Where to Find Shinhwa Eng-subbed Videos? CERTAINLY NOT ON KSHOWNOW =))

gif not mine XD

Shinhwa has their sub team called: ShinhwaForeverSF.

You can find them in the forum, Youtube 1, Tumblr, Twitter, Youtube 2, DailyMotion.

Please don’t click any links from kshownow or daebaksubs or whoever it is who posted the links for shinhwa videos with adf.fly. simply bcause it’s NOT their hard work.. They only “steal” links from original subbers and make money from it ^^

For Shinhwa Broadcast…….

You can find episode 1-3, 5, 16 in Shinhwa Forever YT or TUMBLR. They use adf.ly to fund their future Shinhwa Project… Beside, it’s their own hard work..

or in ShiaReagy (1-4, 7,16,17) who sometimes subs other shows of Shinhwa too…

or in Jeannious128 YT Channel for ep 5-15 FULL subbed, and some other Shinhwa Shows as well.. She also has a blogspot for soft sub srt for RAW video.

For Shinhwa Old Shows and most recent 2012 shows……..

Infinity Challenge and ALL Shows Shinhwa were in for 2012 promo period are available on Shinhwa Forever forum or tumblr.

For Invincible Youth2 Shinhwa (ep 20) is here.

And Invincible Youth 2 ANDY only (ep 26) here..but you must register first.

Some are here

and here

and here..

and here..

Sadly for Love Letter and XMAN.. I dunno where to find it >_<

If anyone knows..please tell XDD

Please support the original subbers or free re-uploaders…… \o/

p.s: If you want to watch Shinhwa RAW videos SOON after the show is aired… it’s here: o1luvsh or SERA0216


15 thoughts on “Where to Find Shinhwa Eng-subbed Videos? CERTAINLY NOT ON KSHOWNOW =))

    • crabbielife says:

      It’s not subbed ^^

      You can request @Shinhwa_Project to sub it though^^ One of the admin tried to sub it before..but bcos she was alone..she didn’t finish it..

      Now they hv more translators and subbers..you can try to ask them to sub^^

  1. changjooo says:

    shinhwa forever will stop subbing shinwa broadcast.so where can i find the eng sub for shinhwa broadcast from episode 35 onwards?? 😦

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