[THOUGHTS] On Gain’s 2nd Solo: MV + Performance

This is purely my opinion..

And I’ll probably get killed by some MOST fans for saying this but I don’t care.
I always look forward to BEG or its members’ new song as it would always promise us good music..and an unconventional concept. Initially Jea was supposed to release hers first, in April. But knowing Nega Network, it is delayed until now..and Gain released her first..

I was excited..  because she’s a BEG member and this is her first solo after moving to LOEN.. I won’t question that she and LOEN will bring good quality music and unconventional concept.

Then again, knowing Gain, I know the concept will be something sexy. That’s how she is. Sexy but classy.

I heard there was a pole dance lesson for her solo. Shocking. But until this time, we all still don’t know what’s that practice for: stage or MV. It seems the scene isn’t in the MV.

Then one by one, the teasers were released, much to people’s excitement. I was excited too.. Like I said, the teasers was artfully and beautifully done. My favorite was:

but my favorite sound was this:

Then LOEN released her album jacket..which show her -seemingly- naked under a blanket. It was a beautiful cover. It really is. Revealing as it is, she was beautiful and the photo was very good.

But the thing which made all my excitement went all thru the drain was the title track teaser and MV “Bloom”

At first it was all good… Showing her taking videos and walking around and all in vintage-ish frames.. But it was suddenly changed in the end, a bed scene was showed.

It was only a split second, if you didn’t reply and paused it repeatedly, you wouldn’t know.

But good Lord, there it was..showing a man grabbing her hand from behind, on a bed.

I won’t pretend I’m all innocent with “I dunno what’s the grabbing hand scene means”, “why the bed sheet is wrinkled..what they do on it”, or “I’ve never watched any bed scenes.” while in fact, I did read many erotic things and watched some porn (thanks to my gay friend and several other byuntae friends =_=). But this is different.

Watching someone we like/familiar with on such scenes is very awkward, uncomfortable, etc, etc. No matter how people put and advertise it as “piece of art”, “beautifully done”,  “trust GaIn and her producer”, “she’s naturally sexy and not slutty”, etc etc, it IS still a bed scene. Nothing change the fact that she’ll act on it, EXPLICITLY.

Gain is a talented singer, even if she does a crappy MV, or artistic MV without a bed scene, she will still be able to sell her music. For it was good.

She’s sexy, yes. But it doesn’t mean LOEN or herself, has to do something so sexually explicit in the name of “unconventional concept”,  “beautiful art”, or even “beautiful love story”. To do something that, for me, selling sex. Thinking that something R-19 will always sell like hotcakes. It’s a true yet bitter fact though (look at 50 shades of grey -_-).

But doing it to GaIn, for me, it’s like degrading her capability as a talented singer, a part of Brown Eyed Girls who were once faceless singers and known as having strong vocals.

“We can’t stop what people will think about her regarding this..” for there are some people who are already labeling her as “sex symbol”. True that. But if such things happens, I’d only say “well..she and LOEN asked for it.”. This is, once again, for me, will only put her singing talent a shame. Because we all know, she is MORE than a talentless singer who’ll sing on stage,  shaking boobs and bottoms to sell.

She wants to do ALL OUT for her solo. FINE. Doing something “all out” doesn’t mean she has to act in a bed scene, pose half-naked on bed, even putting her hand inside her shirt like she wants to do D.I.Y (turns out she did it on the floor for real.. this one is really disturbing, even when i only glimpse the GIF for a second), or spread her legs on bed for a guy (even if she’s clothed) on her MV.  She might be doing it professionally, it’s her work after all.. But still, it’s not something in inevitable, actually. Have Baek Ji Young, Lim Jeong Hee, or other senior female singers done something like this only to be “all out” in their works? Heck, not even THE Lee Hyori did that.

You can be all out by acting like a complete psycho, being terribly ugly, transforming into monsters, suffering from rare illness, or whatever often showed on the Hollywood movies. So no, going “all out” for solo never mean she necessarily has to do those kind of R-19 sexual scenes in the MV, or maybe later, stage.

Bongsam tweeted something about “don’t be shocked about the MV for it’s a beautiful art of love”. It is. But preferably, do it with your truly loved ones and keep it to yourself, please….. U_U

The MV may be done beautifully and a piece of art. Her acting and expression on it will be awesome, as always. But I’ll keep my stance. Bed scene is bed scene. Sexually explicit is still sexually explicit. Moreover, some scenes are just blatantly disturbing, like the DIY on the kitchen floor and leg-spreading. No matter how good and sexy her acting/expression was. And it makes me feel reeally uncomfortable and not excited at all to watch.
Also the message she’s trying to convey in the MV..how a girl turned into a woman…by having sex and masturbating. Uhm, okay. It is indeed one of the most direct way of the transformation. It’s your choice anyway if you wanna do it with any man before marriage. But I don’t agree. Must be noted here that GaIn is an idol who has capability to influence how her fans will think or behave. Most of her fans are young girls. Granted, the MV has R-19 on it. But it doesn’t guarantee underage fans won’t watch. While in fact, the statistic of the MV showed that the viewers are mostly 13-18 years old aka UNDERAGE. Then it will somehow influence their way of thinking..that to turn to a woman you must have sex (with a man you love or not not the point), that it is totally acceptable to do that before marriage (which is in Asian culture and religion is a big NO NO even if it’s an OKAY for the urban way of life nowadays), and also that masturbating is one of the act of love (it’s lust, I must say). So for me, beside the DIY and bed scenes were totally unnecessary, I also feel bothered with the message she/LOEN tried to convey here. If we are mature enough, we can distinguish “it’s only an MV. you can hv another opinion”..but for younger people who tend to follow whatever their idols said it’s good, those messages are what they’ll get. Sex is not a bad thing, but there are consequences and responsibilities entail. Girls, better not doing it in the name of LOVE and for the sake of turning us into a REAL woman. For it never equals to LOVE (unless you do it with your hubby, for me =]]). GaIn could be my idol, but not because of that I’ll support her message in the MV for it’s against what I strongly believe, against my values and also the effect it would have to our younger “generation”.

Maybe it’s just me.

You can call me no fun, conservative, or even NOT PURE/REAL fan.  Whatever.

This is just one’s perception and view about these kind of things. It’s very uncomfortable for me to watch her doing all those things (YES. EVEN WITH KWONNIE) on cam.

I haven’t watched the MV but Touchy unnie showed me the screen caps and told me what’s inside it. Even she couldn’t watch it all. I did read the song lyrics tho.. I don’t close my eyes at how fits the song lyrics with MV.. I admit it matches well.. but like I said, it feels so uncomfortable and disturbing especially on that DIY scene.  I don’t think I’ll watch either.

As a fan, I’ll still support her by buying her CD and listening to her new songs. But NOT whats she and LOEN did on the MV. This may be a bit far-fetched..because it seems I’m dreading over things that hasn’t happened. But I’m worried if she (even if willingly and happily,so as said by the company) and her company does it once and it sells well, even though I’m pretty sure they have already considered all the pros and cons. They’ll do it again and again in the future. Becoming more and more daring, but slowly will lose the classy feels. Because too much is never good. If that happens, people won’t know her a very talented singer with soulful voice, but only a singer who is daring to take everything off and do sexual explicit things in her works.

this is the MV..watch if you want, skip if you feel not watching.

P,S: Would like to read the lyrics to find out whether the MV actually can be done without those scenes or not. Hmmm.. but even BEG’s “Midsummer Night Dream”‘s racy lyrics have MV without bed scene =]]]

-The Performance-

This is the HD link of her comeback stage today

As a reference, this was her first solo stage “Irreversible”:

I need to include that, because I need to make comparison between both. Some may think it’s not necessary or even possible because both are two different songs, from two different agencies, etc etc. But for me, both are GaIn’s hard work, those are her music.

Like I said above, I don’t like her MV concept, at all. And I was waiting until her comeback stage was aired before making further opinion about her second solo album.

With her mind-blowing “Irreversible” I was hoping, to be honest, for something as masterpiece as her solo debut song.

Irreversible concept, stage, MV, and all was incredible. Amazing. It was different from another KPOP song for it had Latin/Tango feel in it. The dance was terrific. The MV has its storyline. The stage performances was awesome and cool. It was sexy and sultry on its own. Yet it wasn’t something you can find in any other KPOP songs/performances. Truly unique and ALL OUT.  Just by one look, you can tell “Oh. It’s GaIn.” for only her who could sing and perform it flawlessly.

So for this, I was hoping for the same incredible thing. She moved to LOEN Ent for solo. I thought it was cool because LOEN is known to make “unique” MV and concepts, named IU and Sunny Hill. Beside, NN and LOEN are like “sister company” so GaIn’s music won’t be far too different.

Seeing her comeback teasers, it was awesome. The music, as always Eana and Minsoo did flawlessly. I don’t like the MV concept even though it was done beautifully. And I was looking forward to her comeback stage because I never expect less than perfection for the stage performance of BEG and its members.

First, we got Tinkerbell. It was my favorite teaser of all her teasers. But the performance, fell flat. I was expecting a fairy-like, magical stage, fits with TINKERBELL concept. Some thing more…theatrical maybe… But she was only dancing with other girls. Even her dancing was not that special. It was sexy, sultry, and sensual-like-Gain-usually-is (Though the boobs-squeezing moves is so Hyuna’s Bubble Pop………. U_U). Her voice is flawless as usual. But that’s it.

Then move to the title track.

The table dance was something new. Something we haven’t seen before. So it was good, something to look forward too. GaIn also performed sexily, yet also showed some cutesy. It was refreshing. But compare to Irreversible, the dance moves was really so-so. I daresay, the whole performance, as sexy and cute as it was, was like any other performance of other girl groups out there. She moves sexily, shakes her butts, shows body-curves-kind-of-moves..it was sexy, cute, beautiful, flawless etc-etc-what-your-biased-minds-said. BUT then again, many other girl groups who has comeback with SEXY concepts recently, has done the similar kind of moves. Just selling sexy moves. It was nothing new. It is what we can find easily in KPOP scene. Not something real unique. Not the kind of stage that only HER can perform it perfectly.

Yeah, GaIn wasn’t the best dancer, BEG’s dance moves aren’t difficult either (knowing JeA’s cute ability to dance U_U =]]), but the feel, the performance, the stage was never felt like “just another girl group”.

Her stage this time lack of that. Making me wondering “is this really GAIN?”. Even if her song was good and she sang it well, but performance-wise and overall concept, I’d prefer Irreversible more.

This wasn’t a stage I expect from a distinctively sexy and charismatic Son Ga In of Brown Eyed Girls.

I like the songs in her solo album, especially “Meet Her”. But performance and MV, I’d rather not watch. Just listen and enjoy the music, that’s what music made at the first place, no? =]]

Please don’t get it wrong..I wrote this doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate her efforts who has been practicing pole dancing for months, recording till late at night, and even losing weight. I do..I still enjoy her music and buy her CD (oh well, a friend buy me one as a late bday present :p). That’s how I appreciate her hard work. Appreciating all her efforts don’t mean I need to PRAISE everything blindly. I like certain things but I don’t like certain things in her work, that’s my opinion, too. Do I try to force it on other people? Nope.  If I tell it to LOEN, it was only a form of delivering my thoughts. They don’t only need praise. I love my idols, I do. But if they did something wrong or I don’t like the music, I’ll say it (I even ever said Shinhwa’s music in their early SM days was mostly crap. Eric’s rap lyrics mostly don’t even make any sense.  That I don’t really like their electronic new sound in Venus. Dude, I even told them directly to their twitter.  Even If they’re my first ‘love’ in kpop world, I’ll still criticize them harshly. and I’ll certainly do the same for BEG or 2AM). And please, also respect people that have contrast opinion on this, don’t silence us or call us..haters, just because we don’t share the same opinion with the “pros” =]]]]]]

P,S: This is the complete opposite of what I think of Kwonnie’s solo album previously U_U I don’t like most of his songs, and also his title song. But performance-wise, for Animal, it was awesome. He killed the stage. That’s the stage that only Jo Kwon can pull it off.

17 thoughts on “[THOUGHTS] On Gain’s 2nd Solo: MV + Performance

  1. Jessica says:

    Yes, when i first heard that ga in was making her 2nd solo album i was hoping that no bed scenes will be in the mv. I think every one thinks ga in is sexy by now -.- I really like that sweet and cute ga in not this one. Her ablum is already awesome even without the mv and the bed scenes in it. Just some of my opinions about her album..

    • crabbielife says:

      i don’t mind her being sexy tbh.. she has many charms.. sweet cute sexy even gangsta =]]
      what I object here the way the MV concept was created. as beautiful as it is, it’s just like “selling her sexuality”.. and some scenes are purely disturbing

  2. iammirae says:

    I am just utterly amazed that you literally spoke my mind. I posted my opinion about it before I got to look at yours, because I’d prefered not to be influenced in any way but my opinion it’s more or less the same.

  3. Andrew S. says:

    I think people just find it refreshing that a female artist, especially a female kpop artist, is grasping & claiming her sexuality in a positive light. Sex isn’t a bad thing and I think that’s all she’s trying to say. However, while I respect everything she’s going for, this is TOTALLY going to get banned EVERYWHERE and watching the MV did make me giggle uncomfortably. I definitely think there were other ways to express this point but choosing such a direct approach definitely will have more of an impact and if it leads to more girls & women no longer being afraid/embarrassed to claim their sexualities then that’s not a bad thing either.

    • crabbielife says:

      more of an impact such as people will talk about the R scene more than how the song/her voice sound like?

      I agree on sex isn’t a bad thing and that people find it refreshing that there’s someone who could express it so directly. But the DIY scene was especially disturbing. While if you can say “sex is an act of love” DIY is not. and while the bed scene is understandable for most people because of the song lyrics, but the DIY is not. Putting it inside the MV, along with the bed scene, for me will only gain “sex sells” impression for people, not the actual song.

      I DO MISS those time when people came to BEG MVs or Member MVs to comment about the music, the song, the singers’ voice..instead of just “OMG UNNIE IS HOT..SEXY..SO DARING etc etc” like in any other group MVs. U_U

      P.S: telling the world about our sexuality is not what most girls do despite there are many adult songs around u_u

      • Andrew S. says:

        I meant by pushing the envelope in such an extreme way she is grasping her adulthood firmly. From what I’ve seen since starting my interest in S. Korean media some people (not necessarily you) seem to not like it when women want to transition into a more adult media/role for themselves and when trying to transition something drastic, like this, is done to hammer the message home so that they can in subsequent releases dial it back and just be an adult.

        It’s fair to argue that the sexuality of the video will help it sell but it’s really no more harsh than her first solo mv/effort which ends with her jumping off a house and killing herself. If anything, that verses the exploration sexuality on her own terms is much more restrained for the message it’s portraying. (The DIY scene is…eh – that’s more of an individual comfort level thing I think.) And while girls don’t typically tell the world about their sexuality by claiming it so loudly and claiming it as a good thing, rather than something to not discuss, I fell it’s a large and really great step forward for women. Everyone has different levels of what they like and/or what they want to discuss and always will and nothing is wrong with that. All that this MV is trying to say, I think, is that whichever one you are at is ok and to not feel the need to hide it or be ashamed of it.

      • crabbielife says:

        about the perception and acceptation medias and people for these kind of things..I think culture and the way of life play an important part.It’s something fundamental that can’t be changed easily..and even be understood easily by ppl who were brought up in a completely different culture.

        DIY scene is the most disturbing.. Bed scene should be less implicit, eventho some ppl claim it’s necessary in the MV because of the song lyrics. tBoth are unnecessary to be in the MV for whatever reason because actually they can do another plot to convey the message of the song. That’s for me..

        But you can also interpret it in anyway you see fit.

        So..whatever arguments I may present or you may present, we’ll stick to it anyway…none of us is right or wrong =]]

  4. DJ says:

    Yes, I totally agree with you. Her songs are amazing and all are totally mind-blowing and it will sell well even if she just sings and doesn’t dance. Seeing the teasers, and being given a warning by Bongsamee & Gain herself about the MV, I kind of readied myself for it. I even imagined her doing the same stuff as to what Narsha did in MMM and also to what Miryo did in her Dirty MV. But upon seeing Gain’s MV for Bloom, I was really disappointed to see those kind of things. I mean, everything in the MV was good except for that two scenes. I really think that it was unnecessary and just was put there to attract audiences. And to be honest, I didn’t think, not even once, that she would do those things. I have read a lot of stories about her w/ Kwon or with Narsha, and we know some of those are lemony and might also include things like those but I never imagined that she’d actually do it for an MV. U___U

    Now, what’s worrying me is that, for example, when I ask my some people that are new to K-pop, “Hey, do you know Ga-in?”, their answers would probably be like, “Yeah, the one who did “this & that” in her MV?” Just thinking about it is pissing me off ‘cos now, she’ll probably be remembered by others as Gain, the one who masturbated in one of her MV’s… And not the adorable and cute and chic and talented Ga-in we all know. Sigh

  5. Dreamy says:

    The MV is shocking for me.

    Ga In is cute, sexy and classy. But this time, no way. Someone may say, “Ga In is doing something new and going to have a breakthrough!”. Oh, sorry, producing a R-19 MV is something new but risky. The first time I watched the MV, I was shocked by the bed scene. Then I try to find the full translation of the lyrics …”Speak up speak up”………”S..p……d ……..up”………..OH MY GOD! WHAT IS HAPPENING!?!?!? Even the song is talking a girl become a woman, there are other ways to express, NOT by emphasizing the concept of SEX. So, I have a question after watching the MV & CB Stage, is it necessary to transform Ga In into a sex symbol?

    This time, Ga In is taking a risk. The most possible way LEON and Ga In will do is…. more risky , more controversial ….

    Sign, I am disappointed.

    • crabbielife says:

      yes..this is risky..

      GaIn did something similar already in Abracadabra.
      Now she does it again, more daring.
      I’m truly worried she or LOEN will do it again next.next.next. with more and more daring concept.
      Until it won’t be classy anymore..until ppl forget she’s actually a singer, not an AV actress U_U

      but well..that’s for me..
      I trust her..but dont trust entertainment business and its pressure to the singers.

  6. iceandfire says:

    Yay crabbie~~~ finally read it and .. well done \o/ even if our opinion is not exactly the same, one thing I agree with you wholeheartedly is “Irreversible” was more unique and out of Kpop than “Bloom”.. “Bloom” has too much IU feel in it, as the Prophetblog state, a “sexed up IU song” .. Tsk.. Gain can do better than this.. I’d love to see her in Bad Temper style of song tho… now that is THE favourite song of Gain for me.

  7. a viewer says:

    sorry if i not mistaken she didnt change her coompany..nega is under loen ..even most of subunit company is under loen ent.even jyp is under loen.so basically all videos are released first in the main loen youtube

    • crabbielife says:

      loen is some kind of distributor company, beside being an agency.

      JYP is NOT under loen..tho JYP himself may hv some stocks in LOEN..and use LOEN as their distributor.
      Other distributor I know of is CJ&M.

      Like TOP MEdia of Andy Shinhwa also use LOEN..so Teen Top videos are also uploaded in LOEN sites. but it doesn’t mean TOP MEDIA is under LOEN.

      NN and LOEN you can say it as “sister company” because many people in LOEN also works in Nega or vice versa.
      But GaIn signed a solo contract under LOEN like IU and Sunny Hill. Nega has nothing to do with her solo this time. Don’t you realise the one who’s doing the whole promotion is LOEN? not NEGA? eventho Nega may RT some of her activities to show support. Nega and LOEN are separate entities as companies. Gain’s solo contract is solely with LOEN. and her group contract is with NEGA.

  8. blue says:

    aigooo, I somewhat feel bad when her mv it come out and it has some bed scene,,, Never thought that the bed scene would be so explicit like that, and the unnecessary scene in the kitchen is so =.= It also doesn’t convey a good message imo.. so I’m totally agree with your thought :). But with bloom become one of 12 song of the year, I am worried that LOEN will do more daring theme for GaIn next comeback after kill bill 😦 I hope my worries won’t come true

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