[Eric Old Diary Entry] HyeWan Soup (2003)

Eric’s Post from GoodEnt –
HyeWan Soup 19/8/2003

Hyewan soup

Hello everyone~
I feel like making some Hyewan soup today~

Dongwan who takes a long time to mature (placed in a corner of the room), spring onion, Shin Hyesung (not the whole thing, we only need half), SPAM, Margarine(a plant-based substance that is to replace butter), Dongwan’s fish, music scores, Lee Minwoo.

First and foremost, in order to preserve the ‘solo’ ambiance while you are cooking, place Lee Minwoo at one corner of the room and throw him some music scores.

First cut the spring onions, as cutting Shin Hyesung first will stain your chopping board with blood…so after cutting the spring onions, cut shin Hyesung into appropriate sizes. Following that, add oil into the wok and melt the margarine, you must have a BIG spoonful of margarine, and as the margarine melts you MUST never go to the bathroom, cos’vthe margarine will burn!!

After you have melted the margarine nicely, fry the freshly-shopped Shin Hyesung, at this point in time if Shin Hyesung screams or the singing Lee minwoo vomits,vyou bash them up. Once u hear ‘beep beep beep’, flip Hyesung~ When it ‘beep beep beep’ again you flip it back~

Why not try doing this according to the tempo of Minwoo’s song~and add water just b4 the song ends, about 3 big cups!!(600ml).

When the water dries add in Shinramen [Korean instant noodles], wild vegetables, and some spices[??], OH, and the spring onion!

Next add into the mixture Dongwan’s fish who have waited for a long time!! YOU MUST PUT EVERYTHING IN!! When you put Dongwan’s fish in, Shin Hyesung may eat it up in an instant, so you must stuff his mouth, otherwise don’t put Dongwan’s fish in.. you choose…

Anyway the soup is slightly bland now don’t you think? so you can use the ramen seasoning for extra taste[if you want]! oh! do allow the soup to be slightly bland! because later you will add the ‘spam’…. When you hear ‘beepbeepbeep’ again you add in 3/4 [i dunno what is this hehe I think some kind of flour or starch or biscuit lolz i really dunno].

After that allow Lee Minwoo to sing again and you can sing along~lalala~add in the spam just before the second verse ends…

Now all there is to do is to add the appropriate amount of water you think you need as you taste the soup… and you can have it with rice. And because you have uncle Dongwan as the base you will not feel bored~

Caution: you may be murdered….

credits: bestshinhwa
Eng. Trans: samshiku @ Soompi

Thanks @Phi_06 who gave this entry to me XDDD

He’s just so random =_=


One thought on “[Eric Old Diary Entry] HyeWan Soup (2003)

  1. urip says:

    hahaha — he’s truly one of a kind. after watching many of their vids, I think Eric trolls Hyesung and Dongwan the most of all members. with Andy, he’s so sweet and caring. with Minwoo and Junjin, well maybe he’s a bit in the middle. but with Hyesung and Dongwan, he’s trolling all the time.

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