This is Why Eric is The Best Kpop Leader By Facts, Not Polls

I can’t express with words how much I love and respect this man **************************************

Singer/actor Eric will be putting a stop to his acting activities for the time being to fully concentrate on Shinhwa’s comeback. With their impending comeback in March, the preparations for Shinhwa’s 10th album are in full swing.

Since his last drama outing with “Spy Myungwol” in September last year, Eric has been constantly receiving invitations to participate in other acting projects. However, Eric has turned down these proposals in order to prepare for their album, to be released 3 years and 8 months after their last album, invconjunction with Shinhwa’s 14th anniversary.

Eric has conveyed his intentions to focus on all activities related to the album and concert performances, as well as all other related promotional activities during the period of Shinhwa’s comeback.

Eric’s rep expressed, “It’s not only just Eric, all the members are making various preparations for the album. Shinhwa may be the longest- running group but for ths comeback, the members all feel like rookies about to make their debut.”

According to the rep, the members all gather for regular meetings held more than once a week to discuss the album. The members have also received several options for the title track, and are working hard on song selection now. On top of this, the members have also been working hard on dance rehearsals for their Asia concert tour, planned to kick off on 24 March, the date of their debut performance.

The photography for the album jacket and the filming for the music video will take place in February as Shinhwa steps up the preparations for the comeback.

Credits: Edaily + Absolut Shinhwa


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