In Chinese New Year, I Miss You Most


Chinese New Year 2 years ago, it was on February 14th and I can still remember clearly what happened.

That day 2 years ago, I was in Beijing with my host family and friends.

In CNY 2011 and 2012, I always miss them very much >_<

I was there with my classmate in university.. and we lived in their house for almost two months… They saved us from the unprofessional exchange organization who failed to give us a place to live in the moment we landed in Beijing. Luckily Yujia (or Jiajia) was willing to accept us to live in her house, so we don’t have to stay in hostel for two months. Until today, I still feel how lucky we were to have them ;;_;;

On Chinese New Year, few days before we flew back to Indonesia, we had no idea what to do.. Then they asked us to spend Chinese New Year with their family in the family house (not the apartment we lived everyday). The house was not big..nor a traditional Chinese house.. But it was bigger than their apartment XD It’s located few miles away from their apartment though hehe…

It was near a lake (forget the name) and there was hutong too which were pretty rare in modern Beijing.. In that area many traditional Beijing houses haven’t destroyed by the government.

-Yitian (or Elaine), Citra, and Yujia-

All stores was closed in that day… We were walking around the area to see people played on streets and the lake (skating). Planned to go to a store, but it was closed the moment we arrived XD Then we decided to buy ice creams (yes.Ice cream on WINTER 8DDDD)

Yujia’s family even taught us how to make dumplings.. And what touched me the most was..they filled the dumplings with chicken instead of porks because we are Muslims ;;;_;;;

Mom could make it skillfully and very fast XDDD Dad too.. Yujia was not too good…but of course better than me and Citra XD

the difference of a pitiful dumpling made by me..and the perfect one by Mom XD


Chinese eat soooo many kinds of food in Chinese New Year. Some eat out with family and relatives in restaurants. Some in relatives’ houses. Yujia has no relatives or grandparents anymore, so the family stays at family house and eat there….


And the rest it was FIREWORKS!!!!!!! FIREWORKS!!!!!!! FIREWORKS!!!!!!!! xDDDDDD

they have this huge sets of fireworks O.O

Actually you can go somewhere where there is a parade or firework show.. But we couldn’t go too far after spending time in family house.. People in neighborhood played fireworks too so we can watch very very closely..

Hmm..come to think of it, the apartment was near Forbidden City  and Tiananmen Square (you can actually walk  there) where maybe more people are gathered… but we didn’t go U_U :]]]

That night, seeing fireworks was pretty awesome.. But the next day they still played it. And the next day.. And the next day.. Till it got “uuhh can’t they stop already?” :]]]]]]] PLUS. some kids threw that little exploding thing to us everytime we walked at the streets U_U

Every Chinese New Year, I’ll miss Beijing and the people I know there ToT

Someday….I’ll go back and meet you all again….

Maybe..when Shinhwa has a concert there? /wishful thinking/ XDD


Photo taken by Alice’s Father. Alice’s family is my Russian friend’s house family XD


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