Far-Fetched Rumors on SHCJ

At first.. I’m really going to ignore this whole issue… then i saw this.. some are too far-fetched..and totally unrelated to the main issue……….

The first issue about SHCJ started the anti-BEAST rumor in Japan and made Yoseob depressed about it.

I would like to ask: When anti-BEAST Japan issue started? It was around last summer I think.. and it was started because Beast refused to wear kimonos in Japan for nationalism reason, no? And this color issue was started around 5-6 days before MBC Idol Championship started. HOW does SHCJ is the one who started it then when the timeline is clearly different?

Or If we are mistaken about when is the issue started.. then let me ask you. Have you investigated thoroughly who spread rumor? is that SHCJ for real or a person who said s/he is SHCJ or some random people? Do you get any proofs on that? No proofs = it is unfounded rumors and accusations.

and most importantly, WHY SHOULD SHCJ START THAT RUMOR? Because of the color issue? I do not think so. SHCJ won’t do such things to that extent. We are a fandom who mostly only supports our 6 men. They are about to comeback on March after 4 long years hiatus. Do you think we will jeopardize their comeback by starting such issues? Nope. Because we are busy preparing support for their comeback and sincerely wish no problems occurred before that.

The second issue, about us harassing Yoseob and crossing the line by bringing fans’ issue to idols. For this, I and other SHCJs who weren’t present in the venue, can not clarify anything. Because we do not know what issue K-SHCJ said to Yoseob (or was it even SHCJ who talked to him). We only knew Yoseob tweeted about SHCJ in that MBC Idol Championship night.

We can only say.. maybe it is because B2uty and SHCJs have different way of thinking and dealing with issues… For SHCJ, talking about fandoms’ problem to Shinhwa members is not crossing the line. or vice versa, Shinhwa whines to us about their problems is nothing suprising either.  It is better for them to know what is going on in their fandom. It is better for us to know what they are going through. They can scold us if they think we made mistakes. They can give us advice if we need guidance. That is Shinhwa and SHCJs.

Quoting a SHCJ unnie 

“I think B2UTY will understand SHCJ someday (when they have something important to protect themselves).  They will think back & realize the kind of blessing it is to have fans who are still care enough about their idols’ identity to fight for it after a decade. They will also learn to be proud of what Yoseob did instead of feeling sorry for  it. The luckiest fandoms are the ones where the focus of the fandom cares enough to intervene. Perhaps b2uties’ mentality is different from SHCJ…where fandom and idol are mutually exclusive?”

SHCJ is from first generation. and B2UTY is from third generation. It is possible for us to have different fandom culture or way of thinking. So, instead of accusing each other, can we try to understand and be considerate about our way of thinking? To understand each other better.

We talk to Yoseob not for mean reasons. I believe KSHCJ did not “harass” him either. He will scold us if we did, right? It is known that Yoseob is one of the rare idol who can guide fans well, by scolding or advising. He is like our Wannie oppa whom we go to everytime we need advises or scoldings ^^;; We see them as a wise person. I think that is why K-SHCJ came to him (IF they do talk about him about this issue.)

The last one, on the color issue.

when ppl accuses us being rude or immature bcos of that matter.. (I think I quote 6rystalis unnie too many times LOLOL)

“Even if it’s just a handful of dirt that doesn’t belong to me & I ask twice & thrice not to step on it b/c it’s very important to me, yet u still insist on sweeping it away and calling names…. IMO, it’s not me who’s being rude. So what if it’s the smelliest sock in the world? It’s been w/ me thru tears & blood, pain & joy, hard work & heartbreak, and years upon years. Don’t call it stupid b/c I don’t want to give it a way.”

more or less like that.

second and third generation idols..may not see this as important. but for first generation, it is. you can just use the same color without asking permission. especially to the one who has not disbanded for 14 years, has been using this certain color, this color in kpop fandom has been associated with them for years thru thick and thin. to the extent, everytime the members and fans see this color, they’ll think of each other. It is precious. so precious that the usually-peaceful-and-harmless fandom became terrifyingly scary in defending it…

This ‘fight’ started on this issue. So b2uty can see why SHCJ reacted to that? Color issue is not trivial or immature matter for us. It is precious. Anyone would not one their most prized possession got snatched away from them, right?

And for SHCJ… maybe it is better if we pretend not to see if other fandoms use it for cheering tools in ONE occasion only.. Hyesung fans did it once in Hyesung Japan 2007 concert (thanks Phi unnie XD) for some inexplicable reason either. But other than that ONE occasion, Shinhwa as a group and Shinhwa members as an individual ALWAYS use orange as their OFFICIAL color. So..if other fandoms used it NOT for official color..let us be silent, okay? Like what Eric oppa said “As you wake up to a new day everyday, don’t waver because of trivial matters and instead look at the big picture” ~ Eric (Thanks Phi unnie XD). Do not start fighting over it unless they want to use it as their OFFICIAL color, alright? XD

P.S: This color issue has been FINISHED and SOLVED before Idol Championship –>Liveworks and this.. strengthen by Yoseob’s tweet


7 thoughts on “Far-Fetched Rumors on SHCJ

  1. Phi says:

    reading that tumblr post, I think a lot were twisted & taken out of context.

    I don’t think it’s wrong for a SHCJ to talk directly to a BEAST member AFTER their attempt to resolve the issue with B2ty failed. Just like if I can’t get my issue addressed by a store clerk, I’ll sure want to talk to the manager… that’s how it is Why Yosoeb? may be he happened to be nearby? (instead of picking on the most emotional member like what said in that tumblr post). B2ty should be proud of Yesoeb for dealing with it maturely with that nice tweet (he didn’t have to do that if he didn’t think it was the right thing to do)

    Another clarification, SHCJ certainty has nothing to do with the anti-BEAST in Japan as said in the tumblr post. Read this article for your reference: http://www.allkpop.com/2011/02/b2sts-dongwoons-father-weighs-in-on-b2sts-refusal-to-wear-kimonos (thanks Crystalis for the link)

    The one thing I agreed with the post is Shinwha members and ex-management did have merchandises in colors other than orange but they don’t mean it as their OFFICIAL color at all. BUT when they CHEER for Shinhwa members at any group or solo event it’s always been ORANGE and it will always be!

    I agree with Amy about fighting and guarding something that one is passionate about. As long as things are in pespective, I’m all in for a good orange fight!

    btw, when I see orange, I always think of Shinhwa & SHCJ so don’t confuse me if you’re not one folks 😀

  2. Phi says:

    btw, just a clarification my favorite quote from Eric wasn’t particular about orange issue. It was general thought of his from an old interview. Fighting over orange is never trivial or stupid, let’s just pick a good one XD

  3. a b2uty. says:

    To be honest, please get our fandom name right. We’re B2UTYs not b2ty. It’s offending enough. And orange hold a special memory for you fans, but please be aware that we have limited colours to make use of. It’s not like the whole fandom uses that orange banner, it’s just a small amount of fans. Seniors, juniors, everyone will have to give and take. I understand your point but then again, 5 years down the road, when another fandom uses orange (though unofficially) is the same thing gonna happen now? I understand where you’re coming from but again, colour is just colour. It represents you but the most important thing is, the name of the fandom itself and the idols (ie how you behave, act) are the most important ones at the end of the day. And it hurts my eyes to be reading b2ty b2ty lolol.

    • crabbielife says:

      Ah..Im sorry… I edited it.. It wasn’t intentional m(._.)m Seeing some b2uties call us names (“wtf” “disgusting” “rude” etc) in many fansites is more hurtful tbh rather than having incorrect spelling of our fandom name tbh ^^;;

      Thank you for your understanding…i really appreciate that^^

      As for “color is just a color”.. In general, yes. But in kpop fandom, no.. This color orange represents our fandom, our idol. Our identity. Our ‘national flag’.

      If you ask, what if this happens again 5y later? our stand will remain the same I guess. Depending on whether others use it as official or not.

      There are not many color new groups can use as official, yes. If you only look at the rainbow. But there are thousands of color layers. Or the future groups can use yellow-crown Big Bang or star-lavender like Teen Top.

      Even for fans of groups who has disbanded like S.E.S or H.O.T or G.O.D still defend theirs. You can see how the idols themselves aware about this (find: Come to Play “Old Idol Special) so this is not only fans’ issue…

      I understand if some ppl can’t understand it.. But this is how it’s been in kpop fandom since H.O.T era.

      • a b2uty. says:

        Are you a korean fan or an international one? Well, we need to be aware that what we have 10 years ago, won’t be the same now. Maybe, korean fans should be more understanding since it they’ve lived with kpop since forever but then again, we need to move with time. Even said that, the current korean fans may have a different mindset from the korean fans 10 years ago. We can’t possibly have what we want to last forever. I guess, it’s time for everyone to keep an open mind about what’s happening, including the idols. Time flies, things change together with time. Example, even rules in government changes together with time.

        I am aware that b2uties use offensive words but it’s because they don’t think before they write -_- I’m not a fan of vulgarities too. Maybe because I am keeping an open mind about this matter, cause KPOP is now more well-known so we have to open up to changes. Not too drastic though. Some things need to be keep intact. I guess I’m the only one who thinks like this, hahaha. Luckily the fan uses it for her unofficial goods. And she has reasons for not wanting to change it, we may never know. If it’s being used as an official colour, then your fandom + idols have the right to be really mad about it ^_^ Thank you for replying though!

      • crabbielife says:

        International ^^ That’s y I dunno exactly what happened in Idol Champ and caused the rumor spread U.U

        Let’s see how it’ll be in the future then^^ changing this deep-rooted unspoken rules and custom is harder than changing a written regulation sometimes.. Esp this issue is not only fans’ but also idols’ and agencies’ ^^

        Thanks for commenting too 🙂

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