Ranting on Shinhwa’s Comeback

To be honest…I haven’t been fans of Shinhwa for more than 5 years. I knew them since wayyy before though..back in their heyday.. Yet, regretfully, I wasn’t a SHCJ 😦

To make story short, being a SHCJ during their hiatus, NEVER ONCE I doubt they’ll come back one day, after they finish military duty. With other SHCJs, I’ve been patiently waiting. Deprived from news about them. Suffered from “nugu” syndrome from ‘kpoppers’ who don’t know Shinhwa. While protecting our Orange during their hiatus.

Finally they are back!!!
As expected, they kept their promise. They are back, for us, for SHCJ.

Can’t you imagine how elated we are now?

Put aside those all-kill, sold out tickets, or even win mutizens later, we’re simply crying in joy just seeing them back on stage as six.

Can you see how important is this for us?

Yet while many people (and idols) are welcoming them and happy they are back, some decided to hate on them.

Of course, I don’t even ask people to become their fans or what. Just, please, know their name and who they are. Don’t be too ignorant just because “oh..they are not from our time…” Just please, don’t insult them, call them names. Give them respect they deserve. Those are enough for me.

These are some things I’ve read about them during their promotional period.

Shinhwa are old.
Duh. Of course they are.
They’ve been in this industry for 14 years and do you expect them to be 20 years old forever?

Can’t your OPPARS age? Will they stay in their TEEN or 20s forever?

Dislike or dissing them just because they are 30s, is very..very..non-sensical.. :]]]]]]

B.E.G are over 30s (except GaIn) too yet they are extraordinary and amazing. Lee Hyori, too. Some of those veterans singers are over 30s too. But does it even affect their talent? Nope. Talents and experience won’t fade away with AGE. Only their physical strength won’t be as strong as they were. But it doesn’t matter.

AGEING will only make them better, in music and experience. Just because they are idols, so they can’t be 30s? Look at Leeteuk, will you hate him and ask him to stop being in SUJU just because he’s 30s? No, right? He’s still the loveable Teukie we all know..

Dissing our Shinhwa just because they are over 30s are just..plain ridiculous.

Shinhwa’s comeback is irrelevant.
For non-fans and ignorants, maybe. But it means soo much for SHCJ (ofc we are their fans) who hv been waiting and supporting them after all these years.

We don’t expect them to be as popular as their heyday, or crash other sites beside Shinhwa-owned official websites just to prove they are relevant, or vote as crazy as before. Neither does Shinhwa. They are not coming back to do those things.. They just wanna keep their promise to SHCJs.

Of course if they could win something, we’ll still be elated. But that’s not our priority to do those things to prove “OMG Shinhwa is relevant bcos we are topping charts, crashing webs beside their own official webs, winning votings..!!!!”

SHCJs are growing and ageing with Shinhwa. Most of SHCJs are having their kids, jobs, etc.. Don’t expect those unnies will vote like teenagers 24/7 while breast-feeding their kid while other kids will be clinging on their legs? :]]]]

But does it make us love them less? Nope. Still buy their albums, vote, replay their MV, do fanchants like before, just not as..crazy as before, which is of course in people eyes it means we are not “relevant” as those younger idols’ fans.

And since the beginning Shinhwa-SHCJ relation are not like idol-worshippers. We are more like…bickering couple U.U If we don’t like what they do, we’ll just smack it on their faces. We don’t support them blindly to the point everything they do IS ALWAYS right.

Beside, if their comeback is not relevant, why your idols wanna be like them? Just for the sake of polite-ness? Idts.. :]]]]]]

Their return..means hope for those younger groups. They proved idol career can last more than 5 years. They proved male idol group won’t vanish even after military service. They set examples at how staying together as a group is not impossible eventhough your members are scattered in different agencies.

Their return is not to compete with your younger idols to prove they are still relevant.. :]]]]

SHCJ are butthurt and over-reacting.
Duh. Tell me which fandom won’t be butthurt if you insult their idols? ~_~

One thing for sure.. SHCJ won’t be enraged or angry without anyone “attacked” us and our Shinhwa first.

We’re not that kind of fandom who leaves spam comments on every other idol’s video/articles with “My oppars are better than yours..”, or mention everywhere in non-Shinhwa-related things “Shinhwa is jjang…your idols wont be able to compete them”, and pick on fights that way.

Just, never insult our Shinhwa and never take our fandom color.. We can be very terrifying at protecting those… :]]]]]

Opinions are opinions. You can like/dislike Shinhwa. We won’t force you to like them either. But bad-mouthing is different matters.

What over-reacting? Of course we will be angry.. We’ve been with them for 14 years. They are not our idols. They are our family, friends. We’ll get more butthurt if ppl insult them obviously.. :]]]] What kind of family won’t get extra mad if you insult our family members? Especially if they don’t do/say anything wrong.

If you know nothing about them…never listen to their music…never watch their variety shows….. And don’t even want to learn about them, that’s your personal preferences… But don’t insult them by calling them names.

Shinhwa may not always be number one on charts even in their heyday.
They also never won multiple daesangs every year.
They never sold more than 1 million copies of albums.
They even said they’ve never been best at everything.
Shinhwa Changjo is not a fanclub with the biggest member in the world.
We never crashed any webs beside ShinCom’s.
We never won VOTING with huge difference.

But what’s the use of all those if Shinhwa members left the group one by one? If they were disbanded long time ago? If they gain massive popularity yet it breaks them apart instead? If they aren’t happy just by being together in a group?

Eventhough the only ‘honorable’ title they have is “longest running idols” but we’re proud of it because we know…how they’ve been struggling to achieve that, to stay together as “SIX”. It is not as easy as it seems..especially without losing or changing any members and being in the different companies as individu.

Because Shinhwa is the Shinhwa we know.. They’ll forever be loved by many people…and relevant :]]]]]]

-end of rant-


9 thoughts on “Ranting on Shinhwa’s Comeback

  1. Angie says:

    what u said really touches my heart!!
    i believe all of the SHCJ will think the same way.
    we doesn’t care about shinhwa popularity or how many daesang they are gonna win,
    what really matter is they are back together again for us and that really mean everthing to us!!
    but don’t mess with SHCJ because we will fight if you ever dare to step on our heads and invade SHinhwa territory!

  2. SenSung says:

    Am crying reading the article.. its because I think am not supporting them enough.. but no, I do.. and am proud of what am doing for Shinhwa and SHCJ and am proud to be a SHCJ.

  3. teehehe says:

    I’ve been a shcj for over 8 years but along the way, i grew up – graduated hs, went to and graduated college, and now am working. shinhwa’s comeback has made me feel like I’m 15 or 16 again and I wish I could spend all day voting for them, writing on forums, looking at new updates!

    your post was so meaningful and touching, and it really shows what being shcj and a shinhwa fan is all about..honestly, after reading through silly anti comments and seeing shinhwa perform night after night without winning #1, I felt angry and sad – not only for shinhwa but shcj as well. but after reading your post, I realized that it doesn’t matter what the anti’s say or if shinhwa wins daesangs or #1s (although it would be so meaningful if they do before they start their asia tour). shinhwa has kept their promise. they’ve worked so hard and dedicated themselves preparing an album and all these shows and concerts for their fans – and that to me, is the reason why shinhwa will always have a little piece of my heart, no matter how old they get or how old I get..Shinhwa Changjo!

  4. Kos says:

    Actually , I want to say one sentence.SHCJ and SW want is to protect orange colour together.And it’s difficult not to love them, it’s tyre that they are in their 30s but I love them not because their age or look but their undying friendship n of course their percious music , I swear , I’ll never could find a group who could compose , producing , arranged , choreography , wrote the lyrics as well as them.Listen to Destiny of love , the song that all are create from Shinhwa members not including their soulful n emotional voice n rap.I don’t care how many award they could get but what I know is I keep supporting them , brought their album , go to their concert.Shinhwa change a big part of my life, their music are such an inspiration for me.Once in a life time help me to get over n fight everything to follow my heart and inspire other.And my last one words is , SHCJ not like other fans club , we have love-hate relationship with those 6 mans , Sometime we hate them so much but in the end we still back to them, It’s like a family friendship, once we stayed with them sometime we could feel bored but once we are not together,we’ll missed those time n of course back to our family embrace.Shinhwa is not perfect because they are human , of course SHJC too.But because of those flaw that made us love them.

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