Life and Death

Just now my father knocked my room’s door to announce my deceased grandfather’s step-brother death, which makes him my grandfather, too. He died after he’d been hospitalized (and I have no idea about this ;;;__;;;) and my father was just about visit him when the telephone rang to bring us this news.

He wasnt the closest grandfather to me..yet I felt the lost. I was taken aback because his wife just died several months it was just yesterday T^T

He was a very modest and funny grandpa. I can recall he used to bike from his house to my grandpa’s house. He also liked to tell funny stories. As one of the elder in the family, I like him a lot coz he wasn’t a fussy and naggy old man :]]]

As I mourn for him..I remember this is the third time my parents knock my room’s door to tell me about family’s death: mom told me about grandpa’s then dad told me about this grandpa’s and his wife’s. All comes so sudden. Unexpected.

I’ve lost my one of my grandma, then my grandpa, my mom, and this grandpa and his wife.

For each time I remember the moments vividly. And for each moments I still remember how much it hurts. Then the emptiness followed after, especially for my grandpa’s and my mom’s death. Losing people so dear to you is never easy. You’ll never know when those people will be taken away from you.

Enjoy and appreciate every moment you spend with them now…for they can be taken away from you the next moment…

R.I.P Grandpa..
You’ll be missed…. ;;;__;;;


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