Eric’s Old Diary Entry: 4D Eric is 4D :]]]]]]


Hi everyone, I am Eric

Mm……I’m not in a good mood right now, because Dongwan can sign in as an administrator while I can’t.
I am VERY upset so I shall blog. I had wanted to come here to say hi to the fans… everyone blame Dongwan.
I shall end here.

But…oh well, being the kind soul that I am, I will try to understand.
In reality, Dongwan is not a good boy at all, he is very self-centered. Eric must be a VERY good boy to be able to understand and accept a boy like Dongwan. I shall end here.

We have our own website now, so I can’t end like this, therefore I am back here again.

Recently, Hyesung have been bugging me to help him, oh what am I to do? Of course I’ll have to help him… Hyesung likes me MOST amongst the members, but I have no such feelings for him….ONE more thing! This is TOP secret… Minwoo is currently working on his first album. The problem is, this person cannot do anything without me. And so i am helping him with his album currently. Actually, Minwoo also loves me most[out of all the members]. As for Dongwan…mmm.. He does not do anything all day, except going in and out of the hospital [without stopping]. I told him he might as well build a hospital for himself. That man received lots of scripts and is trying to decide between a movie or a drama script. In my opinion, he should act in a drama, because that seems more difficult than a movie. Perhaps he shall be the first member to step out of Shinhwa with a real solo career as an actor. But that is not really true cos I’m really the first one to do so. My life is a play, and so everyone has been cheated by me. We are left with the youngest 2 members aren’t we? The two of them are going to Singapore and never coming back… Nah, just kidding. they are going there for work, to film a sitcom.

Andy is definitely gonna act in comedies or sitcoms, but Junjin is still deliberating between ‘Non-stop 4’and a movie. as for me…mmm.. I’m actually at home seriously deliberating between washing clothes or doing the dishes.

He ended the entry with, Sincerely Yours, Eric. Even his writing style is hilarious.


Taken from Shinhwa Tumblr


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