Wandering in Singapore #3: A Blur Tourist XD (17-18 June)

After two full days fangirling over Shinhwa.. I got tired of them (kidding..kidding XD) and decided to wander around Singapore..

With whom? By myself.. at the first day.. XD

For walking around, I just liked to do it by myself… With a rotten feet like what I had during my stay in Singapore..I just didn’t want to a be a burden for my friends who accompanied me…

So first…because after concert I was staying in Hard Rock..in the hope of bump over one of Shinhwa guys.. (as usual I have ZERO LUCK in this thing), I was walking around Hard Rock to take pics…

The hotel was nice…I wanna swim but don’t bring any swimming suit XDD and because I was only free-riding there (thx mb.dede XD) I can’t even have a break fast XDD

From the Hard Rock, I needed to go back to Chinatown (my hostel).. but I decided to take different path from yesterday’s Compass Ballroom.. I was walking blankly…without any maps.. went inside Festive Hotel…found a Casino… Wondering if any of Shinhwa guys were there but seemed unlikely XD after wandering like a mad woman bringing huge backpack, I decided to go back to Compass Ballroom..but forgot the way to go out of Convention Center -_-;; Luckily I found one way and got out of there safely! fiuuhh..

Wanna walk around Sentosa at first..but no energy to do so XDD

So I just walked to Universal Studio gate to take this pic (the entrance tix is freaking expensive..I can’t afford!):

Back in Chinatown…after settling down check-in issue, I walked around Pagoda Street.. and out of the blue I heard adzan!! I was so shocked… but it was a very nice surprised…hearing adzan in a foreign country XD Later I found from the map there was a mosque in that area..but I didn’t visit it.. 😦 and later mb.Kie told me that Eric was filming his Spy Myeongwol around that area too XDDD

I found a temple at the end of the road as well as a brief history about Pagoda Street

They really sold many things in Chinatown..mostly are cheap cheap souvenirs (you can buy 12 keychains with only SGD 10..)!! Found many places to eat with cheap price too.. I didn’t dare to try..because I’m sure Chinese people used PORK inside heheheu..

There was a store sold so many iPhone case….very cute and cheap ones.. XD Tbh there were so many Singaporeans used iPhone..from kids to adults.. Gadget were really important there, especially Apple product… Iphone seemed affordable there…while in Indonesia it’s really a luxurious product.. I don’t like buying expensive phone..so buying an iPhone or Galaxy SII or SIII is unheard of for me… But there people have these kind of gadgets..iPhone, Tabs, iPad, etc.. They seemed to be glued on their gadget anywhere: MRT, streets, bus, malls.. Kind of surprised they didn’t hit something while walking and looking at those gadgets =)))))

From Chinatown..I went to Orchard by MRT.. Dunno why..but I just felt like going there XDD From MRT, I took ION ORCHARD exit..it was a huge mall.. but I don’t feel like walking around so I looked for an exit.. Found one..but later found out it was the wrong side of Orchard Road =_=” After walking around blankly (again) I found the right one.. and this banner somehow made me LOL:

I completely forgot that during my stay was also the Great Singapore Sale I often heard from Indonesian people here… They said things were incredibly cheap there… So I went around to find out if that’s true =)) (*not surprised when I found out the “great sales” isn’t living up to my expectation..)

I went inside a mall I dunno the name..just because I saw a huge “KINOKUNIYA BOOKSTORE” XDDD I have this strange habits of visiting bookstores in another cities… People found it strange why I always visited many malls during my stay in another cities, while what actually attracted me is the bookstore inside those malls =))) Anyway no Kinokuniya in my city…there were some in Jakarta which I visited regularly if I go there XDD so naturally, in Singapore, it attracted me too..and WHOA…the kinokuniya there was really HUGE..like, freaking huge… xD Many books were piling up there…in many different categories (unlike limited categories in Jakarta)..I felt like in heaven LOL.. XDDDD I took some time to wander around each rows and categories, giggled at some familiar university’s textbooks of mine (which I never saw in HARD COPY before!! cool….XDD)..

After that I crossed the road to Paragon to head to Lucky Plaza.. I was starving so I wanna eat there.. I saw many people at the side of the road, having picnic ==” Seriously, the road was freaking crowded because it was Sunday and those people are like sitting on street, and eating like it’s their own house..they even brought containers of food!! @_@

Walking and walking…finally arrived at Lucky Plaza and went to find food.. I wasn’t even interested walking around there.. Saw many Indonesian people there.. And of course, an Indonesia restaurant, making me feels like home XDDD

I didn’t eat there though..cause tbh I imagined the prices at home and thought “that’s freaking expensive here!” HAHAHA… but I asked the owner some questions..coz I wanna look for portable charger/3-plugs suitable for Singapore  XDD

From there I went straight to City Hall for next appointment with Touchy unnie and Felina… We just went to the mall, ate, and chatted until 10pm or so XDDDD then they forced me to buy a pair of sandal because I told them my toe’s skin got peeled off -_-;; XD

Completely tired, I went straight to hostel in Chinatown, just wanted a decent sleep after changing to sleep-wear and took a bath… Only me and Feby were there since the other were going out somewhere….

But then…Eric and Minwoo updated their facebook…told the world their whereabouts.. Seriously..I wanted to bump over them on streets..but I’m really not interested in stalking them =)) Yet those weirdos just publicly announced their location to the world =))))))) I was only “oh.they were outside now..even mentioning their location..wth” and laughed it off =)) I told my roommate (Febi) about this and she went:

  • My roommate (F): Let’s go to see them!
  • Me: Nah..too lazy.. let’s just sleep.. They prob already went back to the hotel anyway….
  • F: What if they still there?
  • Me: *rolls on bed* let them be…. i’m tired..
  • F: LET’S GO SEE THEM!! According to -another roommate of ours- they are still there!!
  • Me: *still uninterested* Really? Where?
  • F: Clarke Quay!! She said she saw taehak there too!
  • Me: *wake up instantly* WHAT??? SAW WHOOO??!!!!!!!!!
  • F: TAEHAK!! and RicMin!
  • Me: OMG TAEHAK!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! LET’S GO NOW!!!!!!!!! How do we get there??!! omg… *dressing up frantically*

So..yeah..finally we went there… me to see Taehak but I got jackpot cause Lee was also there =)) Anyway..I also found my other roommates were there… We were only sitting a table apart from theirs..

I then went out to take some blurry pics of Clarke Quay.. Many pubs there!! XDD

As the night went deeper…more people seemed to come there.. XDD

Anyway something is wrong with my camera..it can’t focus well..many pics of mine are blurry…. =_= I thought I took many pics in Clarke Quay…mostly the center point (it’s said that it’s a fountain) and the river..but I couldn’t seem to find it >_<

After RicMin and managers went back to their hotel by taxi..we decided just to walk back to the hostel… It was around 20-30 mins walk..not that far..

This view (I walked pass it) was actually breath-taking but my camera ruined it =_=”

There were 8 girls wandering in Singapore street at 2AM (I GOT SHOCKED SEEING THE TIME!!! LOLOL), talking and laughing like drunk women… XDDDD (none of us were drunk though) ..

That night I could only sleep at way past 3AM…. Such a tiring day………..

The next day, Febi woke me up at 8AM to do a last minute shopping in Bugis.. She was looking for a Hello Kitty iphone portable charger and I needed to find my sisters some unique specs…. So we off to Bugis at 9.30 pm or so…

The shopping street there reminded me so much of what I had in Indonesia =)) too bad those stores would only open at 10.30 so we waited for half an hour, sitting like a beggar on a sidewalk =))))))))

Found this interesting shop: SEX SHOP LOLOLOL.. I wanted to see what’s inside but too bad it wasn’t opened until I went home at 11…. No shop like this in Indonesia tbh =))

Anyway from there we went back to hostel for check out.. Though I stayed inside the hostel to sleep cause I’d only need to go to the airport at night.. And I also got an appointment with dragoon Jing at 4… XDD

She came a bit late.. This dragooon friend of mine was so tall and handsome even though she’s a girl LOL…

Anyway.. she said she’ll take me to find something to eat, see the Merlion (“HOW COME YOU HAVENT SEEN MERLION IN SINGAPORE??!!” she said XDD), Fountain of Wealth, and the famous Marina Bay Hotel (Eric stayed there during his Spy Myungwol filming ehehe)…

I ate in a mall in Ferrer Park..they sell HALLAL food there.. Found this Indian food… and the rice was called Briyani.. It tasted much like “NASI KUNING” here back at home.. Indian and Indonesian food are surely rich in taste…the foods’ taste were almost the same… and I got HUGE CHICKEN XDDD

On the way to Merlion later, we passed Nicoll Hall, and there was an alley displaying this cute artwork…amajjing XDD

After a long and painful walk (my feet havent recovered..skin peeled off here and there -_-;;)… finally we reached the destination!! Also meeting Rachel and FeeFee in Esplanade..too bad Rachel had to leave earlier :((

These are the pics:

In fountain of wealth… You could walk around the fountain, made sure your right hand touched the water, and made a wish XDD

Wish it were fountain of youth instead #ungrateful LOL

It was a long walk…but worth the effort.. though I felt sorry to Jing and FeeFee who had to stop once in a while to wait for me who was walking in snail speed -_-;;

Thanks Jing2, FeeFee, and Rachel for accompanying me at my last day in Singapore… XDDD

C U again Singapore, next time when your currency drops LOL ^^/~


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