Why Kpop NEEDS Shinhwa To Make A Comeback?

A REPOST FROM HELLOKPOP, because this article is really well-written 🙂 This was written in June 2011, when Shinhwa started their preparation for comeback by establishing Shinhwa Company.


That’s what I saw one netizen post in response to the recent rumors of a Shinhwa comeback. For shame!  While I am ecstatic about the possibility of a Shinhwa comeback, there are skeptics, and worse, those who don’t even know about Shinhwa. Let me tell you something right now: a Shinhwa comeback is an earth-shattering event that would transform the Kpop world forever.

soompi.com’s fan club for Shinhwa describes them as having “been around for 100 years,” and that’s not too far from the truth.  It’s not just that Shinhwa is just some old idol group.   Shinhwa is THE first-generation idol group. absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com reminds us they are the only Hallyu idol group to keep it together with original members for over a decade.  These three rappers and three singers together achieved a ridiculous level of success in the wake of their debut in 1998, and for good reason.  I love many of the current idol groups, but before the mad popularity of BigBang and the record-setting fandom of TVXQ!, there was Shinhwa, producing songs that offered something for everyone, ranging from solid dance music like Thanks! to classical/hard rock/rap compilations like All Your Dreams.  They pioneered things we take for granted in our current crop of idol groups.  Attractive men? A given! Range of talent in the group? Check! Attention to detail and style? Done! Ability to rock a stage with killer dance moves and groovy songs? YES! Back in the day, Shinhwa was floating in a wide orange sea full of Changjos, and it was glorious.

In truth, Shinhwa never really left us.  They did not enter the witness protection program following the release of their last album in 2008, never to be heard from again.  Insisting that they are on an extended hiatus and NOT disbanded, the men of Shinhwa have been active.  As single artists, they’ve made appearances in kdramas and videos, released solo albums and embarked on tours. The giddiness generated by this year’s 13th anniversary also shows that their beloved Changjos remain right by their side.  Several stories were posted on major Kpop sites, and soompi.com did a full-scale, week-long retrospective that devoted a day to each member.  If that’s not love, what is?

Hmmm…..You look skeptical. I can see you thinking, “You know, that was great back in the day, but Shinhwa is old school and has nothing to do with Kpop now. Who cares if some Changjos get together and swapped stories about Andy and Hyesung. Give me my SHINee.”  Ok, you need to get with the program because even SHINee and other idols show the proper respect to the legends, and nothing shows this better than the variety of idol groups that have taken their turn doing Shinhwa’s Wild Eyes, complete with its hallmark chair dance.  A young SHINee does the song and dance true justice in their live version.


3 thoughts on “Why Kpop NEEDS Shinhwa To Make A Comeback?

  1. Angie says:

    wow!! well said!!
    make me feel proud being an SHCJ!!
    nothing can ever replace Shinhwa!!
    SHinhwa itself is already an legend..
    is it ok if i repost in chinese translation with full credit to u??

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