GaIn Moved to LOEN as Solo, Disrupt BEG? NO

Some of you maybe shocked or confused or scared hearing the news of a member of an idol group move to another agency, different from the group’s agency?

Gain signed contract with LOEN as a solo artist.
Does it mean she leaves BEG? No.
Does it mean it will disrupt BEG’s activities as a group? No.
Will BEG disband bcos of this? No.

As a SHCJ, this what we have been dealing with for years…since 2005. So we can assure you it is totally FINE.

Maybe it seems strange or weird. Thats right.
Maybe not many idol groups do it. Thats a fact.
Still now, only SHINHWA does that.

Shinhwa members were all in different agencies since 2005. Their activities as a group are managed under GOOD ENTERTAINMENT since they left SM in 2003 until 2008.

Now they have established their own company called Shinhwa Company to manage all Shinhwa group activities.

What about members as an individu?

Eric is in his own established company, TOPCLASS.
Andy too. In TOPMEDIA.
So does Minwoo. In MRISING.
Junjin is managed under OpenWorld.
Hyesung and Dongwan are under LIVEWORKS.

Their individual’s schedules will be managed under their own agencies. And their group activities as Shinhwa will be under ShinCom. The schedule wont be overlapping.

No problem.
It will be like that for GaIn too.

Dongwan once talked about this different agencies thingy… When Shinhwa by one signed with different agencies for solo.. He said that shcj dont have to worry. If shcj think shinhwa will disband only bcos of that. Then we should reconsider calling ourselves ‘shcj’. He is a bit harsh, I know.. But you got his point: trust our bond.

Everlastings, you don’t have anything to worry or scared or shocked or confused.
Trust BEG. Trust their bonds.
This is not an impossible thing.
And it will not disrupt BEG’s activities as a group.


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