Why Shinhwa 2012 COMEBACK Is NOT the Same As the REUNION of Others

I decided to write this after being quite irked by many many comments in many many sites about Shinhwa comeback..

Mostly they’ll compare Shinhwa’s comeback next year with groups like DBSK, Suju, or H.O.T

They’ll say “Oh I wish those can reunite like this” or “Oh does it mean xxx and xxx will be back too?”

Hoping, of course, is absolutely fine. But comparing two different cases can be misleading.

Shinhwa’s comeback in 2012 is not the same with the ‘reunion’ of any other groups, especially the previously-separated-group (using term ‘broken’ or ‘disbanded’ are quiet insensitive for some groups, I reckon)


1. Because Shinhwa finally will make their comeback after being in a hiatus for 4 years is not something so surprising. Their hiatus was caused by their duty to serve in military service. It will be like how Brown Eyed Girls finally made their comeback after 2 years hiatus, only BEG didn’t serve in military service.

When they went to hiatus in 2008, they PROMISED Shinhwa Changjo to be back as soon as they finished their duty. They will be back for sure. They even have established their own company, started practicing, and composed their new songs. Now, get the difference between “PROMISE” and “HOPE”? Promise is a sure thing. Their comeback wouldn’t come from scratches or dreams or delusion, because they have prepared it for months.

So, their comeback, for Shinhwa Changjo, or anyone familiar enough with them, is not something so “OMG I CANT BELIEVE THEY FINALLY COMEBACK!!!” thing. It is expected, because they promised. Because we KNOW definitely that they WILL be back after they finished military duty.

2. True, They left SM before in 2003. True, they had to experience hardship after that; like they lost popularity (not as popular as the usual-overrated SME Idols group) like some said, like they had to debut all over again like Andy once said, and they also went to a lawsuit with SME because they want the copyright of their name, SHINHWA, as well as their songs.

BUT. It doesn’t mean their comeback will be the same like H.O.T or DBSK or any group. H.O.T is a ‘reunion’, I prefer to call it. Because they were officially disbanded in 2001. Their members have been talking about reunion and be on one stage once again, though till today, they still haven’t achieved it. Shinhwa never once disbanded.

H.O.T, like Shinhwa, is a legend. And will remain so. H.O.T was more succesful (especially in album sales+popularity) than Shinhwa in their heyday, that’s true. White Angels are bigger than Shinhwa Changjo, that is A FACT. But making them in the same ‘position’ in terms of comeback is not right. Shinhwa has been working together for 14 years and on without breaking up. They have been staying together that long through thick and thin. That is not easy in kpop world in which the group longevity average rate is less than 5 years. Their bond, I must say, is unbreakable and enviable. To compare  how they have been working sooo hard for the past 13 years, as a group or as an individual, with a group who was disbanded long time ago is not fair. (No I do not dislike H.O.T, i love them too..hoping they will be able to reunite, too)

Like one of SHCJ unnie, @6rystalis (sorry I use your tweet, unnie hehehe) said, to compare them is

I know it’s silly, but I can’t help but feel like it negates everything Shinhwa’s done in the past decade when they’re grouped w/ H.O.T. ^^: I’m sorry, but it’s just the way I feel. It’s like being paid the same as the other guy, even though you worked 10 times as hard.

What about the other group? I can’t say much.. but for DBSK/JYJ, to compare them is a bit unfair too. We know that the case (here I mean is their lawsuit) is different. Shinhwa only fought for their names, they didn’t breach any contract because they left after their contract expired. To reunite, DBSK may be will go through more obstacle, will be much more difficult that Shinhwa was. I only wish them the best, for their fans miss them dearly..

And one more thing, their comeback this time has nothing to do with their leaving from SME. Their comeback in 2004 was, because they just left. But this time, no.  Like I said above, because it is expected. Sure that they will comeback. They also have established their own company, all copyright issue has been cleared and divided well between Shinhwa Company and the members’ agencies as an individual. (For those who don’t know, Shinhwa members are in different agencies: Liveworks, TopMedia, TopClass, OpenWorld, and MRising. Shinhwa Company was established to manage their group activity).

Just please, don’t be misleading by comparing Shinhwa’s 2012 comeback with those groups or any other groups. It is unfair. and they all have clearly different cases.

3. Shinhwa will be back in March (it is their anniversary month). And recently, it was announced that Big Bang will have their comeback in March 2012 too. And people start comparing them with Shinhwa. Some start underestimating Shinhwa. Some said Shinhwa will beat them.  This is my personal opinion, but I know most Shinhwa Changjo will agree with me.

I don’t care whoever will be back at the same time with Shinhwa. I don’t even care if later other groups will win every awards in weekly music shows. Or sell more album. I’m just glad Shinhwa is back, for SHCJ miss them dearly. Seeing them on stage is a winning experience already. If they do win, I’ll be very thankful. But I won’t really care. As I know, in kpop chart nowadays, popularity matters. B.E.G is maybe one of the sad example of this. No matter how much talent they have or how much great is their album, they won’t be able to win triple crown or 9th time in a row like some other group. Shinhwa too, they have been in hiatus for so long. Many people don’t know them, or forget that exist, or SADLY think they have been disbanded already. So I won’t be surprised if they can’t win any weekly awards. That doesn’t matter. They are finally back with SHCJ. And I’m pretty sure Shinhwa has passed the stage where they care about winning any awards, they are back for SHCJ. That what matters the most.

Yoom Ilsang, one of the famous composer said,

“As for Shinhwa, I think they’ll be bringing a.tremendous change in the industry with their comeback, especially since they’re an idol group that represented a generation on their own.”

He is right. Shinhwa’s comeback would mean a change for kpop industry as a whole. They will bring hope to the male group idols who usually think they will disband soon after they enter military camp. Shinhwa already broke the 5 years jinx, stayed together for 14 years, without losing any members. Their comeback will show other many male idol groups and their agencies how it’s done. You know how people think it is impossible to operate as a group if the members are scattered in different agencies. But Shinhwa could. People think it is impossible for male groups to return after they enter military service, but Shinhwa proved that they will. That, will raise hope for any male idol groups, fans, and company, that their group could probably do the same thing, that their group could follow Shinhwa’s legacy. Don’t you feel glad if you favorite groups last as long as Shinhwa? Unless you like them only for their youth and appearances =_=

That achievement requires tremendous efforts, which can’t be compared to any other group out there. Shinhwa’s legacy was not built in one night, but for 14 years with their sweat and blood (due to injuries they suffer T_T). It can NOT be compared, for no one has achieved it other than Shinhwa. Compare them with any other group will negate Shinhwa’s struggles and efforts for these past 14 years. So, please do not equalise or compare Shinhwa’s comeback next year with any other groups. It is unjust.

Like Andy promised, Shinhwa’s comeback will be EPIC.

And I believe that 😀


P.S: I’m so sorry if people got offended by this article.. I really don’t  mean it m(.___.)m I wrote this based on the opinions/tweets/comments I REALLY encountered in many Shinhwa articles/Twitter EVERYDAY. People do write many untrue things and circulate false rumor about Shinhwa. My purpose actually is, somehow, to clear up those rumors and straightened up their wrong assumptions/facts about Shinhwa, and state my opinion about this. I don’t mean to offend people, especially those groups I mentioned or the fans m(._.)m I guess I was just too upset and frustrated by those rumors/false facts I encountered in internet everyday so it affect my writing. I’m really sorry for that m(._____.)m

P.P.S: for the “overrated” terms.. maybe people will feel I bash SME Idols or something.. but it is just my opinion. I think that SME is really good at marketing their idols. like, reeeaaaalllllyyyyyy goooooddd… I have to praise them for that.. They are everywhere and everyone knows them. I do admit that idols who are produced by SME mostly succeeded and sell well in the market (shinhwa was one from SME’s product too). urmm how do I say this…bcos of that good marketing and well-selling, I kind of..seeing some people kind of neglect (and sometimes bad-mouthing only because they don’t know or never-heard-of-them before) others who came from others agencies, especially those not from SME and the big three…or those from SME but received very low attention despite their talents like CSJH or Zhang Liyin. So, you know..there’s this thought of wanting-something-new-not-the-same-idols-too-well-marketed-from-SME… This has nothing to do with the idols themselves…maybe only for some fans (not generalising) though… You may not agree with me, or despise me. But this is my opinion.. Sorry if you get offended m(.__.)m


34 thoughts on “Why Shinhwa 2012 COMEBACK Is NOT the Same As the REUNION of Others

  1. s4430309 says:

    When i finished read it, i like your article.
    I’m so proud of shinhwa and SHCJ.
    i can’t say that i’m SHCJ (i known them about 4 years) but i love Shinhwa so much especially ANDY oppa. ^ ^

    i will try to become good SHCJ likes you and another.

  2. Angie says:

    Great article!!this is the place where Shinhwa is different from other boy band in Korea!
    They will be the one and only one Shinhwa!!
    Thanks for sharing!! i m proud to be a SHCJ!!

  3. Angie says:

    i reli like ur article a lot and will love to share it with other SHCj out there..
    i will translate it into chinese and of course, full credits will be given to u..
    is it ok with u??

  4. hienqv says:

    your article is so good, i’m sure it’s really what we, SHCJ want to say
    i really really love it ^^
    Can i translate it into my language please? full credits of course ^^

  5. ninja__noy says:

    Hi, I’m SHCJ from Thailand. I’m very impress when I saw your post. If you don’t mind, can I translate your message to be Thai version and let’ other Thai SHCJ read this one. ”

    I love this ^^
    “I don’t care whoever will be back at the same time with Shinhwa. I don’t even care if later other groups will win every awards in weekly music shows. Or sell more album. I’m just glad Shinhwa is back, for SHCJ miss them dearly. Seeing them on stage is a winning experience already. ”

    Thank you very much ^^

  6. Phi says:

    it’s hard to explained when the fans have not experienced their groups going to MS and make a comeback to see how tough this is. I guess they will empathized more when that time comes…..

    And I’m glad you brought up Comeback vs. Reunion since it’s been bugging me as well. To me when a group may be in hiatus due to members’ military obligation or temporary solo activities but they’re still ACTIVELY & CONTINUOUSLY planing for future group works… that’s a Comeback to me. For a groups that are disbanded (or semi-disbanded) and get together on occasion(s) for a concert is Reunion. I’m sorry if that sounds anal (fussy) to some but it is a huge distinction & achievement by Shinhwa that none others has accomplished yet.

    Whether Shinhwa’s comeback next year will rack in many awards, album sells or how high they chart, overcoming so many odds & adversities to keep their promise with the fans for this expected comeback is EPIC enough already. Everything else will be extra icing on the cake, really!!! 😀

    Thanks for a good post.

    • crabbielife says:

      Yes..till now no idols comeback as a whole after military service… That’s why I can see why people are skeptic…..

      Hopefully their cb will clear every rumor about their non-existent-disbandment :]]]]

      Thanks for liking this, unnie ^^

  7. onn says:

    Hi..all SHCJ.. I’m happy somuch to hear that all SHCJ be strong & powerfull like this. \(^ o ^)/.. I Love SHINHWA… I Love SHCJ…. I Love you all…HAPPY NEW YEAR ..

  8. legend6 says:

    I agree with everything you said in the post. It just irks me so (darn) much when I hear people putting Shinhwa’s name next to DBSK, SuJu, etc (their favourite idol group). Granted, they’re probably new k-pop fans but it gets annoying after seeing countless numbers of it, especially pinning Shinhwa against the younguns with the whole popularity/awards and age thing. Age is a stupid excuse, like I’ve read some comments about ShinChangs being old/etc. It’s really ignorant some of that because there are still people ages 14-20 that loves Shinhwa (myself included and one of my friend ONLY loves Shinhwa and she’s still a high-school student) and they’re always gaining fans everyday. Also I could honestly care less about the awards nowadays. It doesn’t seem as prestigious as it used to be in my opinion. And I don’t think people should look at Shinhwa’s success basing it on the awards and album sales (I mean that would be icing on the cake) because they’ve achieved way way WAY more than the mere numbers of glass trophies. Members having stayed together for 14 years and still going, doing solo activities and things that interests them as an individual, the undeniable love they have for each other and the fans, and come back together as a whole group again (which of course we all love best when they’re six) even though they’re so busy. Can’t forget the legendary SHCJ fanclub too who will always support them with the one of a kind love-hate relationship. Anyway I guess what I’m trying to say is I fell in love with them 7 years ago and it’s not gonna change and I’m just happy to be able to see them together again and on stage ❤ Then again, I never really doubted them because Shinhwa never, ever, EVER disappoint ShinChangs with their promises and there's a history to prove that ❤ That's why this fandom always has a special place in my heart 'til the end of time ❤

  9. veronica1975 says:

    “Wooow” like junjin say kekeke dear i´m so proud of you, of your words and your support you made me feel so great for be a fan and wait all this time for them. Thnaks for this.

  10. kanahagino says:

    I totally agree with you. I didn’t join any fanclub but if I could I’d chose to be a Shinhwa Changjo. I haven’t been their fan since their debut because I was 7 at their debut, but I do know that they are very sincere. You just can take a look to see how sincere and hard-working they are. I don’t want to compare them to any groups. Not H.O.T, not DBSK/JYJ, not Big Bang, not SHINee, not Super Junior. Is it necessary? They’ve been a group since 1998. They never disbanded even though they always fought, as they said. They seem always happy and joke around. Many Kpop stars are talented, yes. I like the music of many bands and DBSK (and Suju after) was the first band I’ve known and loved. But I chose Shinhwa because they’re just… different! They’re more than friends. They’re not even brothers. The bond they have seems so strong and it’s hard to find something like this in the world we’re in. I think it’s admirable. I want to find such people too, who are like a family.

    I knew Shinhwa was coming back, of course we Shinhwa fans knew that. I’ve always waited for them to come back after the military. At least their solo Albums could comfort me, so I didn’t have to wait too long:)
    I’m 20 now and my whole family knows now how long I’ve waited for them XD I can’t help but cry with them and for them (I’m just too emotional) but the bond they have is such a precious thing.

    I want them to be always together. And I want to try to be their fan forever too^^ I’ve always backed out of one fandom or the other. Even with bands. I only stayed with Shinhwa forever since I’ve known them.

    Thank you for your post. Shinhwa forever! 🙂

  11. dakieEe1355 says:

    ,very well said..~ i can’t agree more …
    indeed its so sad when fans who doesn’t know shinhwa
    specially those newer one .. bad mouthing shinhwa.. its just
    want met to go *you want a punch bitch*.. ~
    and yes.. yes.. yes.. your super right
    shinhwa never disbanded .. NEVER~..
    so fans who’s wishing other groups there to be
    reunited like shinhwa.. *punch for you*
    please now the difference between
    a group who promise to comeback after their duty as a citizen of a nation
    to the group who left the group just because they want to and never promise anything… all in all .. the thing that i just want to say..
    WELCOME BACK~!!!! my shinhwa babies…
    all the wait is worth it.. XDD

  12. hapacalgirl (@hapacalgirl) says:

    Thanks so much for writing this. I hate when people call it a reunion, they never broke up. Having been around in Kpop since the 90s I have had to watch groups break up left and right and I am proud as a fan and happy that my favorite group of all time stuck together all this time.

  13. justvisiting says:

    I just wanted to tell you that I liked your article very much!
    I didn’t even know of Shinhwa before their comeback (and I’m not even into kpop much), but they really made an impression on me right away – like you really can feel that bond you spoke of without even knowing them well (Im a big fan of Arashi and in that aspect they reminded me of them – no offence!)
    And judging from the comments here, Shinhwa-fandom seems to be nice people too, which always helps^^
    But whatever the reason, I will certainly keep an eye on them in the future! Thanks again for the read! It helped me to learn about them more ^__^

  14. myleen says:

    aye. ^^ great piece. it’s my first time meeting and hanging out with shcj here in the philippines since i’ve never tried to actively join a fandom before.. it’s just all because of SHINHW that i’m doing what i’m doing as a fan – a changjo. i’m glad i’ve explored fangirling with shcj. – it’s worth it! * a lot of firsts for me this 2012*
    🙂 thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

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