Shinhwa’s Comeback Is A Rumor?


Found out people who said that Shinhwa’s comeback is a rumor :/

If it is only a rumor…

Why did Shinhwa even establish a company?

Why did the members even bother to go through series of negotiations about copyright issue with Open World?

Why the members constantly talk and remind people in varieties shows/fanmeeting to look forward to their comeback in March?

Why do they even start practicing again?

Why is Lee Minwoo composing songs and writing new lyrics for their new album?

Bluff? Lie?
Certainly not.
To establish a company just to make a rumor seems to be true is too much, isn’t it? :]]]]]

If that opinion is made because you don’t follow them, then please at least find out the real facts/news from the Shinhwa fandoms first…….or to be more simple, google it


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