#OrangeIsShinhwa: Do Not Take it From Us

Orange has been Shinhwa’s fanclub color since the beginning in 1998.

Shinhwa used the color for no one wanted to use it at that time..because it’s similar to the uniform of cleaning service workers(?) or something like that.

We have been using it for 14 years.

Fandom color may seem trivial. But it is part of a fandom’s identity. Shinhwa has been using it for GROUP and INDIVIDUAL MEMBER. Orange is Shinhwa.

You can’t take fandom color without asking permission. Even for those group who has disbanded, like S.E.S or H.O.T. Have you seen anyone using Pearl Purple or WHite as their fandom color? Nope. For their fans don’t allow any fandom to take it. Moreover for us, SHCJ. For Shinhwa hasn’t disbanded, and will comeback in 2 months.

Big Bang and 2PM’s Taecyeon fans once tried to use it. Yet what happened to them? THIS:

Dongwan spoke up.

[09.01.20][trans] Dongwan’s Blog: Orange

Really, the one who hurt his/her self-esteem isn’t us,
Does it means are those friends.?
Till now, there’s no representative color
As a result, they chosen the color that is used by their seniors over the 10 years.
Always following up on the situation,
It seems like those people are not tactful (there’s)
Those ignorant FANCLUB moderator and those small traders seems to be very happy because of this (taking advantage)
When will there be an improvement, or is there still no consideration of self-esteem and continue using…

But what’s the smiliar significance at the end..
It’s not as if those who has perm, is Gu JunPyo …. KE
The orange that you carry is special
just like us who is navie to always being mad.
No matter whether in China, Japan or other countries in which people recognise about Shinhwa will know.

The reason that makes me change my opinion is.
When a Louis Vuitton fans encountered people who bought counterfeit products,
They do not feel the need to seize the person and blame him… kekekeke
Anyway a colour is only a colour.

Someday when we will be back to protect~ *orange*
The time flies fast..

p.s. Absolutely cannot force and request an apology from that FANCLUB and accept it.
I totally could not understand the intention of the FANCLUB.
Well… 1TYM started on using of towel as the cheering tool is really stylish, I’m really envious..
kekekeke funny scenes~

Credits: hyesungstory@Shinhwa.biz (English translation) + 虫虫猪猪 @ bestshinhwa.com (Chinese translation) + Kim DongWan’s Blog Picture Blog (source)

[09.02.03] Dongwan’s blog: Big Bang balloons (edited)

Seems that Good Entertainment doesn’t know about it yet… ㅜㅜ
Because they’re busy with Hyesung’s new album…
No matter what! The balloon colors must be sorted out before Hyesung’s activities begin.
I really dislike the street vendors.. -_-*
Let’s wait for Good Entertainment to deal with it~ If it doesn’t work, then I must step out, to transform into the invincible~ Incredible Hulk!

Source: Dongwan’s Naver blog
Chi trans: 悟空空@love-ric
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

[09.02.07] Dongwan’s blog: 2009 (to GOOD EMG and YG)

I’m asking GOOD EMG and YG for a favor.
The two companies are fully aware of the lightstick issue,
And I barely managed to hear some news of them saying that they will work hard to correct the situation.

But I can’t see any effort from you.
It’s not that difficult to put an official notice on the official websites of the two companies.
Please let us see your efforts.

This is not just my lone voice.
These are the voices of more than 20,000 people who support Shinhwa,
The voices from CLUB H.O.T. who want to protect the color white,
The voices from fan.G who want to protect the color sky blue.

Whether it’s people, or love, they will fade with time, they will change.
But the color that reminds people of us, or them, can be kept from fading.
And if it can be protected but no one puts in effort to do so, that must not happen.

Hyesung is about to start on his solo activities.
If Hyesungie.. stands on stage..
I hope there won’t be a case of him feeling empty and alone seeing such an unfamiliar orange color.


Source: Dongwan’s Naver blog front page
Chi trans: jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

and Eric said during his Thailand FM this year

“everytime Eric sees the color orange he thinks of his fans (Shinhwa Changjo),”

Big Bang issue was started when street vendors sold Big Bang merchandise with color orange. Fans bought that and started using orange. This was the news and resolution for that problem at that time:

[09.02.11] Shinhwa, Big Bang take a stand against unauthorized trademark use

Groups Shinhwa and Big Bang have decided to take action against companies who produce fan support tools such as lightsticks and balloons for the unauthorized use of their trademarks.

On 11th Feb, a spokesperson from Shinhwa’s management company Good EMG told Star News in a phone interview, “At the recent Big Bang concert, there were many unauthorized orange lightsticks printed with the Big Bang logo. Orange is the representative color of Shinhwa, and more and more fans are protesting, stating that they must protect the color orange.”

“For the companies who are producing these unauthorized Big Bang lightsticks, both ourselves and YG Entertainment hope that they will stop selling these products as soon as possible. If they continue to do so, we will have to take action against them.”

Fans have expressed that there has long been an unwritten rule about the about the usage of colors for different singers and groups. For example, Shinhwa uses orange, DBSK uses red, Super Junior uses pearl blue, and all fan support tools are produced in the respective colors. Recently, there have been cases of Big Bang fans using orange lightsticks printed with Big Bang logos that they bought from street vendors at live performances and concerts. As a result, many Shinhwa fans have been making calls to Good EMG and YG, requesting them to “respect the use of colors”.

Good EMG stated that the biggest problem the use of Shinhwa’s representative orange color to produce fan items for other singers and groups, as well as the unauthorized use of the Big Bang logo.

The Good EMG spokesman added, “Orange has been the representative color that Shinhwa has been using for more than 10 years, it’s something different from Big Bang’s crown lightsticks and head scarves. In fact after the Big Bang concert ended, we already contacted YG in the hope that they will make an official announcement about fan support tools.

With regards to this, on 1 Feb ,YG has already put up an official notice on Big Bang’s official website, “Big Bang’s Official Fan Support Tools”, stating that “The golden crown lightstick is a design that cannot be replicated”. The lightsticks of other colors that have caused conflict with other fanclubs are not produced by YG, please do not purchase them.”

The Good EMG spokesperson also said that unauthorized fan merchandise have also appeared at Shin Hyesung’s recent concert in China, but they have taken steps to confiscate the merchandise and conduct further investigation. As a result, they already had to take steps to protect Shinhwa’s trademark and copyright. He said, “After this clash between Shinhwa fans and Big Bang fans, we will make even more effort on trademark protection.”

At the moment, besides the orange lightsticks and raincoats issued to all Shinhwa Changjo members, for Shin Hyesung’s upcoming comeback, Good EMG will be producing Shin Hyesung and Shinhwa official merchandise.

YG has stated that, “Any products not sold through YG E-Shop are all unauthorized.

Credit: Absolut Shinhwa

For Taecyeon? KSHCJ sent their fans a warning letter (But I couldn’t find the letter -_-;). Both ended up changing it.

And now we heard BEAST’s Jang Hyunseung fans are trying to use ORANGE as their fans color. KSHCJ has talked to them nicely but their response was “do not take our individual cheering tool”…………………….. But they took our GROUP and INDIVIDUAL cheering tool first….. U_U

[new update]

this issue was resolved few days before idol championship in January 2012..with Liveworks tweet and this.. strengthen by Yoseob’s tweet

Please, have some respect and change it to another color..or use your group color… Finding group’s color nowadays is difficult already..so why bother finding for individual, and take it from another fandom?

Let’s not wasting our times and energy in fanwars about color anymore. Just follow the unwritten rules about “not-taking-others-fandom-color”. Or if you are trying to do it, please change it to another color, or for individual, just use your group color.

SHCJ is a nice fandom. But don’t mess with us especially in this color issue U_U

Orange is Shinhwa’s. Orange is SHCJ’s.

=UPDATED with New Issue=

The second time rookie groups tried to use orange.. first was Block B (blue and orange)..but I think it was less prominent..because Cho PD changed his mind and changed it to purple.

and just yesterday (160812), a new girl group TWO X from JTune Ent debuted and use orange balloons.

As always, SHCJs protested..telling the fans and fanbases nicely (please take note we aren’t haters or pick on other groups by trying to cause fanwars..we only remind ppl nicely that Orange belongs to Shinhwa,.but apparently some fans are exaggerating by saying we’re bashing or hating on the groups.oh PLEASE differentiate *rolls eyes*).

This morning, Jtune official fancafe announced this notification:

In the recent notice from Two X fancafe, J.Tune Camp said the will NOT use Orange as Two X’s official color. And the orange balloon will NOT be used

Two X fanclub representative explained that they chose neon orange color for balloon as they thought it doesn’t belongs to any fandom however the feedback is negative thus they’ll stop using it. http://twitpic.com/akc151 anymore.

cr: TwoX Vietnam and TwoX Indonesia

Well ok.

despite the hilarity of “didn’t know orange belongs to another fandom” (like, hello, it’s not like Shinhwa and SHCJ hv just used it yesterday while in fact we’ve been using it for 14 freaking years.. and Shinhwa just came back few months ago..orange balloons were every where..didn’t the representative(s) watch TV? U_U or at least I expect people who work in entertainment business of course will know Shinhwa and its legacy, unlike the most ‘kpop’ fans..but I guess not U_U)

Alright. as long as they don’t use orange..I’m glad this issue is resolved quickly. Two X Hwaiting! \o/

P.S: Newly debuted group or whoever look for new fandom color ..please learn from those above…don’t repeat history.


16 thoughts on “#OrangeIsShinhwa: Do Not Take it From Us

  1. legend6 says:

    I usually don’t put my nose into these idiotic fanwar stuff going on btwn fans but recently I was on tumblr and came across a b2uties post, which honestly seemed to be a bit exaggerating in light of their fandom. I’m not sure if you saw it and as I don’t speak korean so I’m really curious, but is this still going on? They said something about SHCJ being rude and telling Yoseob about the color goods and he got extremely depressed about it and spreading rumors? I find it hard to believe SHCJ would do something like that because they’re known for being very respectful and chillax. I’m not trying to blow anything out of proportion but since I don’t speak korean, I’m just a bit curious at what’s going on.

    • crabbielife says:

      I dont understand Korean.. And dont really understand what’s going on either…

      What I know is..until know some of them are still fighting…but the issue isn’t really about color anymore…it broadens to something else..

      For Yoseob. He only posted a tweet which is stated..he is amazed of SHCJ who supports Andy in Idol Champ..and asked b2ty not to take other fandom’s memory (color) if they wanna preserve theirs too. I think..somehow it resolved the color issue already. I don’t know why b2ty said SHCJ made him frustrated ==” but maybe b2ty and shcj got into an arguement in Idol Champ and Yoseob knew that’s why he spoke up.

      As for SHCJ being rude.. I honestly don’t know. In a fight everything can happen. Beside, we know SHCJ won’t start a fight unless others started first by bugging our peaceful fandom.

      This issue has reached management level…cause someone in Cube has spoken about it..as well as Liveworks. I think that’s because b2ty SELL unofficial merchandise using orange..that can be said as copyright infringement already…

      For me..the color issue has been resolved since Yoseob spoke up… I dunno why the fight is still between shcj and b2ty..

      P.S: can you link me to the tumblr? I didnt see that post.. Thanks^^

  2. (wong) (@twong0762) says:

    We all know that there’s going to be more and more kpop groups debuting… while most just fade away there are some that gain popularity and will adopt an official color. What happens when colors run out? Companies might start to use different shades of a primary color (which some are already doing already), I guess…

    Baby VOX was Pearl Pink, The Grace is Pink, and SeeYa is Pearl Light Pink. So if Shinhwa’s Orange, can other groups do “Dark Orange”, “Burnt Orange”, “Alloy Orange”, “Princeton Orange”, etc? Or is Shinhwa’s orange = all shades of orange?

    • crabbielife says:

      The shades of orange Shinhwa uses is the one in the pictures above….

      BB also use yellow with a bit of orange shades…if I’m not mistaken.

      As many groups debuting..yeah will run out primary colors…but there are many shades. And maybe later they can come up with smthg else..like a printed pattern, maybe.

      Right now, not all groups have their official colors. Some took it from others after a fanwar..like sone from shapley.or cassie from finkl’s fans.

  3. cagalli14 says:

    i understand oppar’s feeling ..because they fought for everything after out from SM ..including the colour i think so SH&SHJC MUST PROTECT THIS COLOUR!

  4. Goetary says:

    I wish DB5K will do the same too if someday there someone wanna use the red color. Because it’s our identities right? I think you can call your self SHCJ but only the color you used will showing it.
    I really love how Shinhwa take care of you guys and i know you both protected each other 🙂

    • crabbielife says:

      yes..color is important for kpop fandom..

      but as Cassie, you hv to remember too where did you get the red color… cassie took it from finkl…

      i honestly don’t know what happened at that time..but I heard from my friend who has been in kpop fandom for so long..it was scary when cassie took it from finkl’s fans and in the end, finkl’s fan must give up their precious red…

      • Goetary says:

        i’m sorry for finkl fans cos i never knew it before, and actually i though only cassie use red but there is too much fandom use like baek ji young too 😦

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