Shinhwa and The Best Kpop Dance Choreo

The OT6 and The Best Kpop Dance Choreo (*borrowed title from Omona), which is of course was made by Minwoo and Junjin themselves XD


얼마전 만난 한 음악전문방송 PD분이 역대 대한민국 댄스곡중 최고의 안무로 두곡을 생각하는데 그중 하나가 바로 이곡이라고 하셨다^^

I met a PD of a music broadcast. The PD singled out two dance songs which had the best choreography,and one of them is this!!

Aku bertemu seorang PD acara musik. PD itu kemudian memilih dua lagu dengan koreografi terbaik, dan salah satunya adalah ini!!!

Credit: @liveworks + allaboutshinhwa tumblr


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