Shinhwa STARTED Recording!!!!!!!!!! XDDDD

Caption : 혜성인 녹음중이고 난 디렉보는중이고…간만에 느끼는 전율~^^

Translation : Hyesung is in the midst of recording and I’m directing… It’s been a while that I feel shivers (of excitement)~^^

Credits Minwoo’s FB & (for translations)


I was sleeping but my phone kept on ringing, so I answered the call to see what was the matter. “Hellp, this is XYZ Insurance. I have a few questions to ask, is it alright to speak for a while?” / “Ah it’s not very convenient right now” / “Sir, it will only take a short while” / “It’s not that but it’s not convenient now” / “These are just some very simple questions” / “I’m now in Japan and it costs a lot, for Japan it’s about 1,500KRW (per minute)” / “Sir, thank your for your participation” *Doo~ doo~*….. The jerk who woke me up from my sound sleep.

Do-hyun Kim: Ah.. Quick-witted Mun Jung Hyuk indeed~!

Eric Mun: I’m really in Japan ㅎ Are you guys recording right now?

Do-hyun Kim: I know.. ㅋㅋ Recording and Shinhwa’s recording.. I dropped by to see Hyesungie and Minwoo’s recording.. My uncle passed away so I have to get to Samsung Medical Center.. The guys will be recording tomorrow too..


Credits: Eric’s FB page + Absolut Shinhwa


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