Why Do I Love Shinhwa?


This is actually a project from shcj_indo to celebrate the return of Shinhwa…

The project is about your “love story with Shinhwa” like how do you know them, why do you love them, and your funny/weird story when you meet them…

Let’s start why I love these weirdos first…

I don’t know exactly why… What I can remember is I looked up Kangta, then found Group S, then Hyesung as a part of it.

Then unknowingly, I got hooked, not only to Hyesung *Cough* but to the other members as well. I watched their clips in youtube (NO HD) and found that they were really really hilarious :]]]]]] I watched their variety shows first..then slowly, I learnt about them as an individual, and as a group.


That’s the first thing I felt towards them after knowing more about them. Surely, they are the longest running kpop boy group. But that wasn’t the thing that made me love them. It is about HOW they achieved it. Shinhwa wasn’t built in one night. It was built in 14 years (and on) with passion, friendship, hardship, patience, sweat, hardwork, fight, and even blood (considering how many times they got injured >_<).

They were created by the largest entertainment company, yet they prefer to refuse another contract with them which was surely would bring them fame and fortune. They refused because they want to stay together as a group. This kind of bond, is not easy to find, in kpop business as well as in real life. How they have always been insisting “Shinhwa is 6. 6-1=0” even though they went to a phase when Andy left them in 4th jib due to some issues. How Dongwannie got angry recently because someone offered him to form “Shinhwa Unit” to gain some money.

“What unit? I really hate that. It’s not like one of our members has died..”

Their efforts to keep the group together was never an easy thing to do.. lost a member temporarily, got Andy back, left SM, dealt with lawsuit, the members belong to different agencies as an individual, went to hiatus for 4 years, and finally establishing a company only for their group activity. This is one of the reason I love them.


You can always count on Shinhwa to get through your gloomy days or sullen mood. They never behaved as how idols should. They were LOUD, NOISY, CRAZY, INSANE, anything rhymes with that :]]]]

Just merely watching or reading how they talk to or about each other in daily basis can brighten up your days.

Watch their series of interviews will never be boring. A bit.

Watch their variety shows. You’ll die from laughing too much.

Their interaction with SHCJ are epic and amusing as well. Despite being an idol who should’ve maintained their image in front of their fans, at least.. They got drunk in front of SHCJ and revealed their weird drinking habits. They shoot SHCJ with water gun from their dorm. They also scolded SHCJ for not studying for their exams. They are not afraid of losing fans just because they showed their true-self.


To be honest, in terms of vocal, many groups can sing better than them. They improved bit by bit though…with their experience. From six of them, 5 of them can sing. Even though I must say, Andy’s voice is not really good. Eric? he only knows how to sing Banana Song u__u XDDDDD But he is a great rapper (yet not quite good at writing rap lyrics, it seems hahhaa). Hyesung sounds best. Not because he is my husband *bricked* but because he is indeed the main vocalist XDD His voice is soothing yet powerful. He suits ballad the best *cough* (I shall stop here before blabbering only about him :p)

I don’t really like their music from 1st-3rd album. They gradually got better since the 4th. Yet I must say their best albums are 7th jib to 9th jib. Those are the best. They also started producing their own album, with Minwoo and Eric as the producer, nothing can go wrong (except for the rap lyrics, sometimes. LOL). From their latter years before hiatus, they are the best. Their MR removed video sounds like the CD version.  Their live performances also get better and better..

Hopefully for their next comeback they can maintain it, or be even better… Considering their ages *cough* they may suffer from shortened breath LOL…

But Shinhwa’s songs are age-less. They never gets old. Never dies. Like you would always dance instantly every time you hear “Wild Eyes” XDD


Correcting and sometimes, fighting people on TWITTER who badmouthed or saying a wrong fact about them. For me, that’s crazy. I’ve never interested in cyber war before :]]]]

When Andy came here..and I have to get some tickets by shopping until a certain amount in a shopping mall. I didn’t have enough money. So my last resort was to…BEG. I approached some people in that shopping center..asked them how much they spent for their goods…then beg them to give me their receipts. In the end, I got 8 tickets for 2 days show muahahaahaha.. Even if it meant I have to go to that mall every day for a week and that mall was really far from where I stayed (about 2 hours by public transportation).. I don’t mind because it was for Shinhwa’s Andy. I got tickets and I got to see him REALLY CLOSE twice..oh and SHOOK HANDS OMG *SPAZZ* XDDDD

That’s my life as a shinhwa changjo :]]]]]


Those are the reasons why I love them.

But sometimes we do love someone or something without any reason. For better. And for worse right?

Shinhwa is not perfect. As idol. As human.

But for me they are. with all their greatness and their flaws.

I know their good side, and their bad side.

But it won’t make me love them less.

I love them to the point I can troll them openly hahahaha…

Shinhwa will always be the best for me.

I really really look forward to their comeback in 2012.



15 thoughts on “Why Do I Love Shinhwa?

  1. mycolorisland says:

    hahahahahaha…. cha, cha… “Eric? he only knows how to sing Banana Song u__u XDDDDD” bagian ini bikin ngakak tingkat tinggi

    aku udah liat video yang itu, ngakak terus sepanjang tayangan. sangat kontras dengan suaranya hyesung ! hahahahaha

    • crabbielife says:

      oohh itu hahaha…
      wktu dy dtg ke jkt kmrn.. pas dy di sport station..ak nyelinap masuk lewat pntu samping.. kasih surat, ambil fotonya dr deket,, trus cuma brdiri kyk orang geblek sambil ngeliatin :]]]]]]]]]

      baru pas liat orang2 salaman, aku juga ngulurin tangan, trus dy bales nyahahahaha
      kyaaaaaaaaak <333333

  2. myleen says:

    soo goo0d to be alive. to know shinhwa and to love them.. i did cry a river when i watched their guerilla concert.. reasons i teared watching: the whole thing was touching. my heart beaming with admiRation and PRIDE – proud about them.proud of SHCJ. lastly, i just L-O-V-E them! ^^

  3. Phi says:

    “Eric? he only knows how to sing Banana Song u__u XDDDDD But he is a great rapper (yet not quite good at writing rap lyrics, it seems hahhaa)” ~ he’s not a singer but he has decent voice (Shinhwa bangsong) XP

    Rapping lyric is not the same as writing ballad per say cus it even has its own vocabulary of raps + there’s also translation variations. Even some of Tablo’s are… lolol Thou I agree the rap lyric in early years are not my fav.

    I’m happy with all the rap in The Return. Love all the lyric Eric wrote for Hurts as well as a new style of rap there. Call me bias but It feels some times he’s under credit for what he contribute into production… XDD

    • crabbielife says:

      I wrote this waaaayyyyyyy before shinhwa bangsong+shinhwa comeback, unnie.. I dunno he improved HAHAHA =]]]]

      his rap lyrics for the Return was all good :3
      im no fan of his previous ones or it’s just bcos I dont understand his rapping aka alien language lol

      “Call me bias but It feels some times he’s under credit for what he contribute into production… XDD” –> YESSEU, u’re biased *kicked* U__U =]]
      but for everyone who knows Shinhwa well will know how hard six of them work on production, especially RicMin..

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