5 thoughts on “Wandering in Singapore #1: Fangirl’s Adventure =)) (15 June)

  1. Lina says:

    hahahahaa….in my video you can see when you gave your gift to Bogeun…and I GAVE MY GIFTS TO HYESUNG and said, 1 for you can 1 for Eric Oppa~~ Maybe he went “PUFFFFFF!” AHHAAHAHHA…because he gave it to Tae Hak right away! After that i was just walking behind Eric and Bogeun all theeee timmeeeeee~~~~~ *howmanyminutesofheaven*

    • crabbielife says:

      OMG for real i appeared on ur fancam? =))))))))
      Ikr!! I was walking beside Bogeun and chitchai oppa most of the time.. HEAVEN!! our waiting didn’t go to waste.. hahah…

      Poor Hyesung… the gifts weren’t his only…. maybe he’ll give it to Taehak…and Lee XDD

  2. CT says:

    My friend and I have decided that we’re going for the 15th anniversary concert if they do come to Singapore as we are just across the causeway. We couldn’t come last year and feel so sad. Anyway, I just want to ask you as someone who’s not from Sg; it is hard to purchase ticket? How do you find / book place to stay? Thank you so much in advance for your reply. : )

    • crabbielife says:

      no it isn’t hard… last year, shcj.net organized a bulk order to purchase shinhwa ticket… maybe this year they’ll organize again ^__^

      find place to stay at hostelworld.com…. and book from there also can..

      but last year, i booked it together with other SHCJs who are going too..

      maybe you can contact SHCJs from your country first, so all of you can go and organize everything together 🙂

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