Shinhwa Definitely Will Have a Comeback!!!! XD


liveworks이장언 LEE JANGEON

컴백이란 말이 너무 흔하게 되버린 요즘…심지어 한달후에 다시 나와도 컴백이란 표현을 쓰니까요… 신화는 정말 의미그대로 진정한 컴백이네요^^
공연때 할수도 안할수도 있지만 예전 안무들을 거의 전부다 리뷰하고 있습니다 오늘은 무려 “너의 결혼식”^^ 몇년만인지 저도 기억이 잘안납니다 과연 컴백공연에서 볼수 있을까요?
LIVEWORKS CEO: The word comeback is used so easily these days… They even say comeback to those who’re coming back in just a month… But Shinhwa’s really going to be making a comeback^^
We don’t know whether they’ll perform all of them at the concert or not, but we’re reviewing all the dances of the past. Today’s the day for “Wedding”^^ I can’t remember how many years ago they last performed this. Will they be able to perform it at the comeback concert?
Credit: Liveworks CEO + Shinbiz



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