My Dongwan’s Blog Favorite Entry About Shinhwa

On SHINHWA operating as UNIT

Dongwan’s new introduction statement under his profile pic:

Those of you who’ve forgotten 6-1=0 are contradicting yourselves. Unit?.. -_-

Blog entry:
Although it’s a good thing to make songs together with fellow members,
Or to stand together on stage with fellow members,
Having members function as a ‘unit’, not to support one side, but to make an income under the name of a unit by doing albums and promotions.
It just looks like we’re trying to make money out of our reputation of six, in a situation where not all six are present.
I really hate that.

It’s not like any member died or left the group.

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

On Shinhwa’s Comeback

[10.01.01] Dongwan’s memolog: I’m amazed too

When I get the feeling of people doubting the possibility of something
An enormous desire to challenge them would emerge.
Perhaps because all this time I’ve been receiving a lot of praise and love.
So in fact I only pick out people who are hard on me.. Because I want to be provoked…ㅋ

Shinhwa is only a name

Is it possible to regroup again?

Actually… Words like this… I like!

Because this is a good stimulant~
Until the time we regroup again
It will be good if we can continue to hear things like this.
This way
We will stay alert and not slack off,
Unlike how we were only sufficiently prepared when we were receiving a lot of love,
We will be completely and fully prepared.!

The thing that we want to protect
Is Shinhwa’s stage and orange color,
Not the number of fans we have.

How is the relationship among the members, one may ask?
Because I’m amazed too.^_^

Happy New Year

Credit: Dongwan’s Blog and Absolut SHinhwa

Both are posted a long time ago..

The first one (about unit) was after he and Eric were discharged from military service, if I’m not mistaken… And the second written.. New Year 2010.

Now you can see how they have always planned and prepared to make a comeback next year… Still daresay it is only a rumor? Or something they planned suddenly because old school groups suddenly plan to reunite? :]]]]


[11.02.14] Dongwan’s memolog: What you all have to do for Shinhwa’s 10th album in 2012.
We’re definitely dreaming of the 10th album.
But it’s really strange…
Some people don’t wish for that to happen.
Who knows we might even get influenced by them.
That’s a scary thing.

I’ll relay your messages to the members.
That before supporting me, you all are always wishing for 6 members to stand on the stage.

Even if some fool tries to come to us and wishes for us to move ahead individually, we’ll not be shaken and continue to realize our dream,
For our dream, we can make little compromises, and we can wait.
Each of us will do our best for Shinhwa’s 10th album.

And you have to clearly let us understand that disbanding is unforgivable.
And let us know we cannot get tempted by the fools around us and become fools like them.

Like how we will never forget we are “Shinhwa members”,
You must never forget that you are “supporters” and “custodians”.

Nothing happened.
My friends said that it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow so they’re not meeting me on Sunday night,
So I suddenly had this thought!

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa


2 thoughts on “My Dongwan’s Blog Favorite Entry About Shinhwa

  1. myleen says:

    it’s really good they didn’t let themselves be fooled by these fools! love that they work hard and kept their promise! shinhwa, fighting!

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