorry if I’m gonna offend anyone but even when SHINee was there as guests a long time ago, towards the last few parts, I was already starting to feel a bit bored and restless. I mean, that kind of feeling where I just can’t wait for it to end, where I just felt like not watching but I still watched through because I wanna see how it ended. That kind of feel. It’s great to have guests though. Don’t get me wrong. I have not watched the ones where SISTAR was in it because I’m still stuck at the earlier 2 episodes. haha. I used to download the vids from YouTube so that I can watch it though my phone but I can’t do it now so it takes a longer time for me to watch BUT it’s worth it. Not complaining. Instead, I wanna salute you all for all your hard work.

    • crabbielife says:

      I never like any guests on ShinBang tbh, especially idols.. bcos there’s always be DRAMA. I don’t even want my other favorite idols come to guest in ShinBang. Because I know and understand the nature of Shinhwa Broadcast, I watch this show since the very first ep. I have been waiting for this show for years because Shinhwa has always wanted to have their own show. I also know why Shinhwa chooses jTBC because I follow it since the very beginning.. All the influx of guests is inevitable as the show is getting bigger, especially idol guests. I never agree yet understand it’s sometimes necessary.

      When they changed to private tutorial, I was somehow disappointed. There’ll be experts as guests every week. Yet I still accepted and had fun because the main focus was still SHINHWA learn something from the experts..

      Even during Shinee, SUJU, or Sistar, I wasn’t really angry or disapproved, because it was always still SHINHWA Broadcast even though it was always less fun because Shinhwa tends to hold back and restrain themselves when they aren’t alone… But not for this one (*or two episodes).. not this….. this is not SHINHWA Broadcast. Disappointment is even an understatement.

  31. yeulamusikpop says:

    Hello, im not a fan of Shinhwa but I started watching SB out of curiosity and the best episode for me was the Fashion or Runway episode, whatever they call it.. maybe because that episode was a hit, they change the format but i think it was a fail… sorry but i liked the first season than the second one… maybe because the second season seems boring, they guested some idols or artist but i rather like or love the format of season one without guest…

  32. Hanno says:

    I totally agree with what you wrote about ep 47 .. exactly my thought .. I also find it more enjoyable when the members are alone with no guest ,, not to mention that the previous format of tutoring was very interesting why did they change it?

    • crabbielife says:

      i’m also not sure whether the PD change the format or these 4 episodes (45-upcoming 48) with idol guests in a row is only “specials” then they go back to tutorial format..

      IDGI tbh… >_<

      I miss the old ShinBang too…

  33. b2utycassies says:

    I totally agree with you. When they changed the format of ShinBang, somehow some of the members chance to outshine is restricted. Like Andy, we know that he is being himself but during the old ShinBang even he is like that he can make himself comfortable but now, we can see he get less and lesser air time. The tutorial format just kill ZomDy character and i’m totally upset! For the guests, i’m okay. But don’t overdo it like 4 straight weeks with guests can kill the show, like seriously kill my mood to watch the show.

    • crabbielife says:

      true..I notice Andy got lesser and lesser air time..since he’s the quiet type..
      even for Eric..at some episodes, he stayed silent…

      my fav segment in private tutorial was briefing time.. that time all of them were totally alone and can act crazily..

      missing active ZomDy >______<

      • lubidooo says:

        Briefing time was my favorite part, too. But now, even though I have downloaded all the new episodes, I don’t have the will to watch it because it’s not as fun as it was anymore. :(((

  34. ulaspotamus says:

    i’m so agree with you crabbielife. when i read your comment, i was like omg we really have same thoughts. i mean, i keep asking where’s andy? where’s andy? where the hell is andy?!
    shinhwa members need some more air time on shinhwa broadcast?
    that sounds funny.
    PDnim please you can do better right?
    i can only hope after this snsd episode i will watch the real shinbang again.

  35. Jiijii says:

    I also feel that guest makes the show less fun to watch, especially the idol guests. Its like Shinhwa have to treat them delicately or face the wrath of their fans. When Shinhwa is by themselves is when they can go all out, which is what I want to see. As an international viewer, my plead to the PDs is to lose the idols. If they must use idols, but use the ones who aren’t afraid to be played (and the fans who can go with the flow) and are interesting to watch.

    Its weird since running man gets backlashes for going easy on the idols and Shinbang gets the opposite. People, make up your mind!

  36. Jennifer says:

    i came to see Shinhwa, NOT other idols =____=
    as much as i am in love with Super Junior as well, i prefer that they didnt go on (even though i DID enjoy the segment when they had to be couples LOLOLOL!!
    it was adorable XD)
    but other than that, the only guest i would accept are their idol colleagues like H.O.T, g.o.d, Sech Kies, etc, because i bet there is gunna be a WHOLE lot of secrets that are gunna spill, and they would be more comfortable with each other XD
    but damnn…i missed the first season cuz it portrayed something that other variety shows DON’T have!
    like you wouldnt see another show with the staffs, PRACTICALLY punishing the idols, in a fun way XD
    like 1st season had its own charm, which every week, im always anticipating the next ep 😀
    and about the SHINee episode, i HATE IT!
    1. cuz Shinhwa seemed to be looked down 😛
    2. they didnt have much time to shine
    3. belittled because they are “older”, so they seem to “lose” all the time
    4. i just didnt like the way they were treated DX
    and that SNSD episode……i feel a train wreck is approaching…. =___=

  37. adellaidde says:

    Just my opinion, 4 episode in a row with guest just kill my mood to watch. I watch this because of Shinhwa. I don’t like any new generation of idol (boy or girl) but i’m Ok if they came as guest in shinbang but 4 episode ini a row it’s too much.
    I think i’ll just download it, but watch it after few episode where don’t have any guest.

  38. Joy says:

    I agree with you and with others that left comments here…SHINHWA Broadcast is special and different because it is about SHINHWA itself… I enjoy watching them way too much…I mean yeah okay invite some idols..but from time to time…not 4 episodes on a row 😐 so they had SISTAR…they should have waited more until SNSD…or the other way around…….anyways…I am still waiting for things to go back to normal 😀

  39. huama says:

    agree totally on the last comment.
    i only started watching shinhwa broadcast because of shinhwa, not for some idol groups. I can’t believe they did 4 episodes in a row of them. is it because the PD previously worked with SNSD , that’s why he was giving them more screentime?

    LETS PRAY THE NEXT episode is much more ‘concrete’.

    I might have to skip those idol episodes from now on….

    • crabbielife says:

      P.S: If you can’t find the FULL ENG-SUB link anywhere, it simply means it hasn’t been subbed yet 🙂

      It’s already written on the post like that..in case you miss it or just can’t read it. Thank you 🙂

  40. taa says:

    i thougt that i was too biased that i didn’t like last week episode. guess i’m not the only one. for me, the private tutoring is not as much interesting as the channel thing, and now? please,is not even about shinhwa. yeah i agree with you,it’s way too much.
    i’m afraid that this show will loss focus like running man by concentrating on the guest thingy. it’s ok to invite guest,but not for every episode

  41. dikadyah says:

    Last comment was great! I trully agree about hat. I guess we want to see the members on focus, not the guest. Is there any way to tell the ShinBang Crew? Guess we bored with the guest… 🙂

  42. Tria says:

    I never think that I will have the same opinion with you all :’)))
    Seriously, I couldn’t agree more with the whole comments :)))
    I also watch Shinhwa Broadcast because of Shinhwa and it really disappoint me when I watch episode with Shinee as guest. I do hate when Minho was mumbling Junjin in high jump 😦 I mean Shinhwa is their sunbae and I think they didn’t treat their sunbae properly.
    and the latest episode with snsd, it was heartbreaking, sorry if I’m too much, I just didn’t expect that ShinBang’s PD will really disappoint me 😦

    • jinsec says:

      Sorry to interrupt. What makes you think that they didn’t treat their sunbae properly? Excuse me, they do treat their sunbae properly. In addition, they used to be in a same company. I’s a variety show! Do you expect them to stay quiet and remains still? Moreover, I don’t think they do anything that offence Shinhwa, Also, I don’t understand why most of the people said that Minho was rude in Shinhwa Broadcast. All Minho did was being competitive. He didn’t put Shinhwa down or anything. Also, when Minho argue during the charades, he just argue but most of the people said that he yelled at Junjin. Shinhwa and SHINee are close but fans always do misconceptions. Even I, loves Shinhwa as I watch this show. I respect them! So why can’t people respect other idols by not picking up their ‘mistakes’? Sorry, this post doesn’t mean I want to fight. It just doesn’t makes sense as people starts to dig up stuffs during the past idols episodes came because they are not satisfied the SNSD episodes. Well. blame the PD. Why bother bring up other idols? Yes, i’m a shawol, that’s why i’m not satisfied with people insulting them. Sorry and I hope you understand. ^^

      • jinsec says:

        *It just doesn’t makes sense as people starts to dig up stuffs in the past idol episodes just because they are not satisfied with the episodes when SNSD came*

      • crabbielife says:

        it makes sense for me because most ppl don’t like it when there are idol guests in SB…and there are only 4 idols came to the show to which they can compare to each other… Comparison is inevitable.

        and for me, it’s not related on how close Shinhwa with Shinee or their hoobaes are (we don’t know are they really close irl or not anyway) with how you behave toward other people.. Just like how my sisters are close to me but they can be very rude sometimes it is ((Still)) NOT acceptable no matter how close we are. it’s just a matter of our perspectives and values, how we view such things.

        You don’t understand why ppl say Minho was rude.
        Some people and SHCJs don’t understand why Shawol said Minho was ONLY competitive..bcos Jinnie is really competitive by nature but he never did such things like what Minho did in SB to anyone before.
        It’s just a matter of perspective, once again. It doesn’t mean an insult even though it’s natural for people from opposite POV think it is an insult.

        p.s: shinhwa left SM loooooonng before shinee even debuted (maybe they know each other before but I’m sure they didn’t really know each other that well in SM.. like how BoA, Kangta, DBSK, Suju members and some SNSD members know Shinhwa members personally and closely bcos they were there when Shinhwa was there)

      • wawa says:

        i aggree with crabbielife…i also fans of shinee & shinhwa recently….i did not hate shinee…but when i watch sb with shinee for the first time, i really2 dont like how minho yell at junjin…even jonghyun yell (not yell but increase the vlume of the voice) but still can be accepted… i feel my heart broken see minho is very2 competitive…i mean competitive is good, but i dont know why i feel sad see minho like that becoz i like minho before…this is just my opinion…i’m not blame other people who comment here…i just want to express my feeling so i can feel reiliefe….tq 🙂

      • Jow-enn says:

        I guess SHINee know SHINHWA because they have been training for years. I believe Shinhwa was still there when SHINee was training.

      • crabbielife says:

        if im not mistaken ((or get the wrong fact)) Onew got the longest trainee years among shinee members,no? it was when he was 9th grade aka 14-15 years old? If I’m not miscalculated, it was around 2003. THAT was the time Shinhwa left SM.. so no, they can’t possibly know Shinhwa members personally/closely.

  43. lala says:

    Agree 100% with you guys, me and my sister even skip this 2 last episode, we really dont wont to ruin our mood while watching SB, we even thinking that this last ep was a req of the guest to show up in SB, i mean who knows?! Their fans even bashing shinhwa?on their own tv show?this is shinhwa show, not SNSD show!
    !!hmm okay u got be kidding me!Just wish this is the last worst, nightmare episode on SB.

  44. MsMemaaaa says:

    totally AGREE wz u on ur comment on ep 47& 48.. upon hearing about guests I kept complaining everywhere saying Shinhwa Broke cable-channel ratings records with ONLY them on the show, I knew some immatured fans gonna ruin the mood & ignite fanwars & th’ts wht happened..Instead of watching the show & commenting on how fun oppas & their guests were, instead I found fanwars in comments section..SHCJ is a calm & matured fandom, we just wanna have fun watching our oppas, not exaggerating every little situation & arguing how my bias hurt….Eric is my bias, but In MT channel I was laughing like crazy enjoying the show coz I know this is 15-year friendship we are talking about & tht this is VARIETY SHOW after all..U can never find arguments among Changjos concerning any Shinhwa member..
    Plzz jtbc we demand the show to again be up to its name “SHINHWA Broadcast”
    If u know any method we can voice out our complaints to jtbc, plz inform us..thnxx

  45. Anggun M Larasati (@anggunism) says:





  46. Pannylovwannie says:

    True..i dont really watch their show when there is an idol-guest. I just watch the member funny cut that provided here, eventhough i didnt watch the whole show but i can actually laugh to that small segment

  47. deep purple says:

    I totally agree with your comments. SB seems to lost its magic touch to the loyal viewer. Without fail, I waited for the new episode every week but it really disappointed when the boys are not given much airtime. More airtime was given to the guest. I totally understand that JTBC need to have good rating in order for the show to continue but they also have to take note that SB have their own loyal viewers. When idols are invited, more focus are given to them. I really love the episode where they invite the models to participate. It is more balance, the models have their own airtime the guys have their own airtime too. It give lot and lot of laughter during that episode. Why can’t they do it with the idols? So far none of the episode where they invite the idols, can create lots of laughter. PD please take note..

  48. flanny says:

    i know its really annoying that they have guess for 4 weeks in a row, but maybe the pd concern is just about to bring more viewer to Shinhwa’s show,
    just maybe i guess..

    • Jennifer says:

      But you know, doing that, they’ll only just get the random views cuz their idols are on :p
      that’s it….it’s not gunna be a permanent number so doing that is really just a bad strategy:
      -having the shinhwa changjos hating it
      -having the regular viewers hating it
      -and the random viewers having to see the not so entertaining part of shinhwa broadcast when we all know full well of its potential from the previous episodes, especially the channel version
      so it’s not so good :p

  49. phie says:

    i am sorry to say it, but maybe flanny is right. honestly i am fan of shinee, but when i first watch shinhwa broadcast with shinee, i found that shinhwa is so funny. i never tried to watch shinhwa video before that, but now i only search videos of shinhwa and i am naturally forget shinee :p so, we hope super junior’s fans, snsd’s fans and sistar’s fans will become huge fan of shinhwa like me…. (sorry for my bad english, just try to support our shinhwa:D)

  50. TihaSuju-MELF (@thasuju) says:

    lol i’m ELF but i’m following shinhwa broadcast since ep 1… mostly elf like shinhwa too.. we love this show and we become more love it when SJ comes.. but we still watch shinhwa broadcast until now.. don’t worry.. shinhwa still shines by their own. believe me.. part about bash, those fans really cannot differentiate it with jokes and reality.. just ignore them.. those pathethic fans.. SHINHWA FIGHTING!!! ❤

  51. Haru says:

    hey guys good news for all of us, according to Osen: “Shinhwa Broadcast will be on hiatus for a month. After today’s episode (ep 49 I think), Shinhwa Broadcast will take a break for a month and will be back in April with a new format.” That means the staff and maybe also the members have realised that the “private tutoring” format is not as good as the first one. Or maybe (in my opinion) the “private tutoring” is just for the New Year purpose, and it’s not a official format. That is just my personal opinion, you guys don’t need to concern that 🙂 To be honest, the first 2 episode of the new format (Anipang and Acting) were very interesting, but I don’t know why the episodes after that were a little boring. I even didn’t watch ep 47 lol.
    However, the main point is that ShinBang will have A NEW FORMAT AGAIN yayyyyyyyyyy

    • crabbielife says:

      private tutorial indeed wasn’t a fixed format. so did the channel format at the beginning of Shinhwa Broadcast. It’s known that Shinhwa Broadcast will always undergo changing of formats at some points. The purpose of the PD, staffs, and Shinhwa members since the beginning is: making the show long-lasting. That is why changing format here and there is necessary. there’s no ‘official format’ in Shinhwa Broadcast.

      more info for the hiatus of ShinBang,..is here

      for me private tutorial wasn’t as interesting as channel format.. tho some like cheerleading, acting, face reading, and how to live alone were interesting and educating.

      ep 47 (*also 45-49) wasn’t included in “private tutorial” format. if you notice, jTBC changed the scene before the show begins..back to the construction scene of old SB (private tutorial has different “scene”..which showed the members crawl in the dog-hole LOL)

      • Haru says:

        ah I see, although I know that they can change the format sometimes (which were the 2 recent guest episodes), I did think that ‘private tutorial’ format is the main format for this season. Now I relieve that it’s not. Thank you for your information :X Now looking forward for the new format of ShinBang yayyyyyyyyyyy

      • crabbielife says:

        if ppl divide SB by season..private tutorial is indeed main format for new season.. just like channel format as the main format in old ShinBang.. but not FIXED bcos it can be changed :p

  52. angie says:

    Fuck you you anti. Just go to hell if you will be hating on some episodes of ShinBang. Or better yet, just don’t watch the ep if you don’t like. Stop talking trash about the PDs too.

    • crabbielife says:

      anti? since when i’m an anti ? LOL =]]]]]]]]]

      and since when a shinhwa changjo has always to talk smthg good and praise shinhwa all the time?

      Sorry… but we don’t.
      If we don’t like, we’d say so.
      we’re fans, but we aren’t blind to see what’s wrong with Shinhwa or Shinhwa Broadcast.
      I don’t like Shinhwa smoking..but that doesn’t make me an anti only because I see smoking is wrong…
      I won’t watch eps of Shinhwa Broadcast I don’t like either.

      Talking trash about the PD?
      when? where? what did I say?
      I only said I’m disappointed.

      Talking trash is like “Fuck you you anti. Just go to hell”
      yes, like what you did 🙂

      and who are you to be so rude to me in spite of knowing nothing about it? =]]]]]]]]

  53. Memaaaa says:

    “WHERE IS THE SUB FOR EP 50?????????!!!!!!! BEEN WAITING FOREVER!!!”
    hahahaha kept laughing on this, seriously where’s eps 50!! 😀 😀

    next Sundays gonna be boring & nothing exciting to wait for..
    I just hoped jtbc continues airing the show even in another time slot… for example airing Best-Of eps picked from all 49 episodes or having NG-Special episodes…surely it can fill bunch of eps….watching Shinhwa NGs & BTS wz all their funny & adorable dorkiness gonna be hilarious & epic , RicSung, 4D Eric, ZomDy hahaha 😀

    & in the meantime, Shinhwa focusing on the concert & Album preparations until they return to us safely again on ShinBang

  54. Elsa says:

    Hai..hai Shinchangs..hai icha, how’s taipei there?? i always love SHINHWA and always see your blog and @shcj_indo whether there is a news abot shinhwa and shinbangs..yeeah i’m agree with all the comments, it’s kinda boring with this SHINBANGS of season 2,i’m not excited to much, but love to see the cut of the members of shinhwa*especially andy :))), .i kind of dissapointing with the PDs too, i think he’s not like shinhwa so much, or maybe yes, i dunno, hope between SHINHWA and the PDs, work well in give a fresh idea for SHINBANGS and give SHINHWA members more like season 1..


  55. forever says:

    it seems like in ep 49 Andy will have lots of air time, which is PERFECT, finally I can see more of Andy on this show lolzzzz

  56. yunex says:

    just want to say, i do agree with your opinion about those ‘Guest Camera Prank’ on 47th episode of Shinbangs. Its pretty sad that they pranked the guest instead of focus to Shinhwa. I love Shinhwa without guest because its funnier, indeed.

  57. Kk92 says:

    I’m so damn agree with you about the hidden camera eps. I could only feel Shinhwa as guests in those eps. Wish that they back with their original form as before at 50th ep.

    • crabbielife says:

      shinhwa forever and shiareagy are subbing it.
      don’t ask why they take so long… They maybe have personal problems which is more important than subbing.
      As fans, we can only wait even if it takes a long time.
      unless you want to sub it yourself to make it faster 🙂

  58. latido says:

    hi..sorry, do you know where can i buy shinhwa 15th anniversary merchandise?any suggestion. sorry, my question is not about shinhwa broadcast but still i’m watching it =)

    • crabbielife says:

      well, I’m a big fan and I really wait for it too… I even waited for a certain show to be subbed for years.. but I don’t yell at someone to ask about sub U______U

      and ep 49 has been subbed already, though it’s a soft sub. I posted the link already few days ago

    • crabbielife says:

      P.S: If you can’t find the FULL ENG-SUB link anywhere, it simply means it hasn’t been subbed yet 🙂

      I clearly write like that.
      so, I didn’t list any FULL ENG SUB for 46 it means “NO, NO ONE SUBBED IT YET”.

      this is the NTH times I receive this kind of questions…seems like I really have to enlarge that writing 10th times larger so ppl could somehow, READ U_____________U

  59. Jow-enn says:

    Hi, this is not related to Shinbang, but can I ask if I can DL your banner photo of Shinhwa? I want to make it as my timeline cover on facebook coz it looks pretty. Can I? Can I? Pleaaaase. ^__^

  60. Lili says:

    Can’t wait to watch ep50 ~~
    Really want to translate shinhwa broadcast but my chinese is so baad XD When I watch shinbang with chinese subs i’m always asking my mom to translate for me haha 😀

  61. kiani says:

    hello. i’ve already joined ShinhwaForever forum, but i don’t know where i can find the download links.. yes i’ve already read your instructions to go to “SF Subs Video”, but i can’t find it on the forum. Can you please show me the screencap of where i can get the download links? Thank you so much 🙂

    *sorry for my poor english

    • crabbielife says:

      make sure you are in “home” page.
      then scroll down…until you find “SF SUBS”

      then click “SFSUBS VIDEOS”
      then you’ll see a list of threads “shinhwa broadcast”, “cheer up mr.kim”, etc etc
      just click the thread you wanna download smthg from

    • crabbielife says:

      give me the link. I’ll see first if it’s legit or not.
      I won’t post any links to any portals who don’t sub it themselves…. Im not daebaksub or kshownow :p

  62. ptcinthia says:

    Everyone help me plisss…
    May I have the link for Shinhwa Broadcast ep 46 full version with english subb?? I can’t find it anywhere :(((

    • crabbielife says:


      “P.S: If you can’t find the FULL ENG-SUB link anywhere, it simply means it hasn’t been subbed yet”


      • Erika says:

        Hey its ur page Im not here to argue or anything like that. Just to be clear 😉

        But u uploaded up to ep 49, the link someone told u about and u said u were gonna check was from ep 50 (which is still incomplete). The one i sent u, was just trying to help. Sorry. I know it must be a pain in the ass to reply every single comment here, but just watch SB and chill a little. Xx

      • crabbielife says:

        i’m not trying to argue either tbh…maybe u misunderstood @_@
        thanks for telling me anyway 🙂

        and yes, I put episode 50 onwards in another post bcos it’s a new format.. XD

      • Erika says:

        Oh just found the new link. Didnt know u already uploaded here. Thought u were gonna do it in this post. My bad. Xx

  63. fagen89 says:

    hi.. just wanna to tell u. Inesh Ikasari@yt have uploaded hardsub link on her channel.. but it on descrip of the video on yt.. tq for ur hardwork on this page… take care..

  64. mimimi says:

    I’m probably too late to comment on this one, but I’m just catching up and I’m still on episode 48.
    I was excited about the SHINee episode at first, but towards the end, I kinda felt irritated… The members were always so competitive in the first season–See our shy boy pilgyo threw his image out the window for the sake of competition. While watching it, I was like -___- meh, get out of there. it’s more fun to watch Shinhwa on their own.
    Being a Suju fan, I was a lot more excited for the Suju episode, and I really liked it, maybe because compared to SHINee, their age gap is less and they are more comfortable and have more ties with their Shinhwa Sunbaes. It was fun seeing them troll each other… I didn’t think that Shinhwa was holding back. I loved those two episodes. But I hated that Andy and Yesung got cut-out. I mean, they run out of air time because they focus too much on unnecessary parts so they have to cut out the others… Unfortunately, it was Andy… :((((

    The sudden change from the tutoring episode, I really don’t understand too. When I saw the teaser, I thought they would be taught to be good husbands or something, but ep45 turned out to be a couple making episode and the real competition didn’t come until ep46. I was like O__O what happened?

    And watching ep47-48, it’s really just uncomforatble. I’m not a SoShi fan and I don’t really appreciate the focus of the show being Yoona. And as I see it, both SNSD and Suju are close to Shinhwa, but because SNSD are girls, Shinhwa had to hold back, unlike with Suju where they could go all out. And when with female guests, Shinhwa are always trying so hard to restrain themselves. 😐

    I miss the old shinbang. where they get ranks on every episode and the last 3 gets punished while the best 3 gets rewards. I love always rooting for hyesung even though i know he never wins. LOL. well, i haven’t caught up with the new season, but I saw spoilers of junjin and minwoo getting punished… I can’t say anything about the new format yet.

  65. passing_thru says:

    some of the 8 links from the last episode here (ep 49) are broken. can you le the subber / uploader know, please? thanks.

  66. Ariel says:

    Thank you for you hard work! I really appreciate you putting everything together to make it easier for us and I also appreciate those who took their time to sub everything. You guys are awesome (JJANG!!!)! Love you guys so much ❤
    I wish you guys the best~ crabbielife and Subbers fighting~

    • Ariel says:

      btw crabbielife I agree with your opinion on the whole inviting guest thing on their show. That ep with snsd sucked!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -.-“

  67. azleenaa says:

    first of all, thank you for your effort in listing & finding Eng sub ShinBang for us the international fans. i think i need to agree with your rant on ep48-49.

  68. Leina says:

    Thank you for the list, it helps me (and everyone else) a lot.
    Is it just me or the links are broken on ep.42? I always got redirected to Dailymotion’s home page 😥

  69. Rose Cheeks says:

    i’m sorry i just read your rant about snsd guesting at shinhwa broadcast. i think there was no problem in inviting snsd as their guest, of course it was their right, i think the problem is, the way those hardcore fan of yoona react. It is always expected in the show that there will be hidden camera, and those Yoona’s fans didn’t get it. As i have seen the episode, i think it was funny especially the part of snsd members like sooyoung and hyoyeon (look how they made oppa’s happy). Please stop the hate towards snsd. I hope you didn’t make this rant just because you just hate snsd.

    • crabbielife says:

      Hate is a strong word..and no I don’t hate them (like I wouldn’t randomly throw some shades abt them or leave hateful comments etc). I just dislike them and kinda very indifferent abt them (reasons are related to what they said/did abt SH, their fans, and not because im “just jealous”). But there are some members I like in variety shows as well. SH could invite them or even consider them as one of their closest hoobaes (I know they’re close and all), but it won’t change my opinion for them (then and now). Though my rant admittedly might be a little influenced by pre-determined feelings for them, what annoyed me the most is the shifted focus of the show to them (esp yoona). It’s supposed to be SH Broadcast not SNSD’s. But the producer team (shifting focus too much), kpop fans (labelling the show as “snsd’s” not shinhwa’s), and their fans (some bashed SH members for doing hidden pranks or called it “snsd broadcast”) made as if it was theirs. I even tried to make a video cut for this ep and SH’s parts were overwhelmingly low, especially for the first episode. The second one is rather ok (esp the game parts).

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